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  • Will Tom Brady Re-Join The 99 Club In Madden 22?

    Will Tom Brady Re-Join The 99 Club In Madden 22?

    Feb 10, 2021

    Every year, gamers are very curious about who is the best player in Madden. As we all know, the players' highest rating is 99, so 99 Club was born. A few years ago, EA started to expand the average ratings of players and made it difficult for players to get higher ratings. In the beginning, the 99 Club in Madden 21 had only 5 players.

    With the end of Super Bowl LV, Tom Brady once again surprises everyone, so will he become a member of the 99 Club again in Madden 22?

    Tom Brady Rating In Madden 21

    EA is cautious about Brady's rating this year. Last season, after the Patriots experienced a difficult playoff game, many people were waiting for the 43-year-old player to return to his previous peak. He had a rating of 90 when started, and he experienced ups and downs throughout the season.

    But Brady always brings surprises to people. When we learned of the Conference Championships, his overall rating returned to 96. In the playoffs, Brady showed us his high level as always. He can be called the greatest player in NFL history, he proved that he can make all throws, and so far, his arm strength has not declined. And he also got a 99 OVR MUT card.

    Tom Brady In Madden 22

    But as Brady gets older, he may lose his arm strength. EA hopes that there will be players from different positions in the 99 Club. From the current point of view, Patrick Mahomes is unlikely to be eliminated. So for Brady, a rating of 98 is very fair.

    If EA updates the latest player ratings roster, GAMEMS will also update relevant news in time.

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  • Madden 21 Player Ratings: Some Underrated And Overrated Players In NFL

    Madden 21 Player Ratings: Some Underrated And Overrated Players In NFL

    Feb 02, 2021

    For Madden 21 gamers, in addition to focusing on the game itself, the player ratings are also very attractive. The player ratings in Madden 21 are between 1-99. The higher the overall rating, the better the player will be. Generally speaking, 70 OVR is very average, 80 OVR is above the average range, and 90 OVR is considered an excellent player. As we all know, the members of the 99 Club are the elite of the NFL. Current members are: Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Stephon Gilmore.

    Underrated players

    Aaron Rodgers (QB) - 95 OVR

    It is unbelievable that this excellent QB failed to enter the 99 Club. Rodgers had a statistical miracle of a season leading the Packers to the NFC championship. His personal performance is also very eye-catching, throwing for over 4200 yards with 48 TDs, only 5 interceptions, this can be said to be unstoppable, but so far, EA has still not let him join the 99 Club, which is puzzling.

    Deshaun Watson (QB) - 90 OVR

    Watson provided the NFL's best numbers with the coaching carousel throughout the season, but it is indeed one of the NFL's worst supporting casts.

    Despite his poor offensive line and unstable receiving lineup, he still threw more than 4800 yards and completed 33 TDs. So 90 OVR is really too low for him.

    Logan Thomas (TE) - 77 OVR

    Thomas is a right-hand man for the Washington football team, a consistent goal for 4 different quarterbacks. He caught72 passes for 670 yards. However, his overall rating was only 77. Compared to Mike Gesicki, who only had 53 receptions and hit 85 OVR, this is obviously not fair.

    Overrated players

    J.J. Watt (DE) - 95 OVR

    It is undeniable that JJ Watt is an excellent player, but his peak period has passed. In 2020, he didn't put up good numbers. In the NFL season, he finished 56th in total sacks with 5. But there are still many players who have better sack numbers than him failing to reach his overall level.

    Michael Thomas (WR) - 94 OVR

    In the past few years, Thomas has been considered the best receiver, but in the 2020-21 season, his performance does not seem to be satisfactory. He has only played 7 games in the past season, and his statistics are lackluster. WR like Terry McLaurin is ranked lower than him, but Terry had amazing statistics in the past season.

    Christian McCaffrey (RB) - 98 OVR

    McCaffrey has struggled with injuries all year, but when he actually played, his performance was the same as before. But given that he didn't play a lot of games this season, he doesn't seem to be the highest-ranked running back.

