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  • Tonight's Super Bowl Ended Badly For the Chiefs, But Patrick Mahomes Got Our Respect

    Tonight's Super Bowl Ended Badly For the Chiefs, But Patrick Mahomes Got Our Respect

    Feb 08, 2021

    Before the start of the Super Bowl LV, Madden predicted that the Chiefs would defeat the Buccaneers and become the winner, but now it seems that this prediction is not accurate at all. After all, in this game, Patrick Mahomes in our eyes is like this:

                                                                                  And also this:

                                    As for Mahomes, his thought maybe like this:

    Although the scoring gap between the two teams is getting bigger and bigger as the game progresses, Mahomes has been doing his best to keep his team ahead. He has been doing everything he can, and he even almost throw one of the greatest balls in Super Bowl history, a pass that was supposed to result in the most iconic touchdown in history, but it was lost.

    The throw came with the Chiefs trailing 31-9. It was fourth and nine. Facing such a big gap, the Chiefs decided to take action, but it seemed to be useless. Mahomes could only be forced to scramble crazily.

    When he was struggling, his feet were caught by a Bucs defender. When he fell, he managed to escape and threw a dart 30 yards away, hitting his receiver Darrel Williams in the face mask, but Darrel didn't catch it.

    If he can catch it, then this will be called a great moment in the history of the Super Bowl. Although the ending is set, for Mahomes, he still has time to lead the Chiefs to greatness. If he has a chance of playing against Tom Brady later, I'm still curious about the result. 

    As for Brady, needless to elaborate, he can be called the greatest player in history! The wonderful thing about sports games is that they are full of variables, so fans can always keep fresh. Perhaps this game will disappoint the Chiefs fans, but Mahomes should learn from it and make himself more perfect. The hurt, the pain, the deafening moments can lead to the peace, the calm, and resilience to come. Learn this today so you can hit your highest point tomorrow and never stop learning. After all, failure teaches success.

    Although Madden 21's prediction this time is inaccurate, it is understandable. Tbh, human can't predict the behavior of "God" Tom Brady.

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  • Madden 21 Predicted Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl LV

    Madden 21 Predicted Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl LV

    Feb 06, 2021

    With the approach of Super Bowl LV, simulation of Madden 21 to predict the Kansas City Chiefs will become the champion. The Chiefs will play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams have an incredible season, the AFC Champion Chiefs ended with 16-2 and the NFC Champion Buccaneers ended with 14-4.

    And both teams have excellent QBs. Last year, Patrick Mahomes, the cover player of Madden 20, helped the team win the Lombardi Trophy. He broke the curse that being a Madden cover player would be injured or have a decline in performance.

    Although Patrick was injured early in the season, the Chiefs still won the Super Bowl a few months later, and Patrick played an important role. And the QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tom Brady, is also a famous player. 

    Madden's Twitter account posted a video giving the official prediction of Super Bowl LV. After the simulation, Madden predicted that Brady will complete 3 TDs and one interception, while Mahomes will get 4 TDs. At halftime, the game will become tense and the Chiefs will have the advantage, with a score of 14-13. In the fourth quarter, the score will be tied up, but Mahomes will run the ball into the end zone to score a touchdown, the Chiefs eventually won the game 37-27.

    Fans can also predict the results of Super Bowl LV online. Although Madden cannot predict the future and Madden 21 has also received a lot of criticism, these simulations have correctly predicted 11 out of 17 times of Super Bowl 49. So this prediction is undoubtedly a great omen for the Chiefs.

    Considering how the game adjusts player behavior, stats and other modelings, it is not surprising that it accurately predicted the Super Bowl in the past, especially as the game becomes more advanced, its prediction accuracy may improve.

    In the Super Bowl LV game on Sunday, Rob Gronkowski and Brady, a powerful duo, will pose a major challenge to the Chiefs. However, Mahomes has been one of the best quarterbacks in history. So he is likely to surprise everyone once in the game. So, we can only wait and see!

