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  • NBA 2K22 Season 8: Chasing Shaquille O'Neal's Glory

    NBA 2K22 Season 8: Chasing Shaquille O'Neal's Glory

    Jun 30, 2022

    The countdown to the release of NBA 2K22 Season 8 has begun, and this season will feature legendary player Shaquille O'Neal as players chase O'Neal's pace over the next six weeks, starting July 1. Receive honors during his basketball career and experience his journey to becoming a champion.

    Among them, the most anticipated MyTeam mode has also introduced new content, including End Game Jokic, Invincible Dr. J in Token Market, and Invincible Dominique Wilkins as a reward for 2000 wins in Triple Threat and a series of considerable rewards.

    Even more special, this summer we ushered in the tenth year of the MyTeam mode. As a result, players will see some of the most influential players in the Season 8 market. What we currently know is world-renowned superstars Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. From tomorrow, players will have the opportunity to earn their multiple versions Dark Matter or Invincible cards.

    At the same time, MyCareer will lead players to experience more, and the new all-gold NBA Finals-themed gear will bring a more cool appearance. Players who have reached level 30 can wear the Slime Skin for their Go-Karts; players who have reached level 40 can wear Dash2K I winged shoes in MyCareer.

    Just tomorrow, a lot of exciting content is coming, players can look forward to more possibilities, and today, all we can do is try our best to reach level 40 in Season 7 and get the final reward, and accumulate enough NBA 2K22 MT to seize the opportunity in future.

    GAMEMS is also committed to helping you. We will not only provide you with more first-hand information but also provide you with NBA 2K22 MT for sale to give you the perfect start to the new season.

  • NBA 2K22: What we need to do before Season 7 ends

    NBA 2K22: What we need to do before Season 7 ends

    Jun 23, 2022

    As we enter the height of summer, in addition to the release of NBA 2K23 getting closer and closer to us, NBA 2K22 Season 7 "Return of Heroes" is also coming to an end. After five weeks of MyTeam Heroes, we are about to meet the new season. At this stage, players need to hurry up and complete the challenges to get as more XP and rewards as possible.

    1. Complete The Horace Grant Triple Threat Agenda.

    As the last Triple Threat Agenda to appear in Season 7, it might make a good starting point for your next Season 8 journey, as completing it will earn you the Dark Matter Horace Grant and an extra 3000 XP.

    The Agenda requires players to complete the following steps:

    Win 30 Triple Threat Offline Games to get the Horace Grant Triple Threat Event Card.

    Win 15 Triple Threat Online Games to get the Horace Grant Triple Threat Online Event Card.

    Earn 3000 XP for 20 rebounds with the Exchange Reward Horace Grant in multiple games.

    2. Spend your MyTeam Tokens reasonably.

    You can use tokens to earn MyTeam rewards, especially those packs that contain player cards of different tiers. Judging from the rewards that can be redeemed so far. Our recommendation is the Champion Warriors Equal Chance Token Packs, and you'll get Dark Matter Andre Iguodala a powerful card for a small budget.

    3. Complete the Domination Tier.

    You can't go wrong with getting some free dark matter cards. Get a Dark Matter Tim Hardaway after you finish all the matches in the Domination Tier in a hurry.

    Adding powerful cards to your roster before Season 8 arrives is the smartest move, and completing existing challenges and redeeming the availableLocker Code will give youa head start in the new season. Of course, the strengthening of the MyTeam lineup is inseparable from the support of NBA 2K22 MT, if you need it, be sure to visit, we will bring you sufficient inventory and excellent service.

  • NBA 2K22: SWISH 4 Packs and New Locker Code Now Available

    NBA 2K22: SWISH 4 Packs and New Locker Code Now Available

    Jun 17, 2022

    NBA 2K22 continues to lead the way and this new week, MyTeam has added a lot of new player cards that we can get. Getting the best cards can help you win games and get more rewards.

