Update on NBA 2K20 new patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One
Update on NBA 2K20 new patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One

Since the summer, 2K has been releasing major updates to help resolve the issues pointed out. Fans have complained a lot about the performance of the game. That doesn't mean that everything is done and there is still feedback from fans.

It used to take a long time for 2K to provide NBA 2K20 notes, and it turned out that they were also vague. But today's NBA 2K20 patch notes come with a list of changes for fans to review and review.

Below you can find a list of official patch notes shared by the December 12th NBA 2K20 Update:

Fixed an issue where certain animations could not be installed after entering the neighbor.

Hot spots are now correctly reflected in Rec and Neighborhood games.

The appearance of the "Ninja-style" headband seen on many players has been updated to reflect their new look for the 2019-20 season.

Now, the appropriate number of boosters will be consumed after completing the MyPLAYER Nation game.

MyTEAM users can quickly group their bench lineups again in one action.

When two players form Duo in MyTEAM, their badge upgrades are now visible on the player card when viewed in the "Lineup" menu outside the game.

The news came that the NBA 2K20 can now be played on compatible devices via the new Google Stadia service. Not all phones support Google Stadia, and gamers can use the Chrome tab on a laptop or PC or a compatible Pixel Phone to play the NBA 2K20.

Google Stadia will be fully launched next year, when it will support games on multiple devices. NBA 2K fans can play games on many different devices via cloud gaming.

The NBA 2K20 Standard Edition and NBA 2K20 Digital Deluxe Edition cost $ 59.99 and $ 79.99, respectively. The NBA 2K20 Legendary Edition includes 100,000 virtual currencies, MyTEAM cards, digital goods for MyPLAYER, and more for $ 99.99.

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