    If Madden predicts correctly again, it will attract more gamers than it does. GAMEMS will also follow the Super Bowl on Sunday and will update the result in time!

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  • Madden 21 Player Ratings Update: Tom Brady's Ratings Get Improved!!!

    Madden 21 Player Ratings Update: Tom Brady's Ratings Get Improved!!!

    Jan 29, 2021

    As a player who has entered the 99 Club, Tom Brady is undoubtedly impressive, but as time goes by, his rating gradually declines, but he is still excellent in the league, and recently he once again brought fans a surprise.

    Brady helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers join the Super Bowl, where they will play against Patrick Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas Chiefs. EA recently released Madden 21's latest roster.

    The ratings of Brady and several Bucs have been improved. The overall rating of this future Hall of Fame member has risen by 1 point. His current OVR is 96. Brady has just finished an NFL championship game. He has 3 interceptions in the game. Although Brandy has performed well during most of the season and playoffs, it turns out that these updates are just to cater to popular claims, not statistical analysis or next-generation statistics implemented by the game. Few QB has gained ratings boost after a three-interception, and put up three consecutive games with completion is less than 60%.

    In fact, Brady did not perform spectacularly in the playoffs. This may be because Tampa Bay's defense carries Bucs, if not more than their future Hall of Fame quarterback.

    In any case, Brady once again attracted the attention of the public, and EA seems to be taking advantage of the trend in this update. We made a list of player ratings:

    Going up

    Tom Brady +1 (96 OVR)

    Shaquil Barrett +1 (88 OVR)

    Tristan Wirfs +2 (88 OVR)

    Jason Pierre-Paul +1 (85 OVR)

    Juan Thornhill +1 (79 OVR)

    Da’Shawn Hand +1 (76 OVR)

    Jordan Whitehead +1 (76 OVR)

    Marquez Valdes-Scantling +1 (76 OVR)

    Bashaund Breeland +1 (75 OVR)

    Dawson Knox +2 (75 OVR)

    Going down

    Aaron Rodgers -1 (95 OVR)

    Aaron Jones -1 (90 OVR)

    Jadeveon Clowney -1 (87 OVR)

    Cody Whitehair -1 (80 OVR)

    Kevin King -2 (74 OVR)

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  • Madden 21: Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen, Who Can Throw A Football Further?

    Madden 21: Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen, Who Can Throw A Football Further?

    Jan 21, 2021

    Sunday's AFC Championship can be said to be more exciting than any matchup in the entire season. The protagonists of this game are the two most-watched quarterbacks in the league - Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Their outstanding performances are impressive.

    They both can throw the ball from unusual arm angles, and they often try no-look passes, and they can accurately hit the receivers on the move, all of which make them destined to become star players, and their creativity also allows them to continue to improve. The most important point is that they can throw the ball really far.

    Patrick Mahomes

    Mahomes is the son of an MLB pitcher, so unsurprisingly, his dream was to become a baseball player, so he focused on training his arm strength, which also laid a solid foundation for him to become an outstanding quarterback. During college, he threw the football 65 yards from his knee, which is unbelievable.

    Josh Allen

    Allen's arm strength has never been doubted, and the combination of his power and accuracy makes people believe that he can succeed in the NFL.

    Also, two equally outstanding players can't avoid being compared, so many fans are wondering who has the stronger arm? The NFL has also had a throwing competition before. This is part of the NFL Quarterback Challenge to test the mobility, accuracy and distance of the QBs. The record of 80 yards was set by Vinny Testaverde in 1988. But in 2017, Mahomes tied the combine record by throwing the ball 60 miles per hour. And in 2018, Allen broke Mahomes' record and threw the ball 62 miles per hour. In 2018, Allen created 63.9 yards, and Mahomes' in-game career high was 60.9. But in the 2018 preseason, Mahomes once threw 68.6 yards.