    From now on, players have about a week to acquire SWISH 4 Packs, which bring the following Dark Matter players:

    Invincible & Hero Hakeem Olajuwon

    DM PG Danny Granger

    DM PG Larry Johnson

    GO Shooting Shaun Livingston

    PD Shooting Andrew Bogut

    The groups in SWISH 4 Packs can greatly help you strengthen your lineup, and Invincible & Hero Hakeem Olajuwon is the most deserving of them. He has A+ in all ratings and is a well-deserved invincible player.

    No one will reject a new Locker Code. You can use "SWISH-4-CODE-BOJAN-OR-MYLES" to get a SWISH 4 Pack, 10 Tokens, Diamond Shoe Pack, Dark Matter Myles Turner, or Galaxy Opal Bojan Bogdanovic.

    At the same time, Clutch Time, as players' favorite mode in MyTeam, will also surprise players. Build your powerful five-player squad and win matches for a chance to earn the top prize, Dark Matter Gilbert Arenas.

    Grab the promotions and rewards in MyTeam to help you successfully reach level 40 in Season 7. At the same time, to create a perfect MyTeam lineup, you can get more NBA 2K22 MT on, we will always focus on your needs and bring you excellent service.

  • NBA 2K22: New Gamma Packs and Locker Code Now Available

    NBA 2K22: New Gamma Packs and Locker Code Now Available

    Jun 13, 2022

    As we head into a new week, NBA 2K23 still doesn't seem to have any great leaks. But NBA 2K22 MyTeam still leads the way. For loyal fans, nothing is more exciting than the weekly new packs and Locker Code. At this stage, we can lock our sights on the latest Gamma Packs.

    2K Sports seems to be responding positively to our needs, and the eight Dark Matter cards that come with the Gamma Pack include many long-requested NBA players. The much-anticipated DM Invincible Kevin Durant will be included as the Gamma Pack's superlative combo, and there's also a free chance for players who don't have a ton of NBA 2K22 MT to get their hands on this great value card.

    As before, Locker Code will bring you a free Gamma Pack, and you just need to use the code "MyTEAM-GAMMA-CARDS-XZC8W" this week to get it, along with free 5 Tokens and Diamond Shoe Pack Additionally, you can once again earn a free Gamma Pack by completing Gamma Lineup matches in the NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Skill Challenge.

    The cards included in Gamma Packs are highly usable, they are:

    Hero Kevin Durant - 99 OVR - SF/PF

    Hero Anthony Davis - 99 OVR - PF/C

    Invincible Kevin Durant - 99 OVR - SF/PF

    Invincible David Robinson - 99 OVR - C/PF

    DM Bol Bol - 99 OVR - PF/C

    DM Mohamed Bamba - 99 OVR - C/PF

    Invincible Anthony Davis - 99 OVR - PF/C

    DM Thon Maker - 99 OVR - PF/SF

    Invincible Ben Simmons - 99 OVR - PG/PF

    GO Gerald Wallace - 98 OVR - SF/SG

    GO Reggie Theus - 98 OVR - PG/SG

    GO Aleksej Pokusevski - 98 OVR - SF/PF

    PD Franz Wagner - 96 OVR - SF/PF

    PD Lauri Markkanen - 96 OVR - PF/SF

    PD Michael Carter-Williams - 96 OVR - PG/SG

    Please don't miss the opportunity to strengthen the lineup brought by Gamma Packs, if you lack the NBA 2K22 MT necessary to get the gift pack, you can buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT on, we will deliver the products for you as soon as possible to support your MyTeam process.

  • NBA 2K22: Swish 3 Packs and Latest Locker Code Now Available

    NBA 2K22: Swish 3 Packs and Latest Locker Code Now Available

    Jun 08, 2022

    NBA 2K23 is on its way and loyal fans can keep their expectations locked into the exciting events that are constantly being updated in NBA 2K22. If you're into NBA 2K22 now, you'll find new Swish packs available in MyTeam that will bring you even more rewards and power stars.

