Why the Path of Exile can be loved by so many Diablo fans
Why the Path of Exile can be loved by so many Diablo fans

For Diablo games, familiar players know that Diablo ARPG is the development of playing characters. The joy of Diablo is the number of BDs. A BD usually consists of the following three items: talent plus points, equipment selection, and skill matching.

As the most popular star among the world's dark fans, Path of Exile, few people will question the gameplay and genre of this game-or BD is not enough, because just a talent map, Enough new players to think for a long time.

In The Path of Exile, the choice of talent is free.

There are a total of 1384 talents. Players need to allocate talent points forward little by little and draw their talents in this star chart. However, the talents of players are limited. Each character can only have a maximum of 128 talents. How to allocate them? This is a big problem. Talents have a variety of weapons, damage, defense, and many special points that change the basic attributes of your character.

Such talent points abound in the talent map, and it is also a point that the talent of the Path of Exile is completely different from similar systems in other Diablo games, because it will not give you any guidance at all, as long as it is reasonable enough, you can think of Any gameplay in it is put into practice.

Speaking of equipment, in the Diablo series, most of the equipment's attributes are random. At the same time, fixed attributes and special dark gold equipment also appear. At first glance, the Path of Exile is similar to ordinary Diablo games. But it's not.

The biggest difference between the equipment system and other Diablo games on the Path of Exile is its unique currency. This can be said to be innovative gameplay that complements the equipment system. In the path of exile, there is no other concept of Currency often found in Diablo games.

Diablo 2 is a good example. When trading online, players usually do not use gold but choose other types of rare items.

And the Path of Exile officially borrowed from such player habits and creatively added the POE Currency system in the game. Different from the gold in other dark games, the POE Currency in the Path of Exile, in a practical sense, although it is also used as a certain currency, different currencies themselves can give different effects to equipment or map items. Is the key.

No one can create more than thirty different currencies in the Path of Exile. This is the most unique point of the Path of Exile in terms of equipment.Besides, due to their talents and skill plasticity, players are not blindly looking for so-called suits, best products, etc. in terms of equipment matching.

The variety of gameplay leads to a huge difference in equipment choices between different genres, and even unpopular genres may even buy graduation equipment at polar prices. Of course, in contrast, the relevant equipment prices of popular genres will be On the high side. For more exciting content, please visit the GameMS website. Here are the most popular game trading items.

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