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  • NBA 2K22: SWISH 4 Packs and New Locker Code Now Available

    NBA 2K22: SWISH 4 Packs and New Locker Code Now Available

    Jun 17, 2022

    NBA 2K22 continues to lead the way and this new week, MyTeam has added a lot of new player cards that we can get. Getting the best cards can help you win games and get more rewards.

    From now on, players have about a week to acquire SWISH 4 Packs, which bring the following Dark Matter players:

    Invincible & Hero Hakeem Olajuwon

    DM PG Danny Granger

    DM PG Larry Johnson

    GO Shooting Shaun Livingston

    PD Shooting Andrew Bogut

    The groups in SWISH 4 Packs can greatly help you strengthen your lineup, and Invincible & Hero Hakeem Olajuwon is the most deserving of them. He has A+ in all ratings and is a well-deserved invincible player.

    No one will reject a new Locker Code. You can use "SWISH-4-CODE-BOJAN-OR-MYLES" to get a SWISH 4 Pack, 10 Tokens, Diamond Shoe Pack, Dark Matter Myles Turner, or Galaxy Opal Bojan Bogdanovic.

    At the same time, Clutch Time, as players' favorite mode in MyTeam, will also surprise players. Build your powerful five-player squad and win matches for a chance to earn the top prize, Dark Matter Gilbert Arenas.

    Grab the promotions and rewards in MyTeam to help you successfully reach level 40 in Season 7. At the same time, to create a perfect MyTeam lineup, you can get more NBA 2K22 MT on, we will always focus on your needs and bring you excellent service.

  • NBA 2K22: Swish 3 Packs and Latest Locker Code Now Available

    NBA 2K22: Swish 3 Packs and Latest Locker Code Now Available

    Jun 08, 2022

    NBA 2K23 is on its way and loyal fans can keep their expectations locked into the exciting events that are constantly being updated in NBA 2K22. If you're into NBA 2K22 now, you'll find new Swish packs available in MyTeam that will bring you even more rewards and power stars.

    The Swish 3 Packs were released earlier today and feature a collection of premium cards led by Pau Gasol. Players will need to spend up to 50,000 NBA 2K22 MT to get it. Over the next week, Swish 3 Packs will provide players with:

    Invincible & Hero Pau Gasol

    DM Dunking/Athletic Marc Gasol

    DM PG/SG Andre Iguodala

    GO Shooting Larry Kenon

    PD PG/SF Yakhouba Diawara

    The most anticipated new Locker Code is also here, use "SWISH-3-DROP-HARRIS-OR-WOOD" to get DM Tobias Harris or GO Christian Wood. Players can complete their corresponding challenges for rewards:

    Tobias Harris Locker Code Challenge: Score 100 points with Swish Tobias Harris over multiple games to earn 2,500 XP.

    Christian Woods Locker Code Challenge: Get 30 rebounds with Swish Christian Wood over multiple games, thereby earning a reward of 2,500 XP.

    At the same time, this code can also be used for a SWISH 3 Pack, 10 Tokens, and Diamond Shoe Pack. Valid for one week as always.

    Plus, as the seventh season progressed, Triple Threat also brought an update, and DM Kelly Oubre Jr. in The 100 and DM Arvydas Sabonis in the Vault was added to the Triple Threat ranks.

    GAMEMS is committed to bringing you the latest NBA 2K22 news and Locker Code, and you can get more information here. At the same time, to allow you to get more excellent player cards in NBA 2K22 to better build your own MyTeam lineup, you can directly buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT here. We will be at your service anytime.

  • NBA 2K22: Limited Event Week 6 is now open

    NBA 2K22: Limited Event Week 6 is now open

    May 16, 2022

    NBA 2K22 is rolling out new events and promotions all the time. Players are looking forward to new content and new rewards every week. This week is the sixth week of the regular season, and the Week 6 Limited Event started last weekend. With a seventh season being planned, players will need to get a lot of rewards to prepare for the upcoming season.

    The rules for NBA 2K22 MyTeam Week 6 are:

    1. Only players from the Southwest Division can participate.

    2. Up to 1 PD, 1 Diamond and 1 Amy can be used.

    3. Remaining players Ruby or lower.

    4. No Free Agency or Hot Check Cards.

    Player cards available this week are GO David Robinson, and Dark Matter Option Packs for six championship rings.

    Meanwhile, the most anticipated Locker Code has been updated again. New code "SIGNATURE-SERIES-6-DXJMY" can be used to redeem Signature Series VI Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost, or 5 tokens. Valid for one week.