    The Swish 3 Packs were released earlier today and feature a collection of premium cards led by Pau Gasol. Players will need to spend up to 50,000 NBA 2K22 MT to get it. Over the next week, Swish 3 Packs will provide players with:

    Invincible & Hero Pau Gasol

    DM Dunking/Athletic Marc Gasol

    DM PG/SG Andre Iguodala

    GO Shooting Larry Kenon

    PD PG/SF Yakhouba Diawara

    The most anticipated new Locker Code is also here, use "SWISH-3-DROP-HARRIS-OR-WOOD" to get DM Tobias Harris or GO Christian Wood. Players can complete their corresponding challenges for rewards:

    Tobias Harris Locker Code Challenge: Score 100 points with Swish Tobias Harris over multiple games to earn 2,500 XP.

    Christian Woods Locker Code Challenge: Get 30 rebounds with Swish Christian Wood over multiple games, thereby earning a reward of 2,500 XP.

    At the same time, this code can also be used for a SWISH 3 Pack, 10 Tokens, and Diamond Shoe Pack. Valid for one week as always.

    Plus, as the seventh season progressed, Triple Threat also brought an update, and DM Kelly Oubre Jr. in The 100 and DM Arvydas Sabonis in the Vault was added to the Triple Threat ranks.

    GAMEMS is committed to bringing you the latest NBA 2K22 news and Locker Code, and you can get more information here. At the same time, to allow you to get more excellent player cards in NBA 2K22 to better build your own MyTeam lineup, you can directly buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT here. We will be at your service anytime.

  • NBA 2K22: New Defensive Agendas available this week

    NBA 2K22: New Defensive Agendas available this week

    May 31, 2022

    NBA 2K22 Season 7 is continuing to bring more new content, and the Agenda and Challenges are the most effective way for players to get a lot of XP. Following last week's Galactic Limited Time Event, NBA 2K22 MyTEAM has added new Defensive Agendas, which give players more rewards for completing missions.

    Players only need to complete a few tasks on the agenda to earn a lot of XP, and doing their best to complete them is a good way to reach level 40 in Season 7. This event is valid this week as always, and players need to hurry up and meet their goals. Please don't miss it.

    The specific tasks to be achieved on the agenda are:

    1. Get 50 defensive rebounds over multiple games for 1,000 XP.

    2. Get 20 blocks over multiple games to get 1,000 XP.

    3. Get 10 steals over multiple games to get 1,000 XP.

    Complete all of the above quests to earn a HOF Intimidator Badge to give your favorite players bonuses. will be your best partner in the NBA 2K22 MyTeam process. You can not only get the latest NBA 2K22 news and Locker Codes but also buy NBA 2K22 MT here. We are committed to helping you get a smoother gaming experience, and welcome to place an order!

  • NBA 2K22: SWISH Pack and New Locker Code Now Available

    NBA 2K22: SWISH Pack and New Locker Code Now Available

    May 26, 2022

    2K Games seems to be responding to the ongoing NBA Playoffs Finals. So, it's with NBA 2K22 bringing new content nonstop after just bringing Season 7: Return Of Heroes. Just earlier today, NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode added a brand-new pack: the SWISH Pack.

    The just-launched SWISH Pack features some of the league's hottest players, and each SWISH Cards have special abilities. They are:

    Invincible & Hero Curry

    DM SG/PF Pascal Siakam

    DM Shooting Thurmond

    GO Athletic Redick

    PD C/PG Gary Payton II

    Players can set their sights on Headline Invincible & Hero Curry, as legendary players hand-picked by the developers, with outstanding strength. As always, this SWISH Pack is valid for one week.

    Meanwhile, the new locker code has been revealed, players can use "SWISH-DELL-OR-SETH-CURRY-DROP" to get a SWISH Pack, 10 Tokens, Diamond Shoe Pack, Galaxy Opal Dell Curry, or Galaxy Opal Seth Curry.

    GAMEMS can not only bring you NBA 2K22 news and New Locker Codes but also provide you with cheap NBA 2K22 MT to help you have a better gaming experience on MyTeam.

  • What we have known so far about NBA 2K23

    What we have known so far about NBA 2K23

    May 20, 2022

    A perennial best-selling basketball game, the NBA 2K series is known for releasing new games every year. With the release of Season 7 of NBA 2K22, the arrival of NBA 2K23 is getting closer.

