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  • Madden 21: The Best QBs During This NFL Season

    Madden 21: The Best QBs During This NFL Season

    Dec 31, 2020

    2020 is a year full of difficulties, but Madden 21 brings comfort to NFL fans to a certain extent. Gamers can enjoy their favorite sports at home. As the season came to an end, many fans also had a general understanding of the players. Of course, in this season, excellent players emerged in an endless stream, their performances were impressive, and then their overall ratings in Madden 21 have been improved. So we will discuss the best Quarterbacks today.

    Patrick Mahomes

    Speaking of the most impressive Quarterback in 2020, Mahomes must have a place. He has 99 OVR in Madden 21 and continues till now. He may get his second MVP after the end of the 2020 NFL season. In 14 games, his 4,400 passing yards are beyond the reach of other players, his 36 touchdown passes are amazing, and he's managed to toss while only surrendering 5 interceptions to defense in a whole year. These impressive achievements have allowed him to win countless applause and glory from fans. In Madden 21, he has also been sought after by gamers.

    Aaron Rodgers

    Since he became the starter, he has been praised as the most talented quarterback, and in the past few years, he has not been able to perform at his level. But in 2020, he leads other players in touchdowns and passer rating, and is considered the front-runner for MVP, even surpassing Mahomes.

    Deshaun Watson

    Deshaun Watson has quietly spent his best year as a professional player. His passer rating is currently tied with Mahomes at 110.6. So he is fully qualified to pursue the MVP award.

    Josh Allen

    Allen is definitely one of the most electrifying players. He has performed very well in 2020. Although he can be a little careless sometimes, his accuracy rate has increased significantly. And he can be said to be the main reason why the Bill team won games.

    Russell Wilson

    According to his performance in the first few games of the 2020 season, he is definitely a powerful player to chase the MVP, but over time, the flaws of the Seattle Seahawks have gradually surfaced. His 37 passing touchdowns push him to second place in the league, but with 2 games left in 2020, he threw 13 interceptions, which made his previous efforts meaningless.

    Therefore, it is common for a player to perform well occasionally, but it is difficult to continuously improve and be able to achieve excellence all the time. If you are considering the lineup in Madden 21, it is very important to choose a good quarterback. As we all know, Mahomes has always been one of the most popular players, and some people even think that Madden 21 is not worth playing, but because Mahomes is here, he makes this game more valuable. If you are eager to get him, you need to prepare a large sum of MUT 21 Coins. If you still lack a part, you can choose to buy MUT 21 Coins from GAMEMS. This will not only save you time, but also save you money, because The price of MUT 21 Coins For Sale on GAMEMS is very low.

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