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  • NHL 20 tips: things you need to know before you succeed

    NHL 20 tips: things you need to know before you succeed

    Dec 24, 2019

    If you are a fan of NHL 20 or a novice or want to succeed in the EA Omnipotent Hockey Series, then NHL 20 skills are as crucial as understanding your team lineup and individual players important. Next, let's find out what you need to know before playing NHL 20.

    Pay attention to coaching in franchise mode

    Coaches are the biggest newcomer to the franchise model, and they change your team in multiple ways. Their inclusiveness means that you can no longer focus on the player with the highest performance, but how well they will also adapt to your strategy. You need to look at the profile of the current coach to see how your players fit into their plans and expertise. When signing up new players, make sure they meet these requirements or you may need to consider hiring new employees.

    Master the art of one-timers

    There are many shooting improvements in NHL 20, and single-time photographers benefit the most. You can make creative passing and passing moves in the offensive area, including fast face-breaking and destructive cross-play.

    To perform these operations effectively, you need to pass to the open teammates horizontally or diagonally, and then fire the puck before they reach their cue. Try to use the right joystick instead of hybrid shooting control to give you more control over the shooting and expand your passing angle to reduce the chance of the goalkeeper saving performance opportunities.

    Reliance on Eliminator's Patience

    Try to avoid success too often. To succeed, you need to combine great hockey skills with patience. Wait time, wait for the perfect opportunity, and defend the goalkeeper from close range when away comes up to get the best scoring opportunity.

    Focus on your defensive position

    NHL 20's new shooting capabilities make defensive positioning more important than ever. The CPU team and the online team usually want to play a quick game and let go of the deadly brace. If you are not in the right place, you are likely to give in. Stay with the forwards and encourage them to be forced forward or release the puck prematurely. It is also important to identify and cut through deadly passages, especially in the case of cross-polyline opportunities.

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