    Just yesterday, according to NBA 2K officials, 2K23 will release the first official information in July, and it will be linked with the NBA Summer League. This undoubtedly sparked the enthusiasm of the fans. Here's what we have known about NBA 2K23 so far:

    1. The Release date

    Experience NBA 2K23 as soon as possible is what fans are most looking forward to. As mentioned above, the game trailer will be released in July, and according to the release tradition of previous years, NBA 2K23 will most likely be officially released in the first two weeks of September.

    2. The Cover Player

    Players on the cover of the NBA 2K series have all been selected for their performance and reputation, and while not as hyped as Madden 22, it's still an honor. Based on current player performance and predictions among players, these potential players include:

    Nikola Jokic

    Joel Embiid

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Kevin Durant

    James Harden

    Lebron James

    3. Pre-order opening date

    Although there is no official announcement, we can see from the 2K Sports website that NBA 2K23 has now confirmed a pre-order window. The specific opening time is July. Pre-orders also come with additional bonuses as before.

    4. What do we need to do while we wait?

    We don't yet know what new content or changes NBA 2K23 will bring. And with the arrival of NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes, it may be a better choice to enjoy basketball and earn rewards in the new season. Season 7 will bring the Murals and new Dark Matter players to MyTeam, and fans will need more NBA 2K22 MT to beef up the roster! will be a good helper in your NBA 2K game progress, we will continue to follow up on NBA 2K23 news to help you get a head start in the game progress. Welcome to keep following us!

  • NBA 2K22: Limited Event Week 6 is now open

    NBA 2K22: Limited Event Week 6 is now open

    May 16, 2022

    NBA 2K22 is rolling out new events and promotions all the time. Players are looking forward to new content and new rewards every week. This week is the sixth week of the regular season, and the Week 6 Limited Event started last weekend. With a seventh season being planned, players will need to get a lot of rewards to prepare for the upcoming season.

    The rules for NBA 2K22 MyTeam Week 6 are:

    1. Only players from the Southwest Division can participate.

    2. Up to 1 PD, 1 Diamond and 1 Amy can be used.

    3. Remaining players Ruby or lower.

    4. No Free Agency or Hot Check Cards.

    Player cards available this week are GO David Robinson, and Dark Matter Option Packs for six championship rings.

    Meanwhile, the most anticipated Locker Code has been updated again. New code "SIGNATURE-SERIES-6-DXJMY" can be used to redeem Signature Series VI Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost, or 5 tokens. Valid for one week.

    So far, the rewards players can get in Week 6 include:

    Signature Series VI Pack

    Supernova Pack

    Limited Edition IV Bag

    Zero Gravity Pack

    Fan Favorite Bag

    Fault Package

    Go David Robinson

    Championship Ring

    As a good friend who can help you improve your gaming experience, GAMEMS will provide you with the latest NBA 2K22 news and locker passwords. Also, you can buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT here, and we will support your NBA game progress.

  • NBA 2K22: MyCareer's Rival Day Conquest Event is coming soon

    NBA 2K22: MyCareer's Rival Day Conquest Event is coming soon

    May 12, 2022

    MyCareer has always been a popular game mode in NBA 2K22, and players will be able to choose their own unique build and gradually enter the NBA from college to experience a different basketball career. As a content-rich game mode, MyCareer naturally adds content. The good news for all players is that this Saturday MyCareer will bring the Rival Day Conquest Event, and players can enjoy even more new fun.

    The Rival Day is an event in NBA 2K22 MyCareer that helps players determine Affiliation, and players can choose which affiliated union to join by participating in the competition. This event will start on May 14th, and players need to arrive at the event center in The City before 10 o'clock to participate in the Conquest Event. The event requires players to use MyPlayer to compete against other Affiliations teams, and the winner will receive free VC and be able to dress up their town.

    The specific Rival Day Conquest Event schedule is as follows:

    Rival Day: Conquest — May 14 from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Rival Day Championship — May 15 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    Rival Day Championship — May 15 from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Rival Day Championship — May 15 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    All loyal players must attend the event on time and don't miss this great opportunity to advance the MyCareer process.

    GAMEMS will keep you updated with the latest NBA 2K22 news. And you can not only get news here but also buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT, you are welcome to follow us.

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