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  • Madden 22: The Latest Player Ratings Update Arrived

    Madden 22: The Latest Player Ratings Update Arrived

    Jan 14, 2022

    With the NFL season officially over, the focus is on the NFL playoffs. The Wild Card Round kicks off this weekend with 12 teams competing. That includes the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night and the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night.

    And in Madden 22, the latest roster update arrives, Dak Prescott and Cooper Kupp are also notable as their ratings have both been boosted. GAMEMS lists the relevant details.

    Madden 22 Player Ratings

    The latest player ratings have arrived, with Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp getting a nice boost. With the Rams’ 27-24 OT loss to the 49ers in Week 18, Cooper Completed with 118 yards and a TD. This season, Cooper leads all receivers with 1,947 receiving yards and 16 TDs.

    The Rams' WR season started with 86 OVR and has steadily climbed in Madden's 22-player ratings to now 94 OVR.

    At the end of the season, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles with 51-26. Quarterback Dak Prescott, who finished with 295 passes with five touchdowns, and his rating is also getting improved this week, now at 91 OVR.

    In addition, the latest player ratings include:

    * Texans - Danny Amendola

    * Seahawks - Poona Forde

    * Browns - D'Ernest Johnson

    * 49ers - Ambry Thomas

    Only Thomas will make the playoffs this weekend. GAMEMS will continue to track relevant information, after all, this is what gamers care about most besides the game itself. GAMEMS also offers Madden 22 Coins for the purchase of player cards, which you can buy at low prices here.

    And GAMEMS will launch discount activities from time to time, so if you are a Madden 22 player, you can pay more attention to GAMEMS, once the discount activities appear, you can seize the opportunity to get cheaper MUT 22 Coins.

  • Madden 22: Week 16 Player Ratings Update

    Madden 22: Week 16 Player Ratings Update

    Jan 04, 2022

    In Madden 22's latest player ratings update, the performance of the Tennessee Titans is outstanding. GAMEMS will explain why!

    Because in the latest ratings, 3 out of 5 notable players are members of Titans:

    * WR Julio Jones - 85 (-2)

    * LB Jayon Brown - 78 (-3)

    * LB Zach Cunningham - 77 (+3)

    Jones is the headliner and he has been dealing with injuries throughout the season. He only got more than 59 receiving yards in one game all year, and that was in the overtime victory over the Seattle Seahawks in September. Since defeating Buffalo Bills on October 18th, he hasn't even broken through 38 yards record. This is a far cry from his previous performance.

    When he was in Atlanta Falcons, he was a seven-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro selection who helped the NFL South Team appear in the 2016 Super Bowl. But in any case, he is a player worthy of your Madden 22 Coins investment.

    Although Jones and Brown’s ratings have dropped, the only consolation is knowing that Tennessee is in the playoff position at 10-5. Only 11-4 Kansas City Chiefs have a better record in the AFC, so the Super Bowl is within reach for the Titans.

    If they compete with the San Francisco 49ers or the Arizona Cardinals for the Lombardi trophy, the players they will face saw their ratings change Thursday.

    San Francisco’s LB Azeez Al-Shaair has 72 OVR (+3), and the Cardinals’ WR Andy Isabella rated 67 (-4).

    In the following games, we can only wait and see the changes. GAMEMS will always pay attention to it and select players with potential, which can help players maximize MUT 22 Coins.

  • NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Some Major Changes Are Rolling In Among The Best Players

    NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Some Major Changes Are Rolling In Among The Best Players

    Nov 19, 2021

    NBA 2K22 is ready to release a major roster update, and as the new kings become the highest rated in the game, the ranking is constantly changing. Fortunately, GAMEMS has released all the new NBA 2K22 player ratings for you to review.

    NBA 2K22 Roster Update

    The latest roster update for NBA 2K22 will have 2 new kings at the top of the pack. After their NBA 2K22 ratings were improved by 1 point, the players with the highest ratings in the game were Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, and they both have 97 OVR.

    The following are the currently announced NBA 2K22 rating changes:

    * Steph Curry - 97 OVR (+1)-Golden State Warriors

    * Kevin Durant - 97 OVR (+1)-Brooklyn Nets

    * Ja Morant - 90 OVR (+1)-Memphis Grizzlies

    * DeMar DeRozan - 89 OVR (+1)-Chicago Bulls

    As for more lists, GAMEMS will keep up with the latest trends, update them in time, and subscribe to GAMEMS can let you receive news as soon as possible, and it's all free! Not only that, but you can also often find relevant game guides here, which may be helpful to you, even if it can't fully help you solve the problem, it will give you a new idea.

