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The continuation of the NFL offseason

Mar 10, 2022

Mar 10, 2022 Source: GAMEMS

As the NFL offseason continues, GAMEMS takes a look back at the NFL scouting update in Madden 22. The First Connected Franchise mode offers players the opportunity to take full control of their favorite NFL team; as a player, coach, or team owner. Franchise mode gives players the opportunity to:

Build an NFL team that can dominate the regular season.

Rebuild their team in the offseason (hope to stay on top next season)

The mode has long been criticized, and frustration with the mode's "staleness" has sparked outrage in the Madden community. Madden's official newsletter for game updates states: "Last year, we've listened to your feedback and worked hard to make significant changes and deliver a highly requested update to the mode that brings a new level of control and customization." The Scouting System update is based on core components of the interconnected franchise, and the recent update provides players with unprecedented features such as the option to hire and fire full NFL scouting staff Ability to assign scouting staff to different parts of the country to scout college players Modify scouting reports for college players Introducing the different role scenarios that impact college player drafts Mock drafts reflect teams' interest in players over the course of a season, So does this mode give players a chance to draft the next Tom Brady (round 6)? The arrival of Madden 22's scouting feature has been well-received by fans of the connected franchise mode; with additional tweaks and updates, fans can continue to enjoy the game mode throughout the season. Whether trying to rebuild a team, find the next quarterback, or unearth hidden gems in the background of the NFL draft, Madden 22's scouting update allows players to probe (and potentially draft) rookie franchises that could change course Franchise.

Running back to an overall player rating of 78 in the fourth round, or trading for an overall rating of 83 defensive tackle, gives players the ability to scout the next offensive or defensive rookie of the year in depth. It will be interesting to see how this game mode continues to evolve as the enthusiasm and high interest in the connected franchise feature of the Madden gaming community continues to drive GAMEMS to deliver monthly gameplay and tuning updates. With Madden features like "The Yard" (a sports gaming experience with elements of the classic "NFL Blitz" series) and Ultimate Team (a fantasy-based team option that allows players to control current and legendary players), the pressure is on EA to appeal to both casual players, while delivering the experience die-hard fans of the series have been craving. At the same time, it will also serve as a reference for the supply of MUT 22 Coins. The in-depth look at Madden 22's scouting update will continue as the NFL wraps up the NFL Combine and the focus of player scouting shifts to College Pro Days.


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