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Will Madden 22 Be Revealed At The NFL Draft This Week?

Source: GAMEMS

The NFL Draft is about to begin. On April 29, the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft will begin, which also means that Madden 22 will be getting closer and closer to us.

EA usually uses NFL Draft as a platform to announce the latest content of its annual football franchise. Although not always announced at actual events, the latest Madden is usually announced during or shortly after the event.

Last year's 2020 Draft was held on April 23. A few days later, EA officially released Madden 21 on April 27. However, it took a few months to show the gameplay of Madden 21, but we already knew that Lamar Jackson is the cover athlete.

Madden 20 was announced on the first day of Draft in April 2019. EA revealed that the Kansas Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the cover player and announced the release date, but did not announce the gameplay until the summer.

EA is likely to officially announce Madden 22 at the NFL Draft on April 29. If they do, we will know who the cover player is, but we have to wait to learn more about the actual gameplay after a long time.

If Madden 22 is not released this week, then we expect to see some content after this week or at least before the summer. It is worth noting that this may be the first Madden game developed based on next-gen technology. Although Madden 21 is available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, it is indeed first released for the previous-generation console.

If EA needs more time to ensure that all content is optimized for the next generation of games, they may wait for a while before the release of Madden 22. There have been rumors a long time ago that the running back of the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry, will be the cover player of Madden 22.

GAMEMS will pay close attention to the upcoming Draft related news and will update the article in time. If you are a big fan of Madden 21, I believe you will not want to miss it.

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