    In Madden 21, Allen has the strongest arm - 99 rating, Mahomes is second only to him with 97. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that they are all so awesome. Even after the release of Madden 21, the game is full of bugs, but some gamers still think that although Madden is rubbish, as long as Mahomes is there, it is worth playing. So, although everyone is curious about who can throw further, as long as they can bring surprises to us, everyone will not be stingy to give them applause!

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  • Madden 21: The Best QBs During This NFL Season

    Madden 21: The Best QBs During This NFL Season

    Dec 31, 2020

    2020 is a year full of difficulties, but Madden 21 brings comfort to NFL fans to a certain extent. Gamers can enjoy their favorite sports at home. As the season came to an end, many fans also had a general understanding of the players. Of course, in this season, excellent players emerged in an endless stream, their performances were impressive, and then their overall ratings in Madden 21 have been improved. So we will discuss the best Quarterbacks today.

    Patrick Mahomes

    Speaking of the most impressive Quarterback in 2020, Mahomes must have a place. He has 99 OVR in Madden 21 and continues till now. He may get his second MVP after the end of the 2020 NFL season. In 14 games, his 4,400 passing yards are beyond the reach of other players, his 36 touchdown passes are amazing, and he's managed to toss while only surrendering 5 interceptions to defense in a whole year. These impressive achievements have allowed him to win countless applause and glory from fans. In Madden 21, he has also been sought after by gamers.

    Aaron Rodgers

    Since he became the starter, he has been praised as the most talented quarterback, and in the past few years, he has not been able to perform at his level. But in 2020, he leads other players in touchdowns and passer rating, and is considered the front-runner for MVP, even surpassing Mahomes.

    Deshaun Watson

    Deshaun Watson has quietly spent his best year as a professional player. His passer rating is currently tied with Mahomes at 110.6. So he is fully qualified to pursue the MVP award.

    Josh Allen

    Allen is definitely one of the most electrifying players. He has performed very well in 2020. Although he can be a little careless sometimes, his accuracy rate has increased significantly. And he can be said to be the main reason why the Bill team won games.

    Russell Wilson

    According to his performance in the first few games of the 2020 season, he is definitely a powerful player to chase the MVP, but over time, the flaws of the Seattle Seahawks have gradually surfaced. His 37 passing touchdowns push him to second place in the league, but with 2 games left in 2020, he threw 13 interceptions, which made his previous efforts meaningless.

    Therefore, it is common for a player to perform well occasionally, but it is difficult to continuously improve and be able to achieve excellence all the time. If you are considering the lineup in Madden 21, it is very important to choose a good quarterback. As we all know, Mahomes has always been one of the most popular players, and some people even think that Madden 21 is not worth playing, but because Mahomes is here, he makes this game more valuable. If you are eager to get him, you need to prepare a large sum of MUT 21 Coins. If you still lack a part, you can choose to buy MUT 21 Coins from GAMEMS. This will not only save you time, but also save you money, because The price of MUT 21 Coins For Sale on GAMEMS is very low.

  • Madden 21: 2021 Pro Bowl's Rosters Are Here!

    Madden 21: 2021 Pro Bowl's Rosters Are Here!

    Dec 23, 2020

    Due to the epidemic, the real 2021 Pro Bowl has been announced to be canceled, but the virtual Pro Bowl in Madden 21 will be held, and now the player rosters have been released. Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will both appear. In the 2021 Pro Bowl vote or look for that, Mahomes got a lot of votes ahead of other players, followed by the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Titans running back Derrick Henry, and the Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, Recently, he just became a member of 99 Club.

    The selection of the roster is the result of unanimous votes by fans, players and coaches, so the players who appear on the roster must be well-deserved. The Seahawks, Chiefs, Packers and Ravens each have seven players selected for the Pro Bowl.