    Nick Chubb (RB) - 96 OVR

    The year before, Chubb entered the 20-21 season as the second rusher, but after the end of last season, he ended the game in seventh leading rusher.

    Derrick Henry had a rushing for more than 2000 yards throughout the season, but even so, his ranking is still lower than Chubb, so it seems that Chubb should get a lower rating.

    This is what we sorted out for some players whose ratings are underrated and overrated. If EA can adjust their ratings appropriately, it should make Madden 21 fairer.

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  • Madden 21 Player Ratings Update: Tom Brady's Ratings Get Improved!!!

    Madden 21 Player Ratings Update: Tom Brady's Ratings Get Improved!!!

    Jan 29, 2021

    As a player who has entered the 99 Club, Tom Brady is undoubtedly impressive, but as time goes by, his rating gradually declines, but he is still excellent in the league, and recently he once again brought fans a surprise.

    Brady helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers join the Super Bowl, where they will play against Patrick Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas Chiefs. EA recently released Madden 21's latest roster.

    The ratings of Brady and several Bucs have been improved. The overall rating of this future Hall of Fame member has risen by 1 point. His current OVR is 96. Brady has just finished an NFL championship game. He has 3 interceptions in the game. Although Brandy has performed well during most of the season and playoffs, it turns out that these updates are just to cater to popular claims, not statistical analysis or next-generation statistics implemented by the game. Few QB has gained ratings boost after a three-interception, and put up three consecutive games with completion is less than 60%.

    In fact, Brady did not perform spectacularly in the playoffs. This may be because Tampa Bay's defense carries Bucs, if not more than their future Hall of Fame quarterback.

    In any case, Brady once again attracted the attention of the public, and EA seems to be taking advantage of the trend in this update. We made a list of player ratings:

    Going up

    Tom Brady +1 (96 OVR)

    Shaquil Barrett +1 (88 OVR)

    Tristan Wirfs +2 (88 OVR)

    Jason Pierre-Paul +1 (85 OVR)

    Juan Thornhill +1 (79 OVR)

    Da’Shawn Hand +1 (76 OVR)

    Jordan Whitehead +1 (76 OVR)

    Marquez Valdes-Scantling +1 (76 OVR)

    Bashaund Breeland +1 (75 OVR)

    Dawson Knox +2 (75 OVR)

    Going down

    Aaron Rodgers -1 (95 OVR)

    Aaron Jones -1 (90 OVR)

    Jadeveon Clowney -1 (87 OVR)

    Cody Whitehair -1 (80 OVR)

    Kevin King -2 (74 OVR)

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  • Madden 21: Here Are The Best Running Backs

    Madden 21: Here Are The Best Running Backs

    Jan 28, 2021

    a fast-moving QB can quickly dominate the court, a reliable running back is equally important. They can keep your opponent behind them and can only guess what he will do next.

    A good running back needs to have speed, strength, and the ability to catch passes out of the backfield at the same time, so if your team is lacking a good running back, then you can pay attention to the following players:

    Carolina Panthers - Christian McCaffrey (98 OVR)

    92 SPD          82 CTH

    93 ACC          72 STR

    94 AWR

    97 CAR

    97 AGI

    Cleveland Browns - Nick Chubb (96 OVR)

    92 SPD         85 STR

    91 ACC         83 AGI

    97 AWR        67 CTH

    97 CAR

    Tennessee Titans - Derrick Henry (95 OVR)

    92 SPD        89 ACC

    95 AWR       87 STR

    94 CAR        86 AGI

                        62 CTH

    Minnesota Vikings - Dalvin Cook (94 OVR)

    92 SPD       74 STR

    92 ACC       71 CTH

    94 AGI        87 CAR

    92 AWR

    New Orleans Saints - Alvin Kamara (94 OVR)

    94 ACC      89 SPD

    93 AGI       77 STR

    96 AWR     76 CTH

    92 CAR

    You can choose the most suitable running back according to your current team configuration. It is not that the running back with the highest rating will be the best option for your team. Everything has to be considered based on the current situation of your team. If you are short of MUT 21 Coins to buy players you like, you can come to GAMEMS to buy at any time!

