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What's Wrong With The Rating Adjustment In Madden 21? Kyler Murray's New Rating Is Disappointing!

Nov 16, 2020

The quarterback Kyler Murray is from Arizona Cardinals, his performance this season is impressive, so fans take it for granted that he will have a high rating in Madden 21, but his new rating is disappointing. Kyler Murray's overall rating rose by one point and is now 80.

As early as July, his rating was 77, which is not very satisfying, and the Twitter account of the Arizona Cardinals directly expressed dissatisfaction. Because Murray rushed for 543 yards only just 76 attempts this season. This makes him be NO.8 among all NFL players in rushing yards.

His 8 rushing touchdowns put him NO.3 in the league's rushing touchdowns.

As for passing the ball, his 2,130 yards rank NO,12 in the league.

His 68.1% throws put him NO.9 in the league.

His 16 touchdown passes put him NO.11 in the league.

In summary, he ranks no.16 among all quarterbacks.

We will list the rating of the top quarterbacks in Madden 21, so you'll know why Murray's rating makes fans angry!

Kansas City Chiefs QB: Patrick Mahomes-99

Seattle Seahawks QB: Russell Wilson-99

Green Bay Packers QB: Aaron Rodgers-94

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB: Tom Brady-94

Baltimore Ravens QB: Lamar Jackson-91

Even Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford and Las Vegas Raiders' Derek Carr are 82, ahead of Murray.

This ranking is really confusing, so what's wrong with the adjustment?

As early as July, Murray had already expressed disbelief with his 77 OVR. He said that it should be at least 80. And fans agree with that, because of his speed, acceleration, and anything about speed, he is top-tier, and his throwing ability, dual-threat ability is very outstanding, it can be said that few people in the entire league can do it. So, the future MVP is 80?

GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to Murray's score changes, and hope that madden 21 can give him a fair score!

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