    The following is the list of players this year:



    Starter: Chiefs - QB Patrick Mahomes 

                  Titans - QB Derrick Henry 

                  Chief - WR Tyreek Hill 

                  Bills - WR Stefon Diggs 

                  Chiefs - TE Travis Kelce 

                  Ravens - FB Patrick Ricard 

                 Texans - T Laremy Tunsil 

                 Chiefs - T Eric Fisher 

                Colts - G Quenton Nelson 

                Browns - G Joel Bitonio 

                 Steelers - C Maurkice Pouncey 

    Others: Bills - QB Josh Allen                 Texans - QB Deshaun Watson  

                Browns - RB Nick Chubb          Raiders - RB Josh Jacobs

              Chargers - WR Keenan Allen      Titans - WR A.J.Brown

              Raiders - TE Darren Waller         Ravens - T Orlando Brown

             Steelers - G David DeCastro       Colts - C Ryan Kelly


    Starter: Browns - DE Myles Garrett

                 Chargers - DE Joey Bosa

                 Chiefs - DT Chris Jones

                 Steelers - DT Cameron Heyward

                 Steelers - OLB T.J.Watt

                 Broncos - OLB Bradley Chubb

                 Colts - ILB Darius Leonard

                 Dolphins - CB Xavien Howard

                 Bills - CB Tre'Davious White

                 Steelers - FS Minkah Fitzpatrick

                 Chiefs - SS Tyrann Mathieu

    Others: Chiefs - DE Frank Clark                   Ravens - DT Calais Campbell

                  Ravens - OLB Matt Judon              Bills - ILB Tremaine Edmunds

                  Ravens - CB Marlon Humphrey     Patriots - CB Stephon Gilmore

                 Broncos - FS Justin Simmons


     Starter:  Ravens - LS Morgan Cox

                   Patriots - P Jake Bailey

                   Ravens - K Justin Tucker

                   Bills - RS Andre Roberts

    Other: Patriots - ST Matthew Slater



    Starters: Packers - QB Aaron Rodgers

                   Vikings - RB Dalvin Cook

                   Packers - WR Davante Adams

                   Cardinals - WR DeAndre Hopkins

                   Lions - TE T.J.Hockenson

                   49ers - FB Kyle Juszczyk

                   Packers - T David Bakhtiari

                   49ers - T Trent Williams

                  Washington Football Team - G Brandon Scherff

                  Packers - G Elgton Jenkins

                  Eagles - C Jason Kelce

    Others: Seahawks - QB Russell Wilson            Cardinals - QB Kyler Murray

                  Saints - RB Alvin Kamara                    Packers - RB Aaron Jones

                  Seahawks - WR DK Metcalf                Vikings - WR Justin Jefferson

                  Giants - TE Evan Engram                    Saints - T Terron Armstead

                  Saints - G Andrus Peat                        Lions - C Frank Ragnow


    Starters: Saints - DE Cameron Jordan 

                    Eagles - DE Brandon Graham

                    Rams - DT Aaron Donald

                    Eagles - DT Fletcher Cox

                    Bears - OLB Khalil Mack

                    Packers - OLB Za'Darius Smith

                    Seahawks - ILB Bobby Wagner

                    Rams - CB Jalen Ramsey

                    Packers - CB Jaire Alexander

                   Seahawks - FS Quandre Diggs

                   Cardinals - SS Budda Baker

    Others: Washington Football Team - DE Chase Young

                  Falcons - DT Grady Jarrett Paul                                        Buccaneers - OLB Jason Pierre 

                  49ers - ILB Fred Warner                                                    Saints - CB Marshon Lattimore

                  Giants - CB James Bradberry                                             Seahawks - SS Jamal Adams


    Starters: Seahawks - LS Tyler Ott

                    Lions - P Jack Fox

                    Falcons - K Younghoe Koo

                    Bears - RS Cordarrelle Patterson

                    Seahawks - ST Nick Bellore

    This is all the participating players. Although you can't watch Pro Bowl in reality, you can feel the virtual game in Madden 21. If you are a big fan of Madden 21 and need MUT 21 Coins, GAMEMS will definitely be the best place to buy MUT 21 Coins. Cheap MUT 21 Coins and fast delivery can guarantee you a good gaming experience.

