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Tips from the Professional Madden 23 Players - Something You Should Know

Aug 24, 2022

The updates of the Madden 23 bring a totally different game experience to the Madden fans, today I would like to give you some tips or suggestions after I communicate with some masters of Madden 23 what I think those tips are really useful after using.

Use the right playbook

First thing is the playbooks are extremely important, and you have to focus on one playbook, one offense and one defense if you really want to start mastering madden 23. Personally what i run is the Baltimore Ravens offense, and I like Kansas City's defense, and there's a couple different players are really good in these two playbooks. If you guys don't know by the way, when you're in offline modes you can customize your playbook so you can go to the NFL tab and then go to playbooks on the main screen, this does not apply to online game modes. You can also customize your playbooks, so if you guys like one play from the Arizona playbook but you usually run like the Falcons, you can put that Arizona play into the Falcons playbook and that goes for defense as well.

Use more conservative tackles

use more conservative tackles instead of hitting sticking and missing tackles. What you need to do is hit the X button or A button, especially in the middle of a run. You don't have to go for hit sticks because there's a high possibility that your opponent will break the tackle and you'll just miss the hit stick completely. So when you in the run i recommend using the A button a little bit more.

QB Sneaks

It doesn't matter if you guys have Tom Brady or Lamar Jackson at quarterback, QB sneaks is much over-powerful this year, so when we move the ball to the one yard line it is highly recommend you to use QB sneaks in this situation, because it works the majority of the time. If you guys are on the two yard line what i recommend doing is running QB sneak. For most of times, those methods could bring an excellent feedback.

Use target passing

For different types of players, you don't have to use it every single play, but if you guys are in a tight situation, use target passing. Let us talk about the settings, when you open the Game Option, choose the Skill- Based Passing, and then set the Passing Type in to Placement&Accuracy, but the Placement is not bad as well. Off the Passing Slowdown because when you online, it is not going to slow down at all, it just works for offline only. The Free-Form Reticle Max Distance is not bad to use near option, in case do not mess the throws, the Free-Form Reticle Speed should also not be to fast. And of course, choose visible on Reticle and Meter Visibility.

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