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  • NBA 2K21: The Best Badges For Power Forwards

    NBA 2K21: The Best Badges For Power Forwards

    Jun 28, 2021

    For NBA 2K21 Power Forwards, they will be dependent on bring physical strength and have a strong inside game at both ends of the court. Based on that, you should choose badges that boost your ability to get by paint defenders, finish scoring opportunities at the rim, and protect your hoop from attackers.

    Box - Defense/Rebounding Badge

    It provides better animation on box-outs. It increases the possibility of preventing opponents from bypassing you. This badge will activate when boxing out opponents.

    When Power Forwards is preparing to grab a rebound, this badge may activate multiple times and will become a factor in most players' rebound attempts, regardless of whether they are successful or not.

    Rim Protector - Defense/Rebounding Badge

    It boosts the chances of blocking a shot, allows unique blocking animations, and provides a boost to Team Takeover. When blocking a shot, this badge will activate. It is the best badge for stopping slashers and fighting against bigs.

    Worm - Defense/Rebounding Badge

    It allows you to swim or spin opponents easier when boxed out. This badge will activate when a player tries to get by an opponent who is boxing them out. Worm will improve the player's ability to get a rebound in the best position, either for a putback, or end a defensive sequence.

    Chase Down Artist - Defense/Rebounding Badge

    It can significantly boost the player's speed and vertical attributes, when trying a chase-down block. This badge will activate when the player stands behind an opponent, who is on the fastbreak and tries to block.

    Power Forwards usually have the ideal blend of size and athletic ability, and the player can even try a chase-down block. This badge will allow a player to soar in the air.

    Brick Wall - Defense/Rebounding Badge

    It allows players to perform more effective screens, but also consumes more stamina from the opponent. When a player is on an opponent's player, this badge will activate at any time. This badge can turn the slightest off-ball contact into a few seconds of defenders being glued to the pick.

    Post Spin Technician - Playmaking Badge

    It will provide players with better post-drive or post-spin animations. This badge will activate every time a player posts up a defender and tries to drive or spin past them.

    Pro Touch - Finishing Badge

    It will boost the efficiency of timely layups. This Badge will activate on any layup attempt that has slightly early, slightly late, or excellent release timing. Even in the face of a good defensive position, Power Forwards with this badge will also have a good opportunity to score all but the staunchest of paint defenders.

    Acrobat - Finishing Badge

    It can boost the short percentage on some layup attempts, and it will activate during reverse, change-shot, euros-step, hop step, cradle, spin, and half-spin layups.

    Fancy Footwork - Finishing Badge

    It provides better dunk or layup gather animations for certain drivers. This Badge will activate on spin, half-spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers.

    Contact Finisher - Finishing Badge

    It can improve the ability to finish a contact dunk or contact layup. This Badge will activate when the player draws physical contact from defenders while driving to the rim.

    If good badges are equipped on a good player, it will be twice the result with half the effort. The process of obtaining the badge is already time-consuming. If you want to get the ideal player, then using NBA 2K21 MT to buy it will be the best choice.

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  • NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Adds Kemba Walker Dark Matter Card

    NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Adds Kemba Walker Dark Matter Card

    Jun 25, 2021

    NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 is about to begin, and fans are also trying to collect more cards, including Level 40 Reward. Currently, 2K’s MyTeam has added several new Season Rewind packs. These include 3 new Dark Matter cards, featuring the former Celtics’ PG Kemba Walker and Heat center Bam Adebayo.

    Kemba DM card in limited-time Season Rewind packs

    MyTeam Pack Market continues to provide gamers with various packs to fill their roster. The 6th edition of Season Rewind was released on June 24, bringing another set of new Dark Matter player cards.

    Dark Matter Kemba Walker, Bam Adebayo, and Jonas Valanciunas led the way here. Kemba Walker was traded to Oklahoma City Thunder by the Celtics, making for the two-time All-Star’s third team in his career.

