WoW Classic continues to be affected by DDoS attacks
WoW Classic continues to be affected by DDoS attacks

This weekend, World of Warcraft classics began to accept DDoS attacks. Although the Blizzard issue has been resolved, some players still react that they are unable to log in to certain servers.

According to Kotaku, these DDoS attacks began around 11 am EST (3 pm UK time), and a group of people named UKDrillas claimed responsibility for it, and they would say on Twitter that they would use WoW for recycling. Their DDoS firepower. Classic server (the organization's Twitter account has been suspended).

Blizzard did not confirm the organization's responsibility but did announce that the DDoS disruption affected some players on Twitter.

According to the chattering sound of the player on Twitter, the effect is very common. The ultimate goal of this group is not only the Classic server but also the ordinary WoW server.

Blizzard Customer Service released: "All World of Warcraft except Rattlegore is back online and stable. Investigations in this area are continuing. Some players may experience persistent login issues until the morning."

An hour later, the company issued a statement stating that everything has been resolved: "Rattlegore is now stable. Thank you for your patience."

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