  • Madden 21: Will Tyreek Hill Become The 3rd Chiefs Player To Join 99 Club?

    Madden 21: Will Tyreek Hill Become The 3rd Chiefs Player To Join 99 Club?

    Dec 14, 2020

    The 2020 NFL season is in full swing. Recently, the Kansas Chiefs TE player Travis Kelce joined 99 Club and attracted widespread attention, which made him more popular in the league. His teammate and member of the 99 Club Patrick Mahomes also congratulated him on social media.

    Travis also talked about his views on this at the press conference. He said that he has always been a fan of Madden. He has witnessed the growth of himself in the game, which he is very grateful for. Now, since the Chiefs already have two 99-rating players, this is unimaginable. At this time, many fans have set their sights on Tyreek Hill, who has 98 ratings. They expect the Chiefs to become the first team to have three players with 99-rating.

    In this regard, Travis is also optimistic. He believes that Tyreek should have joined the 99 Club long ago. He believes that Tyreek's speed can definitely rise to 99, because no one can catch him yet. In any case, it is only a matter of time before Tyreek joining the 99 Club. Once he becomes the third Chiefs player to join the 99 Club, then all Madden gamers will know that choosing the Chiefs will always be the right choice.

    I don’t doubt what Travis said, because the Chiefs team that already has two members with 99-rating is absolutely unstoppable, the quarterback Pat can be called a legend. He has already been a member of the 99 Club for a while and has maintained this achievement, this is awesome. Now that there is another player with 99 ratings, the Chiefs must be indestructible. If Tyreek really becomes the third member to join the 99 Club, then the Chiefs afterward is definitely unbreakable. 

    Once Madden 21 updates the player roster, GAMEMS will also inform you of Hill's specific rating in time!

    If the Chiefs really become a team with three 99-rating players, then it must be wildly sought after by gamers, but it is definitely worth it to spend a certain amount of MUT 21 Coins to get them! Because if you can have their player card, the only thing I want to say is: Welcome to the world of kings.

  • Kansas City Chiefs Won Super Bowl LIV And Patrick Mahomes Took MVP

    Kansas City Chiefs Won Super Bowl LIV And Patrick Mahomes Took MVP

    Feb 26, 2020

    This is not news anymore, Kansas City Chief won Super Bowl LIV on February 2, and its main force leads the team win over 40ers in the thrilling game, Patrick Mahomes, which also made him take MVP home, now let's review the game first.

    In the fourth quarter of the game, the Chiefs star quarterback and MVP Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City with two touchdowns, including the go-ahead score, and finally defeated the San Francisco 49ers with 31-20.

    However, in the first half of the game, Kansas City has always lagged behind the opponents, while in the second half, the Chiefs were quicker to bounce, scored quickly before the whistle sounded and won the game. It seems to be the consistent style of the Chiefs, because they have also experienced similar reverse scenarios in many important games in the past.

    For the Chiefs, this is an unexpected victory, also the first Super Bowl title in 50 years, it is conceivable that their reputation will be improved after that, and the public's impression to them will change a lot.

    As one of the outstanding players of the Chiefs, Mahomes won the victory through unremitting cooperation with his teammates when the team was facing double-digit lags, it can be also seen than unity is indeed one of the reasons for winning, and who can be an MVP.

    According to the previous timeline, more details about the next season of Madden NFL will be announced after the Super Bowl ends, and as the MVP, Patrick Mahomes is the most likely one to become the cover athlete of Madden NFL 21. But it is not the first time that he has achieved such impressive results. As the cover athlete of Madden 20, he won't be the one back-to-back years, so there are still some potential players who may still be selected.

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