    So far, the rewards players can get in Week 6 include:

    Signature Series VI Pack

    Supernova Pack

    Limited Edition IV Bag

    Zero Gravity Pack

    Fan Favorite Bag

    Fault Package

    Go David Robinson

    Championship Ring

    As a good friend who can help you improve your gaming experience, GAMEMS will provide you with the latest NBA 2K22 news and locker passwords. Also, you can buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT here, and we will support your NBA game progress.

  • NBA 2K22:Draft Update

    NBA 2K22:Draft Update

    Apr 26, 2022

    Since the release of the sixth season, MyTeam has also been updated simultaneously, adding many new cards and rewards. Just yesterday, MyTEAM: Draft got a new update EA made changes to the original draft mode and introduced a lot of new rewards.

    For those players who have been eliminated, this update brings a new way to enter the draft again and also adds corresponding new features.

    First, players who have already signed out can now enter the Locker Code:"MyTEAM-SEASON-6-DRAFT-TICKET" to get a Free Draft Ticket and restart the draft campaign with a chance to earn more rewards. This code is valid until May On the 2nd, players who want to return to the draft should not miss this opportunity. Secondly, along with the distribution of tickets, MyTeam Draft will also add new draft exclusive promotion rewards and add Premium Player to each Position Pack.

    Not only will players be able to re-enter Draft mode to earn rewards after this update, but players will also need to complete other agenda items in NBA 2K22 Season 6: Zero Gravity. With the NBA playoffs underway, NBA 2K22 is now in the middle of its sixth season, and players must now complete the Spotlight Challenges and other agendas that follow. Completing missions and games will reward you with tokens and other rewards that you can continue to enhance your ball. Team lineup, experience more fun.

    The rest of the specific playoff schedule can refer to as the official announcement.

    If you're also enjoying returning to the new draft mode and challenging the NBA 2K22 playoff agenda, stay tuned to as we keep to update the latest news. In addition, GAMEMS is also an experienced third-party game service provider. You can buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT on to advance your game process. You can contact us any time.

  • NBA 2K22: Releases MyTeam Week 3 Limited Event

    NBA 2K22: Releases MyTeam Week 3 Limited Event

    Apr 24, 2022

    With the launch of MyTeam Season 6: Zero Gravity, players will be able to earn new Dark Matter units and locker codes as rewards every week as the NBA playoffs unfold and MyTeam integrates. For the third week of MyTeam Limited, NBA 2K22 has already arrived, and NBA 2K22 brings new rules and challenges to enrich MyTeam Season 6.

    The first released content of MyTeam Limited week 3 is a Dark Matter Mystery, which players can vote for as a Dark Matter reward. It is worth noting that participating in voting in Week 3 of MyTeam Limited requires players to abide by the following rules:

    Voting is limited to Northwest Division players.

    Players can use up to 1 Pink Diamond, 1 Diamond, and 1 Amethyst.

    The chosen player cannot be higher than Ruby.

    Free Agent or Heat Check cards are not allowed.

    The rewards of Week 3 of MyTeam Limited are also very generous, including a 97-overall Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, two boost packs, and tokens. Meanwhile, Week 3 of MyTeam Limited introduces six new Dark Matters for players to collect, which will start with Released as a Limited Edition IV Pack. Players can use the new locker code: LIMITED-EDITION-4-HG6LP and will have the opportunity to earn a Limited Edition IV Pack, Diamond Shoe Pack, or 5 tokens. Especially the Limited Edition IV Pack, which provides players with excellent cards to improve the strength of the lineup. The code is valid until April 29th, please don't miss the redemption time.

    Now is the perfect time to join NBA 2K22 and build a strong team, and GAMEMS will keep you updated with the latest NBA 2K22 news. In addition, we will provide you with cheap NBA 2K22 MT to support your progress in Week 3 of MyTeam Limited.

  • NBA 2K22 Releases Playoffs Agenda

    NBA 2K22 Releases Playoffs Agenda

    Apr 19, 2022

    Recently, 2K Games also revealed the new arrangement of the competition. A total of eight different Playoff Agendas have been released based on the ongoing NBA playoffs. Players can earn new units and other rewards in the new agenda by completing quests and challenges.

    In this announcement, all players have to do is create career Agendas, enter NBA Finals Championships, and complete them quickly. After the challenge is successful, players will get rich rewards: one new Dark Matter and three Pink Diamond players will be added to My Team. These items can help My Team complete more tasks and get more rewards.

    NBA 2K22 will simulate the first round of Playoffs, and players who complete the second round can win rewards including badge packs, token rewards, and MT. After the first round of the series, players will need to complete career missions that introduce new challenges before the start of the second round of qualifiers.

    Players who have purchased Play-In Tournament Moments can take on the challenges ahead in Season 6 and double their rewards.