    Before that, Walker's best card in MyTeam was his 95 OVR Season 4 Rewards. However, he returned with upgraded items including 53 Hall of Fame badges. The most important attributes include his 98 for Driving Layup, Free Throws, and Draw Foul scores, as well as his 98 on mid-range, close and three-point shooting. Always, his scoring, playmaking, and even perimeter defense skills are all excellent.

    The price of the packs is 11250 VC or 15750 NBA 2K21 MT. Although it is not a small amount, it is definitely worth it.

    How to get new Galaxy Opal cards

    On June 24th, three new Galaxy Opal player cards also arrived in MyTeam. 98 OVR GO cards for the Boston Celtics Payton Pritchard, Vancouver Grizzlies’ Xavier Tillman, and Miami Heat’s Kendrick Nunn are all available. Each card has different advantages and disadvantages.

    To get their Galaxy Opal items, you need to complete 5 Agendas in Season 8. Take Xavier Tillman’s Agendas as an example:

    * Get 25 Rebounds with Grizzlies players over multiple games

    * Score 125 Points with Grizzlies players over multiple TT or TTO games

    * Get 20 Assists with Grizzlies players over multiple Multiplayer games

    * Achieve 15 Blocks with Grizzlies players over multiple Triple Threat Offline games

    * Get 15 Steals with Grizzlies players over multiple games

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  • Based On Kevin Durant's Historic Playoff Performance, NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Added New Agendas

    Based On Kevin Durant's Historic Playoff Performance, NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Added New Agendas

    Jun 18, 2021

    On Tuesday night, many fans witnessed Durant’s unprecedented triple-double, leading his team to surpass the Brooklyn Nets and claim the series lead. In view of his wonderful performance, NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 has added new agendas. With this, 2K21 MyTeam players can now try to implement the KD‘s feats, even though they can get more than one game to do so.

    Kevin Durant’s historic performance

    In recent NBA seasons, scoring 40, 50, or even 60 points is commonplace for some star players. However, it is not difficult to get so many points with a triple-double. Enter Kevin Durant for the Nets’ Game 5 versions Milwaukee, and the two-time NBA champion stepped up.

    His final stats included 49 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks in 114-108 victory. This allowed the Nets to lead the Bucks 3-2 in the series.

    NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Moments Agendas feature KD

    As the playoffs progressed, celebrating the stats achievements of different players. Recently this team has three tasks to pay tribute to Durant's historic triple-double.

    The first is to score 49 in multiple Triple Threat, and the other is to grab 17 rebounds with Durant in "multiple games." The last of the KD Moments Agendas involves getting 10 assists in multiplayer games. With these, you can use any Durant card you have, or buy one with NBA 2K21 MT at Auction House.

    There is another Moments Agenda, you have to make 7 three-pointers with any Jeff Green. Each of the Moments Agendas is worth 750 XP, for a total of 3000 XP.

    In NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8, Kevin Durant’s best cards are his 99 OVR Invincible card, 98 OVR Out Of Position card, 97 OVR Quantum card. Some players even have Durant’s Free Agents card.

    So if you are interested in his cards, you can buy them with NBA 2K21 MT. Of course, his player card is also very valuable, and sufficient NBA 2K21 MT is an important guarantee for obtaining it. GAMEMS can provide any number of NBA 2K21 MT, if you are looking for cheap NBA 2K21 MT, don't miss GAMEMS.

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  • NBA 2K21 MyTeam: Free Trae Young Dark Matter Promo Starts in Season 8

    NBA 2K21 MyTeam: Free Trae Young Dark Matter Promo Starts in Season 8

    Jun 07, 2021

    With the start of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8, a promotion has officially begun for a free Dark Matter card. Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks scoring champion, will face the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs.

    How to get Trae Young Dark Matter card

    In order to get it, you need to log in and play 2K MyTeam mode every day. This event started on June 5th and will last until June 11.

    Daily login will bring specific rewards, including NBA 2K21 MT, Badges, Consumables, Tokens, and a Throwback Moments pack. It would be even better if you could get a free dark matter rewards card. At the end of 7 weeks, you can get the Trae Young DM card by spinning the wheel.

