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  • NBA 2K22: How The Luxury Cruise Fits Into The Game?

    NBA 2K22: How The Luxury Cruise Fits Into The Game?

    Aug 03, 2021

    In addition to a series of new features, NBA 2K22 will also return some of the main content of the series, such as Neighborhood and Seasons, as well as some new things - a cruise ship. Familiar features will appear in a different appearance this time, taking players to new places instead of exploring areas that fans may already be familiar with.

    The upcoming gameplay of NBA 2K22 has been previewed in the new feature update in mid-July, which details how MyTeam will change to improved matchmaking, as well as a new version of The City. The City of NBA 2K22 will add more NPCs and a brand-new quest system, which will tie MyCareer into The City for a more complete narrative experience. You can also go for side careers such as fashion, and even become hip-hop stars in your leisure time. In general, NBA 2K22 seems to be designed to provide more immersive and customizable role-playing opportunities.

    However, like NBA 2K21, The City and its new features are not suitable for all NBA 2K22 players, only PS5 and Xbox Series S/X users can access it. Users of Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One will return to The Neighborhood of NBA 2K22. This game is also upgraded for the latest game in the series. This time it will be set on the deck of a sailing cruise ship. A change seems to affect other features of NBA 2K22, such as MyCareer.

    On most platforms, The Neighborhood will sail to different locations throughout the Season and stay in different areas regularly during the game. According to the new feature preview of NBA 2K22, you will be able to access the Excursions counter every time the ship stops and travel offshore to participate in Events. Otherwise, matchmaking and exploring will be done entirely on the cruise ship. Although improved matchmaking has been officially a feature of The City, it is unclear whether this change will also apply to The Neighborhood.

    In NBA 2K22, The City and The Neighborhood will introduce more new features and new content. Because the game was officially released on September 10, more news will be released in August. GAMEMS will also update relevant information in time, so as long as you subscribe to GAMEMS, you will be able to get the latest news as soon as possible.

    Once NBA 2K22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT, which can help you dominate the game from the beginning.

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