    In addition, GAMEMS is not a simple news site, but a legit game service provider. You can buy NBA 2K22 MT here. If you are playing another game, you can also come, because GAMEMS provides more popular games currency, from Madden 22 Coins to POE Currency, as long as you need it, you can pay more attention to GAMEMS in the future, you can find all that you need here.

  • NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Stephen Curry Didn't Get The Rating He Deserved

    NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Stephen Curry Didn't Get The Rating He Deserved

    Nov 11, 2021

    In NBA 2K22, the ratings of players were adjusted last week, and some players got a considerable improvement. However, for Stephen Curry, it doesn't seem to be a joy. He can be said to be the best player in the NBA at the moment, but his rating still has not been improved. Is this an oversight in the NBA 2K22 roster update or is there another reason?

    Stephen Curry should have occupied the top of the list, but this update did not show how great he is, which was beyond our expectations. Curry currently has a rating of 96, tied for first place with LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kevin Durant. If there is a player who can reach 97 OVR, it must be Stephen Curry, because he is the best player in three-pointers this year, averaging 5.2 three-pointers per game.

    Recently, Curry dropped a 50-point in a game, and NBA 2K22 immediately add him as the Pink Diamond 95 OVR in the Primetime Moments set. However, Curry is not the only NBA 2K22 player to be affected by the roster update, but he is the most eye-catching one.

    GAMEMS lists other players:

    * Stephen Curry-96 OVR (+1)

    * Anthony Davis-93 OVR (+1)

    * Trae Young-89 OVR (+1)

    * Chris Paul-89 OVR (+1)

    * Jayson Tatum-89 OVR (+1)

    The latest roster update is on November 5th, so based on this, we speculate that the next update will be on December 6, and we look forward to seeing a more reasonable rating change. When it is updated, GAMEMS will also notify you in time. Now you can come here to buy NBA 2K22 MT you need. Although VC plays an important role in the game, correspondingly, the cost is higher. More players will choose to come to GAMEMS to buy cheap 2K22 MT, which is also an important guarantee for them to build a strong team.

  • Madden 22: Richard Sherman Rating

    Madden 22: Richard Sherman Rating

    Oct 11, 2021

    In Madden 22, Richard Sherman ranked high on the list of best cornerbacks in the 49ers, rated 92. Now all 32 NFL club training camps have started, which means that Madden 22 season is coming.

    The members of 99 Club include Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Davante Adams and Travis Kelce.

    When Richard Sherman appears in Madden 22, only 9 cards ranked 88 or higher, plus 29 cards bringing the total to 87. There are 86 cards with a total rating of 85 or above. Team Builders are below this standard, with a total rating of 84 points.

    For quarterbacks like Richard Sherman and Tom Brady, some skills are always noticeable. Can Tom Brady, who just won the Super Bowl, still be a 97-point favorite against Aaron Rodgers? Every year, building for the rating crew is one of the most difficult parts, especially for novices. However, even the veterans who transfer clubs will attract attention, because the quarterback's ranking is often more important than any other position, they can almost be said to be representatives of the league.

    Richard Sherman is now the player that is being watched, and developers began to publish and discuss individual player ratings. Before the start of the regular season, fans can see the ranking of their favorite players. Because once the new season begins, the player ratings will often receive changes, so GAMEMS will always pay attention to some potential players.

    In Madden 22, it is not that you have enough Madden 22 Coins to win the final victory. You need a combination of some useful strategies and excellent players to ensure you are in the dominant position in the game. 99 Club members are what gamers are looking for, but they also mean that you need to spend a lot of MUT 22 Coins. If you can’t wait to get them, you can choose to come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins as soon as possible. This is the fast way that allows you to get any players in Madden 22.

  • Madden 22: The Yard Gets New Saquon Swag

    Madden 22: The Yard Gets New Saquon Swag

    Sep 17, 2021

    In Madden 22, many different NFL players stand out, and the leader of the New York Giants is RB Saquon Barkley. The Madden 22 rating of this player has also aroused many gamers' curiosity.