    The data for this card has not yet been announced, but it can surpass his 98 OVR Mystery card. This card has 96 Playmaking, 92 Athleticism, 81 Outside Scoring and 76 Defending attributes. There are a total of 17 gold badges and 37 HOF badges. Most likely, the Trae dark matter card will perform best in attribute ratings and badge numbers.

    It is very likely that once the Trae Young card is obtained, MyTeam Season 8 will also have new season agendas. Currently, there are some tasks related to the Gladiator Pack, which just started the season last Friday.

    2K’s cover star is leading the way

    Damian Lillard withdrew from the playoffs after facing Denver Nuggets in the first round. But fans strongly support him in MyTeam. In addition, the current cover star is leading the way. Now, Zion Williamson is also close behind, he is the cover star of the next generation of 2K21. Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz is third, and Jayson Tatum from Boston Celtics is fourth.

    In order to improve a specific player, you need to use them in Triple Threat Offline mode and get points. As players score more, their rankings will rise.

    In NBA 2K21 MyTeam, the community receives a Dark Matter Locker code from the winning player’s team. Possible candidates include Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Ingram, Rudy Gobert, LeBron James, and Joel Embiid.

    Even in the game you can obtain NBA 2K21 MT through different methods, but the amount obtained is very small compared to the required amount, so buy NBA 2K21 MT has become a more popular choice.

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  • NBA 2K21: Zion Williamson Goes Point Guard With New Locker Code

    NBA 2K21: Zion Williamson Goes Point Guard With New Locker Code

    Jun 03, 2021

    NBA 2K21 released a new Locker Code in MyTeam, and fans are paying close attention to the unique Out of Position version of cover star Zion Williamson. This card can only be used for a limited time, but every NBA 2K21 gamer can now redeem it in MyTeam.

    MyTeam Locker Code

    NBA 2K21 released a new Locker Code for MyTeam, and they will continue to use a new version of the theme of the cover star Zion Williamson. If you want to enter MyTeam, you need the code "MyTEAM-POINT-GUARD-ZION". After entering MyTeam, you will automatically get a 96 OVR Zion Williams. The code is valid for 1 week, and you need to redeem it on June 3rd.

    Point Guard Zion Williamson

    In addition to the unique ability of Zion Williams as a point guard instead of a normal Power Forward, the 96 OVR card is the next level. The personal stats of nearly 30 cards have a rating of 90 or more, including 98 for Vertical, Standing Dunk, Driving Dunk, and Hands.

    Williamson also scored 97 on Stamina, Hustle and Draw Foul, 96 in Potential, 95 in Speed, Acceleration, Free Throw, Offensive Consistency, Driving Layup and Pass Perception.

    As for the weaknesses, they are 25 in Shot IQ and Intangibles, 75 in Passing Vision and 78 in Passing IQ.

    If you need a unique and strong Point Guard in MyTeam, don't miss Zion Williamson.

    The NBA playoffs are in full swing, which also makes fans look forward to the arrival of NBA 2K22 even more, although there is no relevant specific news. Currently, fans can only focus on NBA 2K21, as for the NBA 2K21 MT that you need, you can buy them on GAMEMS.

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  • NBA 2K21: The 5 Best Builds

    NBA 2K21: The 5 Best Builds

    Jun 01, 2021

    If you want to succeed in NBA 2K21 My Career mode, including The Long Shadow campaign and online games, you need to create a great build for your character. The build is composed of four parts:

    finishing (blue)

    shooting (green)

    playmaking (yellow)

    defense/rebounding (red)

    The attributes you need to assign to your build will determine the type of players you get, and good builds need to be filled with suitable players. As for good players, you can get them with NBA 2K21 MT. This article will help you create the best build in the game. The following are the best builds of players in NBA 2K21.

