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NHL 22 Coins


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About NHL 22 Coins

The 2021-22 NHL season is already under preparation and is set to launch in early Oct. 12 2021, running until June 2022, along with 82 regular games among 31 total teams.

NHL 22 Coins are the in-game currency of upcoming NHL 22, building competitive team, enhancing characters and purchasing NHL Cards, and so on.

The Ultimate Team is one of the core features of NHL series, and fans predict that this might change significantly in the NHL 22 season, while the price of any item is dynamic while buying consumables, cards or packs, only but NHL 22 Coins can be used as a fixed chip.

NHL 22 will be playable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, similarly, players can Buy NHL 22 Coins on different consoles via various methods.

There are multiple reasons to trade with GameMS, the most important of which is that you only cost the least to get the most satisfactory NHL 22 Coins. is the top one among many marketplaces with integrity and reputation, supporting everyone to build their dream team in NHL 22, and making the game challenging and enjoyable. It is a professional supplier of cheap and safe NHL 22 Coins, also, we can promise that it will complete 100% handmade Cheap NHL 22 Coins and deliver within 15 minutes after placing an order.

Any question for 24/7 customer service, who are happy to give help and create an enjoyable shopping experience for you.


  • NHL 22: Three new 98 OVR Milestones Master players added

    NHL 22: Three new 98 OVR Milestones Master players added

    The second round of the Stanley Cup Playoff is underway, and players can experience the same fun at NHL 22 HUT. In particular, EA Sports has added three 98 OVR players to the Milestones Master program, and players can acquire these outstanding players to earn rewards such as NHL 22 Coins in various event missions.

    The three players are Eric Staal, Jakub Voracek and Paul Stastny. They have both created very memorable achievements in their NHL careers.

    One of the things that most impressed fans about Eric Staal is that he won the 2006 Stanley Cup with the Carolina Hurricanes, and won the 2007 World Championship and the 2010 Winter Olympics with Canada, thereby becoming a member of the Triple Gold Club. This result is outstanding in the entire NHL history, and of course, this is the reason why he was able to enter the NHL 22 HUT as the Milestones Master as a headline.

    Jakub Voracek has also had a stellar career, owner of the Silver Stick and hitting a 1,000-game NHL record earlier this year.

    Paul Stastny has shown great strength when he first entered the NHL, scoring almost every game in his rookie season. As the third player to enter the 98 OVR Milestones Master program, he deserves the honor.

    Trust these three new players to the 98 OVR Milestones Master to help you advance your NHL HUT process.

    GAMEMS is committed to improving your gaming experience, welcome to follow us for more news.

    May 24, 2022

  • NHL 22 is now officially on EA Play

    NHL 22 is now officially on EA Play

    With the long-awaited Stanley Cup playoffs in full swing, EA seems to be feeling the heat from players too. Just two days ago, EA officially announced the addition of NHL 22 to the list of games supported by EA Play. Both EA Play members and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download and experience the playoffs for free.

    "Hit the ice with EA Play." As this slogan says, in order to allow players to have a more immersive gaming experience, EA has developed a new Frostbite engine, and NHL 22 is the first in the series to be supported by its game. As a result, players will be able to enjoy more realistic visuals and more exciting new content.

    EA Play has upgraded the technical means of the game, from the appearance of the players to the tracking of the surrounding movements, and the contact between the players and the superstars will become more realistic. At the same time, NHL 22 also introduced a new feature called Superstar X-Factors, which will be able to differentiate the best players in the league from the rest. Players can build their strong lineup more intuitively.

    Players who already subscribe can download and play for free on PS4 and PS5.

    GAMEMS will strive to provide you with more useful information. Not only that, you can buy NHL 22 Coins here to advance your Stanley Cup playoffs progress, we will continue to pay attention to your needs, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

    May 14, 2022


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