    If you want Saquon to appear in The Yard, new things will be available. Through Saquon Barkly's live events or obtaining gear bundle, you can now see him like this in Madden 22 The Yard.

    If you get the gear bundle, you can also get a new Barkley Vanity card in MUT 22.

    Saquon Barkley - 90 OVR

    Each player in Madden 22 has a rating, which represents their stats in various fields. In addition, they may also have categories that they may not need, such as Kick Power, but this doesn’t have much use for running backs like Saquon Barkly. 

    Saquon Barkly's specific stats include:

    * Speed: 92

    * Acceleration: 93

    * Agility: 96

    * Carrying: 96

    * Jumping: 94

    * Stamina: 97

    * Toughness: 90

    * Change of Direction: 94

    * Strength: 81

    * Catching: 74

    So far, Saquon Barkley's Madden 22 rating has not changed, but once changes in the next roster update, GAMEMS will notice it for the first time.

    All Saquon Barkley MUT Cards

    Saquon Barkley has 5 different cards with different ratings.

    Core Elite - 84 OVR

    The first version that Saquon Barkley arrived at was the Core Elite set in MUT 22. Barkly has a stable 84 OVR. His 85 in Change of Direction, 87 in Agility, and 86 in Speed are impressive.

    M22 Reward - 93 OVR

    This version of the player card can only be rewarded via MUT, it still has a stable Speed and Agility.

    Power Up - 72 OVR

    You need to use training and items to upgrade the Power Up version of Saquon Barkly to more valuable areas. Some important stats, such as speed, acceleration, agility, jumping, etc. are all around 80, which is great.

    Superstar - 89 OVR

    This card is the best version of Saquon Barkly and is worth considering. Several of his important statistics are below 90, but this card is equipped with Spin Cycle, Backfield Master, and the First One Free X Factor ability.

    Vanity - 88 OVR

    This card appeared recently, and it also includes new equipment in The Yard. Although the rating of this card is not low, it has no abilities, so it is not so valuable.

    No matter which player card you need, you can get it through Madden 22 Coins, because a good player card is worth more Coins. If you want to get it quickly, then only come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins. Because GAMEMS can guarantee fast delivery, as long as you successfully place an order on GAMEMS, you will be able to receive your MUT 22 Coins in a short time.

  • NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Top Stars For Each Position

    NBA 2K22 Player Ratings: Top Stars For Each Position

    Sep 09, 2021

    In NBA 2K22, Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is undoubtedly one of the most highly-rated players. Doncic is the cover star of the base version of NBA 2K22. He received this honor after the start of his epic career, and he was also named one of the best players on the digital courts.

    As with usual games, player ratings are a huge hype point before the annual game release, and it is also an aspect that fans pay attention to.

    Here are the top players this year:

    * LeBron James: 96

    * Kevin Durant: 96

    * Stephen Curry: 96

    * Giannis Antetokounmpo: 96

    * Joel Embiid: 95

    * Kawhi Leonard: 95

    * Nikola Jokic: 95

    * Luka Doncic: 94

    * James Harden: 94

    * Damian Lillard: 94

    * Jayson Tatum: 90

    2K again adopted a more grounded method to rank players. So far, only 4 players have scored 96 ratings, and Doncic is one of the three players who rated 94 points. Jayson Tatum's 90 was the last player to drop off into the 80s.

    But this is not a fixed measurement. Once the season starts, the ratings will change a lot. Some players will go up and some will go down. There is still a controversial point, whether the defending MVP like Nikola Jokic should have the highest rating in the game. Also, whether the four-point gap between Tatum and Damian Lillard is reasonable.

    This game also strives to make each gamer more personalized. The stars have their signature moves and overall feel, which makes them unique on the court. This is strongly reflected in this year's most noteworthy gameplay upgrade, the transition of signature dribble moves from pre-canned animation to be controlled by the player.

    But all this does not mean eternity, as the season unfolds, their player ratings will change, more specific content can only wait until the official release of NBA 2K22. Once NBA 2K22 is released, you can directly come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT, which you will need throughout the game.

    And GAMEMS will hold discount events from time to time, you can pay more attention to get cheap NBA 2K22 MT.