    It is worth mentioning that yesterday 2K Games announced that legendary player Shaquille O'Neal has joined the roster of players who can participate in Agenda in Season 6. This news caused a stir among My Team fans, and most of them expressed their excitement and anticipation.

    This week, players can also use a new locker code: HOPPY-EASTER-FROM-MyTEAM to get 96-overall Galaxy Opal Dennis Rodman.

    Completing the Agenda is a fun process and will keep you updated. You can also buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT on GAMEMS to help you quickly complete the Playoffs Agenda.

  • NBA 2K22 Season 3: The Super Packs Made A Huge Splash In MyTeam!

    NBA 2K22 Season 3: The Super Packs Made A Huge Splash In MyTeam!

    Jan 11, 2022

    NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 3 is coming to an end, and we know what that means. Now the Super Pack has become a huge splash in MyTeam because it means you have the opportunity to add the best players to your lineup.

    NBA 2K22 Super Packs were released on January 10, and these super packs provide you with the chance to add depth to your lineup. GAMEMS will give a more detailed introduction.

    In each set, the lowest available grade is Ruby. Even if you don't like the player you pulled, then their value cannot be underrated, and you can even place it on the Auction House to make a profit.

    Pricing for each of these NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Super Packs:

    * Season 3: Iced Out Super Pack - 11,250 VC

    * Season 3: Iced Out Super Pack (10 Pack Box) - 101,250 VC

    * Season 3: Iced Out Super Pack (20 Pack Box) - 202,500 VC

    Best player cards in Super Packs

    Some player cards stand out in MyTeam, and the Super Pack is no exception, especially all of the Galaxy Opal cards.

    There are a total of 5 Galaxy Opal cards in this pack, and if you're lucky, you can grab the entire starting lineup of Galaxy Opal players.

    * Stephen Curry - GO (97 OVR) - PG/SG

    * Chris Bosh - GO (97 OVR) - PF/C

    * LeBron James - GO (97 OVR) - SF/PF

    * Zion Williamson - GO (97 OVR) - PF/C

    * Luka Doncic - GO (97 OVR) - SG/SF

    It's also good to have plenty of NBA 2K22 MT if you want to get the players you like, which will speed up the process of building a perfect team.

    Super Packs Locker Code

    You have a chance to redeem the Locker Code to get one of these Super Packs.

    The code 'MyTEAM-SEASON-3-SUPER-PACKS' will get you one of these incredible packs.

    Season 3 is coming to an end, and the code will expire on January 17, so you need to hurry up.

    For more guides, you can always come to GAMEMS to check, or need cheap NBA 2K22 MT, anything about NBA 2K22 you can get here.

  • NBA 2K21: Zion Williamson Goes Point Guard With New Locker Code

    NBA 2K21: Zion Williamson Goes Point Guard With New Locker Code

    Jun 03, 2021

    NBA 2K21 released a new Locker Code in MyTeam, and fans are paying close attention to the unique Out of Position version of cover star Zion Williamson. This card can only be used for a limited time, but every NBA 2K21 gamer can now redeem it in MyTeam.

    MyTeam Locker Code

    NBA 2K21 released a new Locker Code for MyTeam, and they will continue to use a new version of the theme of the cover star Zion Williamson. If you want to enter MyTeam, you need the code "MyTEAM-POINT-GUARD-ZION". After entering MyTeam, you will automatically get a 96 OVR Zion Williams. The code is valid for 1 week, and you need to redeem it on June 3rd.

    Point Guard Zion Williamson

    In addition to the unique ability of Zion Williams as a point guard instead of a normal Power Forward, the 96 OVR card is the next level. The personal stats of nearly 30 cards have a rating of 90 or more, including 98 for Vertical, Standing Dunk, Driving Dunk, and Hands.

    Williamson also scored 97 on Stamina, Hustle and Draw Foul, 96 in Potential, 95 in Speed, Acceleration, Free Throw, Offensive Consistency, Driving Layup and Pass Perception.

    As for the weaknesses, they are 25 in Shot IQ and Intangibles, 75 in Passing Vision and 78 in Passing IQ.

    If you need a unique and strong Point Guard in MyTeam, don't miss Zion Williamson.

    The NBA playoffs are in full swing, which also makes fans look forward to the arrival of NBA 2K22 even more, although there is no relevant specific news. Currently, fans can only focus on NBA 2K21, as for the NBA 2K21 MT that you need, you can buy them on GAMEMS.

    GAMEMS provides various platforms of NBA 2K21 MT, from PS4/5 2K21 MT to Switch NBA 2K21 MT. So you can come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K21 MT you need.

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