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  • Madden 22: Blitz Is Ready To Bring The Exciting and Chaotic Promo Back Along With Bo Jackson

    Madden 22: Blitz Is Ready To Bring The Exciting and Chaotic Promo Back Along With Bo Jackson

    Nov 26, 2021

    MUT 22 Blitz is about to bring this exciting promo back to Madden 22, along with Bo Jackson. GAMEMS will list what we know about MUT 22 Blitz.

    Daniel Jones (WR)

    Some fans may wish that Daniel Jones appears in the new MUT Blitz Promo, but few would predict that he did not appear as a quarterback. In a game against Carolina Panthers earlier this season, Daniel Jones joined the MUT Blitz promo as a wide receiver.

    MUT Blitz Promo

    Bo Jackson has arrived at The Yard in Madden 22 and the giveaway player in MUT 22. He is already in MUT 22, but the true gem is his Blitz Champion card.

    The program usually does not last long, sometimes less than a week, so we currently expect MUT 22 Blitz will end on November 30.

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  • Madden 22: The Yard Gets New Saquon Swag

    Madden 22: The Yard Gets New Saquon Swag

    Sep 17, 2021

    In Madden 22, many different NFL players stand out, and the leader of the New York Giants is RB Saquon Barkley. The Madden 22 rating of this player has also aroused many gamers' curiosity.

    If you want Saquon to appear in The Yard, new things will be available. Through Saquon Barkly's live events or obtaining gear bundle, you can now see him like this in Madden 22 The Yard.

    If you get the gear bundle, you can also get a new Barkley Vanity card in MUT 22.

    Saquon Barkley - 90 OVR

    Each player in Madden 22 has a rating, which represents their stats in various fields. In addition, they may also have categories that they may not need, such as Kick Power, but this doesn’t have much use for running backs like Saquon Barkly. 

    Saquon Barkly's specific stats include:

    * Speed: 92

    * Acceleration: 93

    * Agility: 96

    * Carrying: 96

    * Jumping: 94

    * Stamina: 97

    * Toughness: 90

    * Change of Direction: 94

    * Strength: 81

    * Catching: 74

    So far, Saquon Barkley's Madden 22 rating has not changed, but once changes in the next roster update, GAMEMS will notice it for the first time.

    All Saquon Barkley MUT Cards

    Saquon Barkley has 5 different cards with different ratings.

    Core Elite - 84 OVR

    The first version that Saquon Barkley arrived at was the Core Elite set in MUT 22. Barkly has a stable 84 OVR. His 85 in Change of Direction, 87 in Agility, and 86 in Speed are impressive.

    M22 Reward - 93 OVR

    This version of the player card can only be rewarded via MUT, it still has a stable Speed and Agility.

    Power Up - 72 OVR

    You need to use training and items to upgrade the Power Up version of Saquon Barkly to more valuable areas. Some important stats, such as speed, acceleration, agility, jumping, etc. are all around 80, which is great.

    Superstar - 89 OVR

    This card is the best version of Saquon Barkly and is worth considering. Several of his important statistics are below 90, but this card is equipped with Spin Cycle, Backfield Master, and the First One Free X Factor ability.

    Vanity - 88 OVR

    This card appeared recently, and it also includes new equipment in The Yard. Although the rating of this card is not low, it has no abilities, so it is not so valuable.

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  • Madden 22: What Is Cred and How To Get Them?

    Madden 22: What Is Cred and How To Get Them?

    Aug 24, 2021

    If you are a gamer of Madden 22, you should have seen a blue circle with a C in Madden Ultimate Team or The Yard. This is Cred, which is the new currency in the Madden franchise. But many gamers don't understand what it does. Based on this, GAMEMS will give a detailed introduction and show how to get them.

    What’s the usage of Cred?

    In Madden 22, you can use Cred to purchase in-game clothing options. Because your character can be used in The Yard, you can use Cred to buy jerseys, gloves, arm sleeves, etc. for your character.

    To purchase clothing for your players, you need to go to your Madden profile, which can be accessed on the home screen. Choose Edit Avatar. From there, you can buy clothing items by cycling through the home and away uniforms, and then through different options (Head Gear, Torso, Arms, Lower Body, Feet).

    You may see Cred pop up in your MUT profile, but you cannot use it to buy cards or packs. In Madden Ultimate Team, you can only use Points and MUT Coins to buy cards and packs. However, you can get Cred by playing MUT and other game modes.

    How to get Cred?

    You can earn Cred by completing Daily Objectives in your Madden account and Milestone-themed objectives. These objectives can range from complete a certain number of passes in various game modes of the game, or accruing sacks, and even scoring TDs.

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  • Madden 22: The Yard and Superstar KO Are Both Revealed As Back With New Updates

    Madden 22: The Yard and Superstar KO Are Both Revealed As Back With New Updates

    Jul 19, 2021

    In Madden 22, two new game modes will return, namely The Yard and Superstar KO, and both of them have received new additions. They will have some interesting Madden 22 features, one of which will benefit another mode. In addition, Superstar KO will add team rosters to make more unique rapid-fire games. The following is about updates of Madden 22 mode.

