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  • A COMPLETE guide on how to progress in Maplestory M

    A COMPLETE guide on how to progress in Maplestory M

    Sep 17, 2018


    Hi guys, I am currently a top 60 ranked MSM player and I am also in one of the top guilds in the game. So far, I am really enjoying the MapleStory experience on mobile and I have decided to write this guide because when I started off, I had no idea where to spend my hard earned cash and resources acquired throughout the game.

    The grind to level 100 is moderately fast, but be sure to follow my steps so that you won't have to restart on a new character because you didn't know what to upgrade or buy. This will be a short guide on how to progress, level up, and farm in the game so stay tuned!


    BEFORE WE START OFF ANYTHING, if your goal is to level up as quickly as possible, I recommend choosing bishop as your class since at level 30 you unlock a skill that when used, gives you and your party members a 6% EXP buff at the max skill level.

    • AutoPlay and Quests
      So by now, you must've already figured out that autoplay is present in this game. As I write this guide I am currently letting an alt auto play its missions so that I can level it up without doing anything. Autoplay only works for quests, and quests are the main way to quickly gain XP in MSM.
      You are not obligated to use this feature. In fact, I recommend to turn it off and manually play once you're at the location because once the quests start asking you to kill 40+ mobs the AI can take a lot of time to finish them. You can speed run quests until around level 85 in this game, after that you will have to do other stuff to gain XP.
      Quests also give a large number of limited resources early on in the game, after which they only give EXP and Meso. Make sure to read the resources section to learn when to use them.

    • Auto Battle and Dungeons
      Auto-battle is another feature allowed in this game that should not be confused with autoplay. Basically, this feature allows your character to farm and battle on its own, but you are only limited to 2 hours of botting per day or pay for more.
      This feature is EXTREMELY useful at high levels since there are no more available quests when you don't meet the level requirements. It pairs particularly well with two types of dungeons: mini dungeons and Starforce fields.

    There are 6 different dungeons available right now in the game, and each one is vital for the player's progression in the game since mobs from regular quests don't drop any loot :

    1. Daily Dungeon
      - The only place where you can get gems (not the ones you buy with real money)
      - Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)
      - Gives EXP

    2. Elite Dungeon
      - This is where the majority of your loot for equipment and upgrades will come from
      - At a high level, this is one of the few places you can gean t epic weapon and armour powder which are very limited resources
      - Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)
      - Gives EXP

    3. Mini Dungeon
      - Suppose to give you a lot of EXP and Meso but you can only farm alone making this dungeon literally useless
      - Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)
      - **AVOID DOING THESE** unless you don't have enough Starforce to farm in Starforce field yet

    4. Mu Lung Dojo
      - Farm to get Mu Long exclusive items, the pendants you can buy with Mu Long points gives a nice EXP boost
      - Top 3 ranked in the dojo gets special equipment
      - Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)
      - No EXP

    5. Nett's Pyramid
      - Farm to get extremely valuable rare or epic set of equipment that can only be obtained here
      - The only place you can get golden leaves apart from rewards and quests
      - Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)
      - Gives EXP

    6. Star Force Field
      - THE place for EXP and Meso farming
      - There's hardly a difference between this and mini-dungeons except you can either form or join a party here, where you can share EXP and Meso (the more the merrier!)
      - You can also access this place AS MUCH as you want (why do mini dungeons even exist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
      - Join a party and use all your auto battle refills here, the amount of EXP gained is very good
      You want to enhance your weapon to have either Starforce 30 or 45 because those two levels have the best spawn and most people farm there


    There are a lot of resources in maple story, but some come in very limited amount. It is important to know what to do with all this $$$ to progress well in the game

    • Meso
      This is by far the most common resource in the game, and you shouldn't have any problem getting this later on in your gameplay (lvl 90+). You get these in large amounts just about everywhere. However, everything in maple cost something and usually, it's pretty darn expensive, so don't go spending your Meso around like candy.
      I suggest using Meso to buy epic armour from the trade market and complete a set. Sell any loot that you get and that you don't need from elite dungeons to have enough money to do this.
      At high levels, the most expensive thing you will buy with Meso are enhancements to your weapon armourr. Also, only enhance your weapon/ armour if it's epic quality; anything under won't be used because it's really expensive in stones and powder to upgrade to epic or higher. So you gotta save up early. Enhance your weapon to around level 10 and the rest to level 4, then focus on enhancing your weapon to around level 12 and the rest is up to you.

    • Gold Leafs
      Remember when I said there are resources that are really hard to come by? Well, gold leaves are one of them.
      The worst part is, the things you can buy with leaves are really important to level up and upgrade your weapon, but they are also way too expensive, rendering leafs useless. You only get these from missions, achievements, and Nett's pyramid, so yeah they are hard to get.
      I find leafs useful for Occult Cubes, which are what you need to change the potential type (from Rare-Epic) of your equipment. Other than that you can buy weapon/ armour powder and rank up stones, but I doubt you will ever have enough leaves to buy a lot of these. So just buy epic weapon powder to level up your weapon whenever you have enough leaves.

    • Armour/Weapon Powder
      You need this to level up your weapon/ armour and eventually upgrade its rank. Problem is you only get these from quests (after a certain point they stop), rewards, gold leaves, and elite dungeons. You CANNOT transfer these from character to character.
      You need more than 500 of these to max level a unique weapon, after which you can upgrade to legendary. Worst part? Weapon powder can only be used for weapons and armour powder can only be used for armour, making this resource even more scarce. Assuming you start levelling up an epic level weapon, it will take A LOT of elite dungeon grinding (which are limited to 4 per day) to finally be able to get a hold of a legendary weapon.

    • Armour/Weapon Rank up Stones
      The same idea as the armour/weapon powder, except you can transfer these between characters with your storage. So if you have alts they are not a pain in the ass to come by since you get a lot of these in the first quest missions.

    • Equipment
      You get equipment from treasure boxes (1 free daily or 50 000 Meso for 1), or from elite dungeons. You can also buy equipment through the trade station. There an also a few very special equipment you can buy with Mu Long or earn from Nett's pyramid.
      I recommend getting most of your gear from the trade station because 1. it cost Meso and 2. so that you don't have to go through the hardship of levelling and ranking them up. Try to buy epic equipment since that's the highest rank you can buy from the market. Some people can even sell their unique weapon/ armour using a special item that cost gems so if ever you see a unique item and you can afford it, buy it!
      An epic armour/weapon should cost around 1 mil Meso give or take but that can change due to how new the game is.
      Always level up, enhance, upgrade, your weapon first.

    • Gems
      Didn't buy any yet but you cannot obtain any cosmetics through F2P so if ever you get free gems to make sure to pimp out your character! #HENEHOE4LYFE


    Welp, I'm sick and tired of writing this guide now so I will end this here. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I'll be glad to answer. Also, this is my first time posting a guide on Reddit so expect some formatting edits. Will also post a TL: DR if people like this guide.

    Happy shroom hunting!

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