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  • NBA 2K21: The Latest Player Ratings Have Been Released

    NBA 2K21: The Latest Player Ratings Have Been Released

    Jan 23, 2021

    The latest player ratings for NBA 2K21 have been released, and every update of the ratings is destined to increase and decrease for someone.

    When the ratings of other hot stars rose, fans were naturally happy for them, but unexpectedly, the ratings of LeBron James from Lakers and Giannis Antetokounmpo from Milwaukee Bucks dropped slightly.

    LeBron can be said to be the leader of NBA 2K21, but his rating dropped from 98 to 97, which is unexpected. For Giannis, his rating dropped from 97 to 96.

    Although LeBron's rating has dropped, he is still the player with the highest rating in NBA 2K21. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and James Harden are tied for second place.

    On the other hand, a rookie from the Charlotte Hornets - LaMelo Ball, can be said to be the biggest winner. His rating has risen from 78 to 81. The same situation also happened with the league's top scorer - Bradley Beal, the guard of the Washington Wizards. Because he scored an extra 3 points, now his rating is 91.

    The goal of NBA 2K21 is to create as realism as possible in their games, so players who perform well in real life have indeed improved their ratings in the game. As for the underperforming players, their ratings are naturally reduced.

    So this update may cause strong dissatisfaction among fans of Giannis and LeBron, but despite this, they can still be said to be the most powerful players in the game.

    The following are the top 10 players in this updated NBA 2K21:

            1. LeBron James - 97

            2. Kevin Durant - 96

            3. Giannis Antetokounmpo - 96

            4. Kawhi Leonard - 96

            5. Jams Harden - 95

            6. Stephen Curry 95

            7. Anthony Davis - 94

            8. Damian Lillard - 94

            9. Nikola Jokic - 94 

            10. Luka Doncic 94

    If you are a loyal player of NBA 2K21, I bet you already know it, do you agree with this new rating? But at least you've known a dark horse - LaMelo Ball. If you think he still has great potential, then it must be a wise choice to have his player card now! Once you are short of NBA 2K21 MT, you can come to GAMEMS to buy at any time!

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  • Madden 21: Alvin Kamara's Rating Is A Little Surprising, He Deserves Higher Rating

    Madden 21: Alvin Kamara's Rating Is A Little Surprising, He Deserves Higher Rating

    Jan 12, 2021

    The player who was selected in the third round of Tennessee in 2017 has been the main player of the New Orleans Saints since entering the league. Kamara is unique in that he is excellent in both run and passing game, because most players are only good at one of them, so he can be said to be a relatively versatile player.

    Kamara's current overall rating in Madden 21 is 93, which is actually a little surprising, because his performance in the New Orleans Saints is pretty good. His total touchdown in the NFL is 21, so it seems that his 93 OVR is a bit low.

    In the beginning, his Madden 21 overall rating was 88 OVR, which is not bad, but he still deserves a higher rating.

    In this year, he created total touchdowns, rushing yards and receptions. Recently, he was nominated as the All-Pro second team for the 2020 NFL season. With such an achievement, Kamara's rating may be improved.

    There are several areas that need to be adjusted:

    Catch Rating: 77

    How can a running back with the most receptions only have 77 points in this area? In contrast, the Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y.Hilton has an 86 catching rating, but he has about 30 fewer passes than Kamara. So a catch rating of 77 is absurd for Kamara.

    Injury Rating: 85

    This area also needs to be improved. For Kamara, this rating is meaningless, because throughout the four years of the NFL, he has missed a total of four regular-season games.

    So if these two aspects are improved, Kamara's overall rating can definitely reach 95. It would be great if the Madden rating adjusters could improve his rating. His fans will also be happy to see it.

