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What You Need to Know Before NBA 2K22 Season 7 Releases

May 05, 2022 Source: GAMEMS

With the NBA playoffs underway, NBA 2K22 Season 6: Zero Gravity has been live for a month, and players are participating in a variety of new events and earning rewards. And the release of Season 7 in two weeks, here's what you need to know to wrap up Season 6 and take on new challenges in the new season.

According to officials, the seventh season will be released on May 20, 2022, called "Full Throttle", and a lot of rewards will be unlocked on the day of release. The new season includes a new season agenda and event challenges, and players can also get a series of new cards."Full Throttle" will pay tribute to the NBA's most iconic player Tracy McGrady, the first day of the update will provide players with 150,000XP to help players upgrade to 40, and can be exchanged for Ruby David Wesley, Diamond Roy Hibbert and Galaxy Opal Zach Randolph.

Before the official release, players need to do their best to complete the tasks of the sixth season and get rewards to prepare for the arrival of the seventh season. Zero Gravity just launched a new Playoff Moment Agenda and the game will feature eight MyTeam Playoff Moment cards: DM Marcus Smart, DM Jalen Brunson, DM Jordan Poole, DM Mikal Bridges, GO Desmond Bane, GO Grayson Allen, GO Duncan Robinson, GO Tyrese Maxey. Players can get it by completing the corresponding tasks.

Additionally, MyCareer will be bringing the Chips Ahoy event, which players can participate in starting May 7 at 9 AM PT to earn double XP and rewards.

The seventh season will be officially released soon. As of now, players need to complete the schedule of the sixth season within a limited time and get as many remaining rewards as possible. I believe that all loyal fans have already devoted themselves to the task. If you encounter difficulties during the game, you can choose to buy NBA 2K22 MT on GAMEMS to promote the game process. As a professional third-party game service website, we will provide you with excellent service.

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