The World Of Warcraft Classic will become a badass comic scene
The World Of Warcraft Classic will become a badass comic scene

When we are exploring the World Of Warcraft Classic, few people consider the task to be completed. The Romanian artist Vlad Harabagiu is drawing key scenes from various tasks, as if they were, all the same, is true for an animated TV show.

In the past month, Harabagiu uploaded his drawings on the recredit of the World of Warcraft Classic every few days. As he continued his mission and explored more of Azeroth, each piece was It is an update to the progress of his tribal character.

For example, Harabagiu's first painting is concentrated on Hana'zua, one of the first mission givers that Orcs and Troll players will encounter when they begin their journey in Durotar. Hana'zua tried to kill a scorpion, but the heart was stabbed and stabbed to death. Hana'zua thought that he was not much in the world, asking the player to do everything he could not do and kill the blind man.

I like how the art of Harabagiu draws trivial explorations from the World Of Warcraft Classic and turns them into dramatic moments. I have met Hana'zua with countless players and completed his mission without worrying about whether he will die. We just want those sweet experience points. But these drawings make these insignificant moments feel like part of a larger legend.

Although a comic book seems to be a daunting task for an artist, Harabagiu's art has become one of the highlights of World of Warcraft Classics, even though I don't always remember this pursuit.

To date, Harabagiu has drawn 11 different drawings that record the different moments of his character's journey through Azeroth. You can check his Reddit page to stay up to date and view the rest of the page.

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