WoW Classic:First aid leveling method
WoW Classic:First aid leveling method

In World of Warcraft, first aid is a very effective professional skill. Players can learn to use first aid to make bandages and treat themselves or teammates on the battlefield. It is very practical. So let's introduce you to World of Warcraft nostalgia today. First Aid 1-100 Raiders, which is the first-level leveling method.

First aid 1-300 leveling method

Here is an example of an alliance

1. First, look for the trainer in the main city. If you can't find it, ask the guard to ask for directions.

2. At the trainer, you can learn linen bandages, thick linen bandages, anti-drugs, woolen bandages, silk bandages, and then almost first aid to the level limit.

3. Purchase intermediate-level first-aid materials and continue to raise the upper limit. Alliance players can purchase teaching materials in the rapids, preferably with two bandage manuals.

After After emergency point reaches 225, if you want to increase to 300 points, you can go to the castle of Theramore, find a doctor, receive a task, go to the Hammer Town to treat the wounded, and then you can rise To 300 first aid.

About first aid

In the battle, you can use bandages yourself or give them to your teammates. In the first aid process, once you get hurt, the first aid effect will be interrupted, and a player Will be in 60 seconds. Only one emergency effect can be, and each class can learn, and the pastor and paladin have to learn.

Players learn first-aid can learn 10 kinds of bandages and two antidote preparation methods. After the reputation of Silver Dawn is improved, you can learn a more effective antidote, which Can eliminate the poisoning effect below 60.

Then the above is is to introduce you to the World of Warcraft nostalgia first aid 1-100 Raiders, as well as first-aid leveling methods, first-aid professional, is also a hot game, for the auxiliary or crispy occupation, it is necessary To learn, Players need to pay more attention to the game, go to the trainer and start learning. provides players with a lot of gameplay methods about wowclassic, and offers thousands of WoW Classic Gold players, 98% of which have high order ratings. Want to know more, welcome to follow GameMS.

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