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  • Chaos Orb

    Chaos Orb

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  • Orb of Fusing

    Orb of Fusing

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  • Blessed Orb

    Blessed Orb

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  • Chromatic Orb

    Chromatic Orb

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  • Gemcutter's Prism

    Gemcutter's Prism

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  • Jeweller's Orb

    Jeweller's Orb

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  • Orb of Regret

    Orb of Regret

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  • Orb of Scouring

    Orb of Scouring

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  • Divine Orb

    Divine Orb

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  • Regal Orb

    Regal Orb

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  • Tabula Rasa Simple Robe

    Tabula Rasa Simple Robe

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  • Orb of Alteration

    Orb of Alteration

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About POE Xbox Currency

In 2013, GGG released one MMORPG called Path of Exile, and a version for Xbox One was released in 2017. since then, all users on Xbox One were able to enjoy all the expansions and updates of POE for free.
POE Xbox One Currency can be used to buy almost everything you need in the game, even if the players can earn POE Xbox One Currency through completing challenges or killing enemies, but most of them are too busy to do so. Another good way to obtain POE Xbox One Currency is buying from online stores.

Buy POE Xbox One Currency on Gamems

Gamems is a good place to help you save time, here you can select POE Currency of different versions, including POE Xbox Currency. It is a trustworthy store with excellent reputation from customers, and the staff is working for providing you the excellent service with reasonable price, fast delivery and secure POE Currency XBOX.

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GGG Has No Plan To Release POE 2 Or Mobile, But Four Expansions In 2020

Through ExileCon last year, fans have figured out the next plans for POE, POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, POE Mobile, as well as POE 2 release. However, there is a long time to wait after that without any message about their release dates, except for the live POE 3.9 and Metamorph league.Finally, POE released the development plan for 2020, which has raised several long-awaited updated, confirming that there is still a lot of updated content to play in the next 12 months.As current POE 3.9 coming to an end, POE 3.10 will be released as the next expansion at the end of February 2020, but its specific time has not been determined, which might be changed according to the circumstances. After that, one expansion would be released every three months for POE, 3.11, 3.12, as well as 3.13 throughout 2020.As a result, GGG has no plan to release POE 2 in 2020 to give developers enough time to create more game content and test every one, which was first mentioned at ExileCon, implying to add new storyline while keeping the current POE plot.Beyond these original updates, GGG is also working for POE 4.0.0, one of the large-scale updates of POE in recent years, which would not launch in 2020. However, there will be more content and features that not appear in the ExileCon Act One Demo about POE will be shown in the middle of 2020, more likely around E3. Sorry, we are not sure.Until late 2020, the public beta of POE 4.0.0 may run in order to gather up the players' feedback and bug reports. So in order to successfully complete the task as planned, GGG will continue to scale up the team and finish all content updated with higher efficiency this year.Surely, the development of POE Mobile is still in progress, but it will not be released to the public in a short time.Now, let's sort out what POE will do by the end of 2020.Release Expansions: POE 3.10-3.13Public Beta: POE 4.0.0Developing: POE Mobile, POE 2Anyway, hopefully you are satisfied with POE 2020, during this period, GameMS will always be with you. No matter which difficulties you encounter while playing, you can visit the site at any time and ask for help, especially when in shortage. The site has a large amount of POE Currency, and it will update the relevant POE Items for each update in a timely manner, efficiently and safely.

Path Of Exile Best Character Classes In 2020

In the past few years, Path of Exile has changed a lot. Take 2019 as an example, Grinding Gear Games has added four basic expansions to POE, Synthesis, Legion, Blight and Conquerors of the Atlas, along with a series of new content. Now that 2020 has begun, POE 3.9 with its private Metamorph league is also live. As the popularity of the game went up, the game is getting easier than ever to get into, but some content in POE has also changed accordingly, such as Character Class. If you happen to be new to POE in 2020, here are some suitable classes you can pick as reference.Each character class in Path of Exile has its corresponding attribute ability, and the players can choose one class to build at will, so you'd better first figure out the skills and abilities of these classes, and then take advantage against the bosses.1.Scion: AscendantScion focused on three types of attributes, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, which made it become a hybrid class of POE. Because of it, this is one of the hardest classes to handle in POE, and for ordinary players, it is difficult to grasp its steep learning curve, and you must plan out for its build before playing, some tiny mistakes are likely to cause you to have to redo everything all over again.However, it is a diverse character to provide enough versatility for veterans as they could play around with stats and create a powerful build.2.Duelist: Slayer, Gladiator and ChampionThe Duelist is combined with Strength and Dexterity, utilizing swords and axes for offense, the Strength gives him strong attacks and protection, while the Dexterity gives him agility.Duelist is the best class that can maintain the balance between speed and strength, he focuses more on physical attacks, so he could effectively block destructive attacks from all sides of the battlefield.3.Marauder: Juggernaut, Berserker and ChieftainMarauder focuses on the Strength, granting him power and durability, and he is good at wielding maces for dealing with physical damage. This is the best class for newcomers, because players don't need to learn too much knowledge and strategy apart from brute strength, which is the easiest skill to master while playing Path of Exile.Since he is a tank character, it is likely to be chosen to reduce the damage through hordes of monsters in no time.The above three character classes are considered the best ones in POE. Surely, there are some others such as Witch, Templar and more are worth choosing. Anyway, it is absolutely good for your game to uncover the mysteries of these classes in advance while playing.Another topic is POE Currency making, it has always been the core of players' concerns. It is better to cost a little expense to Buy POE Currency instead of spending too much time on farming. Considering the different types of POE Currency that countless players need,GameMS keeps inventory of various POE Orbs anytime, anywhere to provide you with goods, which could ensure that you have a joyful shopping online.Nothing is more affordable than shopping here, and we look forward to seeing you.