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  • Madden 21: Davante Adams Rating Makes Him One Of The Best Receivers

    Madden 21: Davante Adams Rating Makes Him One Of The Best Receivers

    Dec 29, 2020

    Davante Adams is WR from Green Bay Packers. Now he seems to be one of the best receivers in the NFL and Madden 21. Without any hype, he just quietly surprised everyone.

    On the NFL field, he leads the other players in touchdown receptions. As for receiving yards and receptions, he ranks third. In a recent game against the Tennessee Giants, Adams scored 11 receptions, 142 receiving yards, and 3 touchdowns. Because of this outstanding performance, his quarterback Aaron Rodgers praised him very much.

    Adams currently has an overall rating of 98 in Madden 21:

          Speed: 91

          Acceleration: 92

          Catch Rating: 99

    And the most impressive thing is that at the beginning of this season, his rating was very high - 94 OVR, which can be said to be very good, and he is still improving. 

    After Week 2, his catch rating rose from 94 to 94 95.

    After week 7, as his awareness and catch rating has been improved, his overall rating has risen to 96.

    After Week 9, his speed, awareness and catch rating were all improved to 97 points.

    Finally, in Week 13, his overall rating has reached 98, so it is only a matter of time before he becomes a member of the 99 Club. Once he successfully joined the 99 Club, he will be the third WR besides DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas. This is very rare.

    Fans are optimistic about his becoming a member of 99 Club, because players who have always performed well are definitely worth remembering. Because he had a good start (94 OVR), it may not be a simple matter for him to keep improving, but he used his strength to tell fans that he has been improving and the results are remarkable.

    So for Madden 21 gamers, owning a player with 99 OVR is not the most important thing. Having a player with great potential is what we should consider, and we all know that if you want to get a 99 OVR player, this will definitely cost you a lot of MUT 21 Coins. If you don't have enough MUT 21 Coins, you don't have to be discouraged. It's equally important to have a good strategy in Madden 21. You can spend MUT 21 Coins in the right place, which can make your team stronger.

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  • Madden 21: Awesome! Welcome A New 99 Club Member - Travis Kelce! And Who Will Be The Next?

    Madden 21: Awesome! Welcome A New 99 Club Member - Travis Kelce! And Who Will Be The Next?

    Dec 11, 2020

    Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs has become a member of the 99 Club. Another awesome thing is that his quarterback Patrick Mahomes is also one of them.

    In the latest roster update of Madden 21, Kelce's current overall rating is 99, 99 Club is a place consists of all amazing players with high overall ratings, so the players' ability among them is beyond doubt.

    Also, QB Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs congratulated Kelce on this incident. Kelce said that in fact, he has always been a fan of Madden, and players with more than 90s are the objects he admired during his growth, and now he has reached the top in the game.

    Kelce was the 2nd Chiefs player to join the 99 Club this season and became the seventh player to reach 99 this year. The Chiefs is now the only team that has two players with 99 OVR. And Michael Thomas was out because his rating dropped.

    Kelce's overall rating can be improved to 99 because of his great performance in Week 13, he completed 136 yards and a TD.

    In the Kansas Chiefs, many fans predict that WR Tyreek Hill will be the next member to join 99 Club. In Week 12, after he completed 269 yards and 3 TDs, his overall rating reached 98! This is only one step away from 99. If he really enters the 99 Club, then the Chiefs will be unstoppable, because a team with three 99 OVR players is beyond imagination.

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  • Madden 21: Roster Update Of Week 11, Does New Ratings Fit Your Predictions?

    Madden 21: Roster Update Of Week 11, Does New Ratings Fit Your Predictions?

    Nov 28, 2020

    The latest roster of Madden 21 has been updated. Of course, some players' ratings have risen and some players' ratings have fallen. Do the new player ratings conform to your guess?

    Rating Rise

    Denzel Ward - 89 OVR

    In the 11 weeks of the game, the cornerback's performance was brilliant enough that he has become a powerful weapon for the Cleveland Browns defense.

    In the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, his team became the winner with a result of 22-17, in which Ward defended 4 passes and completed 1 interception and 3 tackles. Because of these good performances, his rating in Madden 21 rose to 89.