    The Yard - Player Classes, Live Events

    Madden 22 features The Yard, a backyard-style football first introduced in Madden 21. It is characterized by trick plays and uptempo style of games played in a variety of different venues. In Madden 22, The Yard has 8 venues. They will include Hawaii, London, Italy, Miami, Green Bay, Berlin, Nike HQ and Military Bases. The London venue is one of the new additions.

    According to EA Gridiron Notes, these games have an unlockable challenge in a Mastery Game. To do this, you need to win other games at the venue. Each venue will offer unique rewards with CRED and REP and exclusive gear.

    A new exclusive feature of The Yard is player recruitment. You will face off the high-profile superstar bosses from the NFL and can recruit them in future games. They also mentioned that a new option "Auto Draft" will be provided before each game to get into action quickly.

    There will be new LIVE events appearing in The Yard. The first one should be the Superstar Clash, which is a five-game match against the Pro Bowl. In this season, there will be other live events that sync up with various NFL events.

    In addition, The Yard will provide player classes with Unified Progression with Face of the Franchise. This means that you can upgrade and unlock specific abilities in one mode, and take them to another mode. So upgrading players’ abilities and attributes by playing these two modes is possible.

    Superstar KO - NFL rosters

    Superstar KO mode integrates other celebrities into Madden, including hip-hop stars such as DJ Khaled, Lil Yachty, Migos, and Snoop Dogg. You can use these players with current stars and NFL legends on your rosters.

    Another important addition is the NFL rosters. You can choose the Superstar KO games from all 32 NFL teams, and you will choose which team’s offensive and defensive playbooks to use. The game can be 1v1,2v2 and 3v3.

    Therefore, from the current leak, Madden 22 is worth looking forward to, perhaps it will win more praise. For more news, you can check the news page on GAMEMS.

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  • Madden 22: Gamers Can Expect New Features To Appear

    Madden 22: Gamers Can Expect New Features To Appear

    Jun 17, 2021

    Madden 22 is expected to launch a new series in the new year, which means gamers can expect new features to appear. There are still a few months away from the release of Madden 22, and fans are predicting some relevant content.

    Needless to say, the update of the player rosters is one of the most anticipated content by fans. In addition, more attention is still on Franchise Mode. Fans have always wanted to see some improvements.

    Core Gameplay

    Players may see some hidden code upgrades, but they will not be immediately apparent, over time, if the gameplay becomes better, they will become clearer.

    Franchise Mode

    With the success of the #FixMaddenFranchise movement, EA has also given a corresponding commitment, saying that they will improve the Franchise Mode in Madden 22. So gamers can look forward to the upcoming Madden 22.

    Madden Ultimate Team

    Although this is one of the most popular parts of Madden, Ultimate Team is also divisive, because many fans do not like the micro-transaction game mode. However, this year fans should be exposed to some new content, but they will not significantly change the mode.

    The Yard

    The Yard first appeared in Madden 21, which is a unique game mode inspired by the backyard. After its release, it has received a lot of praise and is popular with fans. So this year, fans still expect it to return to Madden 22.

    Face of the Franchise

    In Madden 21, the subtitle of Face of the Franchise is “Rise to Fame”, and it highlights Snoop Dogg and the unique single-player career mode. So in Madden 22, we can look forward to new themes and new features.

    Madden 22 seems to be destined to be different, because so far, EA still has not announced Madden 22 related news this year, so fans seem to have higher expectations for it. Once the new features of Madden 22 are leaked, you can come to GAMEMS to see more specific details.

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  • The Latest Madden 21 Franchise Mode Update Includes A Glitch That Gives Coach A Hilarious Makeover

    The Latest Madden 21 Franchise Mode Update Includes A Glitch That Gives Coach A Hilarious Makeover

    Mar 19, 2021

    Bugs and glitches are not unfamiliar to Madden 21, and even become the worst game rated by users after its release. And many players use hashtags such as #NFLdropEA and #FixFeanchise on social media to express their disappointments. Now, nearly 6 months after the release of Madden 21, fans still found some glitches. Although they are not breakthroughs in the game, they are more interesting.

    The Yard is a new addition to Madden this year. You can customize the player you created to participate in backyard football games. The Yard also has a variety of interesting outfits to choose from, including clothing patterns and even SpongeBob-themed cosmetics. The latest glitch seems to have taken inspiration from The Yard cosmetics and put it in a strange position in the Madden 21 franchise mode.

    Although the latest Madden 21 update aims to improve the franchise mode through better trading logic and the historical context of the league, this update also seems to have brought a funny glitch. A gamer once shared the main screen of the franchise mode, usually describing the head coach making calls and doing work at the desk, but the coach seems to be given a very interesting texture.

    The coach's skin is rainbow-colored, and there seems to be "YOLO" on his face. This art is crazy for The Yard mode, but it may also be an accidental placeholder for the skin textures.

    Although Madden 21 has undergone many updates and modified bugs and glitches in the game, funny glitches seem to continue to appear. EA may leave the improvements of Madden 21 behind, because they are looking for ways to ensure that Madden 22 can be better released later this year. Although Madden 21 does not have too many innovations, EA often launches some events that are popular with gamers and feature some excellent player cards.

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