POE 3.9 The Conquerors Of The Atlas Economy Guide

With the release of POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, it is as important for fans and caring about the game plot as the in-game economy. Like any other expansion of POE, POE Currency is the strongest evidence to determine the economic situation of the players, so the economy guide is definitely necessary with the new expansion.No one is playing POE for the first day, but it is still difficult to understand one thing, why is so many people getting a lot of money, for luck? But we can only get a small part. Simply explained that they do the right thing at the right time, so they can make a lot of money while playing.When first start playing the game, you can buy some cheap items and then craft, such as you can buy the scarabs for 1c each in the early stage, and sell them to others with 1-2ex even more, in the process you can get some extra profits to improve your POE economy.FarmingGlacier, which is available in almost every expansion of POE, you can map a ton of POE Currency by properly abusing the league mechanic.With T2 Glacier, you can get the crazy high monolith spawn rate and improve your map rate, that is, you can farm faster than others.Get high atlas completion and some t2-ts maps with glacier, you are allowed to finish more challenges and craft more orbs, even some rare ones.What's more, you can also buy some orbs like Chaos and Exalted Orbs as investment, since many players want these in-game items, by them these in your hands must be sold at high prices.RunningWhether high tier map or low tier map, there are still quite a few ways for exiles to run and obtain POE Currency. Farming endgame boss, delving, linking, flipping, crafting, selling challenges, etc, all of them could help you, but each of those must require some heavy learning and practice, that is time-consuming.PaidNo one could do everything alone, right? POE is a free-to-play game, but you can provide extra money for POE Currency, it is not a secret that paid players can always complete the challenges faster than non-paid ones.Everyone will consider both price and security when purchasing POE Currency, if so, you are recommended to find a safe store, GameMS, there are several benefits shopping there.Cheap, safe and efficient, it takes into consideration all your concerns about shopping online and does everything to solve all problems of consumers.Last, not the least, merry Christmas to everyone! It prepared gifts on GameMS, and now anyone who buys any product on the site can get a 6% off using code "XMAS", and the special offers would end on January 5, 2020, please hurry up.

POE 3.9 The Conquerors Of The Atlas Is Coming To Xbox One And PS4 On December 16

Last Friday, the countdown on the POE's official site has ended, and at the same time, the server of POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas for PC opened, along with its private Metamorph league challenges, bringing a lot of new content for the game.Later, the developer Grinding Gear Games revealed that POE 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 16 PDT, or December 17, GMT+8.Returning to the topic of POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas, as of now, GGG still regards POE 3.9 as one of the smoothest updates throughout Path of Exile. Although there are still some minor errors in each POE expansion, GGG has tried its best to make it reduced to a minimum.What's more, players are still curious about what's new in POE 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas and Metamorph, here is part of the new in-game items we have listed.Renamed items: some of the items that existed in the previous POE have now been renamed, they are respectively, Sextants have been renamed to Simple, Prime, and Awakened Sextants for each tier.Increased items: it added some items in POE 3.9 to optimize the character's skills.Eternal Orb, which could create an imprint of an item to be used to revert the items to its former state after it has been altered by other items.Orbs of Awakening, it can transfer the influence of one item to another of the same type, in order to fuse together both for creating a Hybrid with Mods.General items, it contains 16 new unique items and 14 divination cards to add in POE 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas.Catalysts, it is the brand new POE Currency of Metamorph, which could increase the quality of jewellery, such as rings, belts and amulets.Anyway, POE 3.9 is an expansion worth playing, allows you to continue the War for the Atlas storyline while helping the NPC Tane Octavius build powerful Metamorph bosses, but no matter which mode you choose, the rewards are linked to the difficulty, you'd better complete the quests continuously to get valuable rewards.You are usually recommended to buy POE Currency to enhance your characters, and the place to make your shopping safer is GameMS, there is no doubt about it, but you don't have to do only that.You can buy POE Currency, but you can't pay to win, this is what GGG has always advocated for you to really enjoy this game.