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Will NBA 2K22 Move To RPG?

Feb 21, 2022

In an exclusive interview, NBA 2K22 Executive Producer Erick Boenisch discusses a lot of the future of the game, such as the development of the social game field, the future of the franchise, and more.

NBA 2K22 continues to make changes to the 2K Games basketball franchise, providing a new social environment for the next generation of players in the city, along with a host of other major improvements.

This ongoing development is important to the developers as they push the game forward year after year, and according to the game's executive producer, there's more to come. In early 2K games, there was no room for players to gather, organize matches, view each other's crafting, and more. According to Boenisch, this is a crucial focus for developers as it matures. The city is like a virtual basketball community, and their celebration and experience of basketball culture goes far beyond professional difficulty," he said. 2K has achieved this over the course of a few years, slowly adding more and more RPG elements to make players feel like they're really living the lifestyle of a professional player, whether it's by cashing a rhetoric check or buying the latest sneakers. An important part of making this feel as immersive and ever-changing as possible is the implementation of seasons, as these "provide players with new experiences and challenges throughout the year."

These seasons have affected all modes in NBA 2K22, but perhaps only My Career, players can now integrate well into the 2K universe with battle passes seasonal drops and more elements of modern games.

But even though 2K22 has come a long way, the developers still think there's room for development, even if they can't elaborate. A big change in 2K22 is not only that the social areas of current and next-gen consoles are vastly different, but that each console has a much longer lifespan than the previous year.

This is mainly due to the new hardware possibilities, but also because the development team has been persistent in pushing the RPG elements of the game forward.

Let players experience not only the achievements and happiness brought by the game itself but also the happiness of being a game character in the process of the game. Of course, in the process of moving forward, GAMEMS will also provide you with more preferential programs to help you buy NBA 2K22 MT, 99 OVR Black Mamba cards are currently on sale. The expected deadline is February 25th. I hope everyone can seize the opportunity to improve their corresponding level rankings.


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