  • Madden 22: 3 Players Who Have Chances To Join The 99 Club

    Madden 22: 3 Players Who Have Chances To Join The 99 Club

    Aug 02, 2021

    Madden 22's ratings have declined in the past week, especially since the top 10 at every position is announced every day. Of course, this has also triggered a lot of controversy about players getting ratings. However, few gamers question the numbers of the 99 Club because they are good enough.

    Considering that the initial members of the 99 Club were:

    * Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes 

    * Packers WR Davante Adams 

    * Chiefs TE Travis Kelce 

    * Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald 

    * Rams CB Jalen Ramsey

    it is understandable that the gamers have no objection to this.

    Now more players will wonder who else has the opportunity to join the 99 Club in Madden 22. Three players are in a prime position to boost their ratings throughout the 2021 season and join the 99 Club before the end of the game.

    Jaire Alexander, CB - Current rating: 95

    Ramsey’s Cornerback is already a member of 99 Club in Madden 22. His closest competitor in this position is Stephen Gilmore with an overall rating of 97. But the Patriots standouts did not join Ramsey in the illustrious group, Packers Corner Jaire Alexander has a better chance.

    In the past two seasons, Alexander has been a threat to Green Bay. Since 2019, he has become one of the best coverage corners in the league with 30 pass defenses. With his skills and important role in the defense of the Packers, the increase in the interceptions should be enough to get a higher rating.

    Derrick Henry, RB - Current rating:96

    Tennessee's running back is not a pass-catcher, so he doesn't have the kind of strength that Christian McCaffrey and others have the boots from the game. In 2019, he rushing for 1,540 yards and 16 TDs, and in 2020, he rushing for 2,027 yards and 17 TDs. If he can create such results again, then 99 OVR will be possible.

    Myles Garrett, EDGE - Current rating: 98

    Of all the NFL players who may join the 99 Club this season, Myles is the most likely. Not only has he almost reached his player rating, but he is also a player that is still on the rise, so he is dominant at the beginning of his career. Garrett has a chance to come up with some otherworldly numbers, in doing so, he will be able to win a higher rating in Madden 22.

    So if you want to get more potential players on the basis of saving MUT 22 Coins, then you can give priority to these three 99 Club candidates. As for how to get more Madden 22 Coins as soon as possible, you can come to GAMEMS to check.

    GAMEMS is a legit provider of Madden 22 Coins, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of being banned when you buy MUT 22 Coins here. And, GAMEMS will randomly select 10 subscribers every month and give them a 10% off coupon, so if you are a fan of Madden 22, don't miss GAMEMS.

  • Madden 22: Christian McCaffrey Replaced Derrick Henry As The Best RB

    Madden 22: Christian McCaffrey Replaced Derrick Henry As The Best RB

    Jul 29, 2021

    EA announced the top 10 running backs of Madden 22, and Tennessee Titan superstar Derrick Henry is not a member of the 99 Club, or that he is not even the best running back in the game.

    The best running back is Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. His overall rating is 97 and Henry's OVR is 96, which is tied with Browns RB Nick Chubb. This caused dissatisfaction among fans, who thought the ratings were absurd.

    Derrick Henry

    According to EA rating adjusters, this is not a prejudice against Titans. There are only two special ratings that prevent Henry from earning the coveted spot in the 99 Club: Carrying and Trucking.

    Interestingly, both seem to be quite high at 94 Carrying Rating and 90 Trucking Rating. To be honest, Henry does not fumble the ball a lot. He only conceded 3 times last season, on 378 carries.

    In other ratings, Henry has 92 Speed, 89 Acceleration, 87 Strength, 86 Agility, and 98 Awareness. And his Stiff Arm Rating is 99, which is perfect, and he deserves this.

    Christian McCaffrey

    Maybe many people are also questioning Christian McCaffrey's 97 overall rating. McCaffrey was out due to injury for most of last year. But when he was healthy, he scored 225 rushing yards, 149 receiving yards, and 6 touchdowns in just three games. He is a dynamic playmaker, arguably the most all-around back in the league. So it's not shocking to see him atop the Madden 22 rankings.

    In terms of ratings, McCaffrey has 92 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 72 Strength, 97 Agility and 94 Awareness. His ratings are not that different, but his carrying is 96. In terms of Catching, McCaffrey has a rating of 81, while Henry is at 62. Perhaps, this is the difference?

