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  • NBA 2K22 Season 6: Zero Gravity is coming soon

    NBA 2K22 Season 6: Zero Gravity is coming soon

    Apr 08, 2022

    The new season of NBA 2K22 is on! The Season 6:Zero Gravity hits theaters Friday, April 8th. The season will run for about six weeks, with a seventh season set to release on May 13, 2022.

    Season 6:Zero Gravity sets the game on an interstellar journey through the universe, bringing players' otherworldly basketball skills to the forefront of NBA 2K22. The new season will provide players with new game environments, new activities and original rewards. and for six weeks of the new season, NBA 2K22 players will embark on an epic cosmic journey through its many stadiums in search of the best in the galaxy competitor.

    It is worth mentioning that as the season heats up, the Level 40 Bunny Mascot has been added to My CAREER. Other prizes include Season 6 apparel, a new animated item and more. This Season also brings galactic events with TKO for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S and Power Up for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, NSW and PC, players can get even more new rewards.

    While the player's response to NBA 2K22 has been moderate, its popularity doesn't seem to have diminished as a result. In addition, the sixth season will bring you Galactic events through Power Up for current-gen. Players can unleash their power in Power Up and defeat opponents by guiding them onto the court. During this time, you will be in the picturesque Greek Island stadium, hosting 5v5 style matches. Use REC pairings to defeat opponents for powerful rewards, and players can earn rare clothing rewards as well as 2 hours of XP tokens.

    NBA 2K22 Season 6: Zero Gravity's update will open up a new season of gameplay that players can look forward to. If you are a current NBA 2K22 player looking forward to the new content in Season 6, please visit GAMEMS for more information. At the same time, we also provide you with cheap NBA 2K22 MT. If you need to buy this product, you can contact the 24/7 customer service at any time, and we will provide you with professional and fast service.

  • NBA 2K22 Season 6 officially released on April 8

    NBA 2K22 Season 6 officially released on April 8

    Mar 29, 2022

    Players can’t wait for NBA 2K22 Season 6, and while it’s still in Season 5 of NBA 2K22, it’s only a few days away from the start of Season 6. Currently, there are less than two weeks left until the end of Season 5.

    The release date for NBA 2K22 Season 6 is set for Friday, April 8, 2022. With the NBA playoffs looming, NBA 2K22 Season 6 could see a playoff-themed overhaul. Season 6 will end on May 20, 2022.

    Power Within took over in NBA 2K22 Season 5, bringing the free agent Paolo Banchero card to MyTEAM. The game itself also received a massive anime-themed overhaul. In Season 5, Dark Matter Ray Allenka is a level 40 reward in MyTEAM. Players expect to see more of the same rewards in NBA 2K22 Season 6.

    In NBA 2K22 Season 5 MyCAREER, players can get a lot of rewards by leveling up, including NBA 2K22 MT, Animation Packs, Seasonal apparel, Badge Points, Futuristic Hoverboard at Level 30. Remember, players still have time to earn these rewards, with 2XP left in The Rec this weekend.

    The MyTEAM season agenda will likely be a big focus for the next six weeks. During Power Within Season, Dynamic Domination Agenda is giving away a free Galaxy Opal De’Aaron Fox. Events in NBA 2K22 Season 6 MyCAREER are also expected to be redesigned, including a new design for the stadium. Players are also hoping to see more game modes in Seaon 6.

    While season 6 isn’t here yet, there’s likely to be a free locker code to kick off NBA 2K22 season 6. A free agent locker code is given away each season to start the season. In season 5, it’s the FA Paolo Banchero card.

    If players want to know more about NBA 2K22 Season 6 related activities, you may wish to pay more attention to related news. Players can also wait for news updates at GameMS, and while waiting for Season 6, players can also buy NBA 2K22 MT. This is a very important sense of ritual for NBA 2K22 players to welcome the new season.

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