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  • NBA 2K22: More Details About Post Control

    NBA 2K22: More Details About Post Control

    Oct 15, 2021

    In NBA 2K22, post control is what many gamers want to know because they want to build the best big man build for MyCareer. This will be an important part. GAMEMS knows the demands of fans, so we will introduce as much detail as possible the influence of Post Control attributes on NBA 2K22 Current-gen and Next-gen.

    What’s Post Control?

    Just like the official description, post control is a Finishing attribute that helps determine the success in performing spins, drives, drop steps, and other moves from the post position. In addition, combined with the strength and size of MyPlayer, post control determines one’s ability to repel the defender.

    As for the next-generation attribute requirements, having a decent post control will affect a build's ability to obtain Backdown Punisher, Dream Shake, Dropstepper, and Post Spin Technician Finishing Badges.

    In NBA 2K22, if you play some online games, whether in the park, Rec, Ante-up or The Old Gym and so on, then you should know that this year's inside scoring is easy for big men. Especially when combined with the post-shot daggers and post-scorer Takeovers, the hook shots can be said to be unstoppable.

    Therefore, although post control has the same effect on post hook and post fadeaway attempts as Close Shot and Mid-range Shot, it is still necessary for any insider scoring big man build in MyCareer.

    In addition, one of our suggestions is not to set the attribute points above 85, because at that time, you already have all the finishing badges tied to it on the Hall of Fame.

    If you have a favorite player, you can first come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT, which can help you get your favorite player card faster. Once you have a team that tends to be perfect, you have a chance to become an ever-victorious general in the game.

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