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  • NBA 2K22: Season 5 Will Bring New Content

    NBA 2K22: Season 5 Will Bring New Content

    Feb 09, 2022

    Season 5 is set to release in late February, and we'll see a brand new version of the NBA 2K22 League that's going through some huge changes. GAMEMS will also introduce Season 5 related content.

    Season 5 Changes

    One of the changes is the competition-centric structure, the main changes include:

    * A tournament-centric season structure

    * New 3v3 tournaments entitled by Coinbase

    * A significantly higher total prize pool

    * Amateur teams vs. NBA 2K League teams

    Tournament-centric structure

    The standard mode of the NBA 2K League is undergoing a massive overhaul. The most notable change was announced on the official 2K League website. The NBA 2K League will start with the regular season and is now focused on tournament play, with the season-spanning April to August.

    New 3v3 Tournaments

    3v3 tournaments are compelling, 2K League teams are usually represented by 5 players, but in the end, only the 3 best players will play in these tournaments. So good players are very important, which requires you to invest NBA 2K22 MT for them.

    This new mode will also allow amateur players to face off against 2K League in 3v3 action, where amateur teams from around the world will have the opportunity to join in the NBA 2K League to share in the prize pool of 3v3 tournaments.

    * The first two games of the 3v3 will include the 24 NBA 2K League teams and the North American amateur teams.

    * North American amateur teams can advance to qualify to win the group spots of these first two 3v3 tournaments.

    * The 3rd and final of these three games will include NBA 2K League teams and one amateur international team from each of Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

    * International amateur teams will be able to enter regional qualifiers to win a spot in this 3rd tournament.

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