    Top 10 RBs

    1. Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers) - 97 OVR

    2. Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans) - 96 OVR

    3. Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns) - 96 OVR

    4. Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings) - 95 OVR

    5. Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints) - 94 OVR

    6. Aaron Jones (Green Bay Packers) - 91 OVR

    7. Saquon Barkley (New York Giants) - 90 OVR

    8. Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders) - 88 OVR

    9. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys) - 88 OVR

    10. Joe Mixon (Cincinnati Bengals) - 88 OVR

    With the exception of McCaffrey and Henry's ratings being questioned, the ratings of other backs seem reasonable. It is also in line with everyone's guess.

    GAMEMS will update more player ratings later, so you can pay more attention to pick the right players at the beginning of Madden 22.

    In addition, a good player card will of course cost you more MUT 22 Coins, but it must be worth it. Once you have 99 club members, you will feel like a king, so if you want to have a good game experience, buy MUT 22 Coins is helpful to you, allowing you to build a strong team.

  • Madden 22: Rookie Ratings and Ratings Of Players With New Teams

    Madden 22: Rookie Ratings and Ratings Of Players With New Teams

    Jul 26, 2021

    Madden 22 Rookie Ratings has been released. The most surprising thing is that Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence, which is the No. 1 overall pick in the Draft, is not the highest-rated rookie in Madden 22. This honor belongs to the Atlanta Falcons TE Kyle Pitts, who was selected with the No. 3 overall pick. Pitts is the only player in this draft class who scored the 80s at the beginning of his Madden career.

    Trevor Lawrence's OVR is 78. This seems to be lower than people's expectations, but it is still respectable.

    Top 10 rookies in Madden 22

    * Kyle Pitts, TE, Atlanta Falcons - 81 OVR

    * Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars - 78 OVR

    * Jaylen Waddle,WR,Miami Dolphins - 76 OVR

    * Pat Surtain II, CB, Denver Broncos - 76 OVR

    * Zach Wilson, QB, New York Jets - 75 OVR

    * Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Cincinnati Bengals - 75 OVR

    * DeVonta Smith, WR, Philadelphia Eagles - 75 OVR

    * Trey Lance, QB, San Francisco 49ers - 74 OVR

    * Justin Fields, QB, Chicago Bears - 74 OVR

    This shows that the position you are drafted does not necessarily reflect the ratings in Madden. It is a bit disappointing that Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons didn’t make the cut, because some people had predicted that his OVR would be around 73.

    In addition, what is more interesting is that in Madden 22, many rookies rated higher than some experienced quarterbacks. In addition to rookies, EA also announced the ratings of players who will join the new teams.

    Notable Ratings

    * Matthew Stafford, QB, Los Angeles Rams - 83 OVR

    * Jared Goff, QB, Detroit Lions - 77 OVR

    * Carson Wentz, QB, Indianapolis Colts - 72 OVR

    * Jalen Hurts, QB, Philadelphia Eagles - 71 OVR

    * Sam Darnold, QB, Carolina Panthers - 71 OVR

    * Julio Jones, WR, Tennessee Titans - 95 OVR

    * JJ Watt, DE, Arizona Cardinals - 94 OVR

    * Jonnu Smith, TE, New England Patriots - 81 OVR

    Julio Jones' OVR is very satisfactory. His rating in the Titans is as high as 95. It was there that he completed Madden 21 last season. Obviously, EA doesn't care about the age or health of the players. Based on their ranking of other receivers, Jones may be among the top 5 WR in Madden 22.

    When you can expect each position ratings

    * July 26: Wide receivers

    * July 27: Defensive linemen & edge rushers

    * July 28: Running backs

    * July 29: Safeties

    * July 30: Quarterbacks

    So you can subscribe to GAMEMS for more player ratings, and we will also pay close attention to it. For Madden 22 gamers, it’s also helpful to know about player ratings, so that you can carefully select suitable players. It’s not only high-rating players that are worthy of attention. If you have enough foresight, then look for potential players! To build a perfect team, enough MUT 22 Coins will be indispensable.

    If you have both Madden 22 Coins and keen insight, building a team will be an easy process. As the release date of Madden 22 is getting closer, GAMEMS is also fully prepared. We will provide both strategic guides and MUT 22 Coins.

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