    Cooper Kupp - 88 OVR

    Cooper was once the most targeted player in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams, and he did not disappoint us in week 11 of the game. Although he does not often find the end zone, his advantage is that he will have more yardage on shorter routes.

    In week 11 of the competition, he completed 11 receptions for 143 yards, so his overall rating in Madden 21 rose to 88.

    Minkah Fitzpatrick - 87 OVR

    The Pittsburgh Steelers still maintained a winning record, so their defense also won a better reputation.

    Minkah Fitzpatrick is definitely a strong defensive force in the team. In week 11, he finished 5 tackles, 2 interceptions on 2 passes defended. Now his overall rating in Madden 21 is 87.

    Rating Drop

    Of course, the game is cruel. Some people perform wonderfully, and some will lose the game. In week 11, many players performed unsatisfactorily.

    Geno Atkins - 80 OVR

    In the 2020 season, he has missed many Cincinnati Bengals games, but more regrettably, even if he can play, his impact on the game is very small, which is inconsistent with his high rating in Madden 21 and the Pro Bowl History. So, the final result is that his rating has dropped by 5 points, and his current overall rating is only 80.

    Tom Brady - 93 OVR

    As a member of 99 Club, he has always been enthusiastically sought after by gamers, but in week 11, a mistake made by the legend so that reduced his Madden 21 rating.

    In week 11, he threw 216 yards on 48 attempts, had 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Due to his ordinary performance this time, his overall rating dropped by one point, now only 93.

    Lavonte Davis - 92 OVR

    Like Tom Brady, it's troublesome for Lavonte to deal with his team's inconsistency. As a Middle Linebacker, his stats are not bad, in week 11, he completed 9 tackles. But his overall rating still dropped by one point and it is now 92 OVR.

    We don't know how their ratings will change next week. The most anticipated is Brady, because from the current point of view, he seems to be getting farther and farther away from 99. This is what fans did not expect! So in addition to Madden 21 itself, the weekly update of player ratings has now become a part of players' interest, so GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the weekly roster update!

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  • What's Wrong With The Rating Adjustment In Madden 21? Kyler Murray's New Rating Is Disappointing!

    What's Wrong With The Rating Adjustment In Madden 21? Kyler Murray's New Rating Is Disappointing!

    Nov 16, 2020

    The quarterback Kyler Murray is from Arizona Cardinals, his performance this season is impressive, so fans take it for granted that he will have a high rating in Madden 21, but his new rating is disappointing. Kyler Murray's overall rating rose by one point and is now 80.

    As early as July, his rating was 77, which is not very satisfying, and the Twitter account of the Arizona Cardinals directly expressed dissatisfaction. Because Murray rushed for 543 yards only just 76 attempts this season. This makes him be NO.8 among all NFL players in rushing yards.

    His 8 rushing touchdowns put him NO.3 in the league's rushing touchdowns.

    As for passing the ball, his 2,130 yards rank NO,12 in the league.

    His 68.1% throws put him NO.9 in the league.

    His 16 touchdown passes put him NO.11 in the league.

    In summary, he ranks no.16 among all quarterbacks.

    We will list the rating of the top quarterbacks in Madden 21, so you'll know why Murray's rating makes fans angry!

    Kansas City Chiefs QB: Patrick Mahomes-99

    Seattle Seahawks QB: Russell Wilson-99

    Green Bay Packers QB: Aaron Rodgers-94

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB: Tom Brady-94

    Baltimore Ravens QB: Lamar Jackson-91

    Even Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford and Las Vegas Raiders' Derek Carr are 82, ahead of Murray.

    This ranking is really confusing, so what's wrong with the adjustment?

    As early as July, Murray had already expressed disbelief with his 77 OVR. He said that it should be at least 80. And fans agree with that, because of his speed, acceleration, and anything about speed, he is top-tier, and his throwing ability, dual-threat ability is very outstanding, it can be said that few people in the entire league can do it. So, the future MVP is 80?

    GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to Murray's score changes, and hope that madden 21 can give him a fair score!

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