    Playmaking Shot creator

    This is one of the best offensive builds in the game, because it allows you to get a lot of points in the game. Your players will have excellent shooting, the great speed with the ball, and be a three-point expert, which means you can score anywhere on the court. This build is suitable for a point guard with a height of 6 feet 3 or 6 feet 4, minimum weight and wingspan. His focus should be on shooting stats, such as mid-range shot (94), three-point shot (92), and free throw (89).

    Then you need to decide whether you want to spend more points on playmaking or finishing. If you want to carry the team, it is better to finish. The last is the takeover menu, where you can choose a badge. When you actively experience multiple times in the game, the badge will improve the player's attributes.

    Best NBA shooters, such as Steph Curry, Trae Young, and Damian Lillard are suitable.

    Perimeter lockdown

    This is very suitable for players who like to defend and score. It is suitable for point guards or shooting guards. If you go with 6 feet 5, 180 pounds and maximum wingspan, which is perfect. Your players will have great athleticism, decent shooting and speed with ball, and a lot of defensive skills.

    You need to excel in perimeter defense (87), lateral quickness (87), steal (94) and defensive rebound (76). We recommend increasing the player's ball-handling to around 75 overall.

    Russell Westbrook or John Wall is recommended.

    Two-way finisher

    This is a two-way finisher build. To do this, you need to have tall and fast players. A 6-foot-8 and 185-pound player is suitable. Set the wingspan to 90 inches and you will have a player who can frustrate your opponent in a defensive and brute-force his way on the attack.

    With this build, you need an excellent perimeter defense (87), lateral quickness (87), steal (87), block (92), offense rebound (91) and defensive rebound (93) player.

    Penny Hardaway and Ben Simmons are recommended.

    Stretch four

    Create a 6-foot-8 player and reduce the weight to 185 pounds. Set their wingspan to 87 inches to help with shooting mechanics. Start spending as many points as possible on shooting: mid-range shot (87), three-point shot(86), and free throw (93).

    Similar to Kevin Durant and Jason Taytum is recommended.

    Paint beast

    You need a player with a height of 7 feet 1 inch, a maximum weight of 290 pounds, and a 95-inch wingspan. These attributes allow you to have a paint on the inside: close shot (90), post hook(81), and standing dunk(95).

    If you abuse the screens, you can help your teammates succeed, but don't forget to ask for a pass so you can dominate inside the paint. Your character needs to have good defensive stats, such as interior defense(94), block(92), offensive rebound(90), and defensive rebound(90). This will make him the best rim protector in the league.

    To become a winning player on the court, you not only need these good builds, but also outstanding players. As long as you have enough NBA 2K21 MT, you can easily get the players you need.

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  • NBA 2K22: When Can We Pre Order It?

    NBA 2K22: When Can We Pre Order It?

    May 27, 2021

    Although NBA 2K22 is still a month away, some fans are already wondering when will they pre-order the game. GAMEMS also gives some predictions, if you are interested, you can continue reading this article.

    NBA 2K22 Release Date

    2K always releases the game at least one month before the start of the NBA season. The official release date of NBA 2K22 has not yet been released, but based on the past situation, we will have some reasonable speculations.

    NBA 2K21 was released on September 4, 2020, which is the first Friday of the month. 2K has always released the game before the end of the first week of September.

    Unlike previous years, NBA 2K22 may be released between September 3 and 10 this year. NBA 2K21 does not have early access, even for gamers who pre-order the game. However, due to the postponement of the NBA 2K21 release date, NBA 2K22 may change this year.

    When can we pre-order NBA 2K22?

    There is no official information on pre-order of NBA 2K22, but you can refer to the NBA 2K21. NBA 2K21 became available to pre-order on July 2, 2020, so we speculate that NBA 2K22 should have pre-orders go up in the next month or so.

    Pre Order rewards

    NBA 2K always offers some benefits to gamers who pre-order the game. The pre-order rewards of NBA 2K21 vary depending on where it was bought from, but everyone will get some of the most important pre-order rewards.

    The pre-order rewards of NBA 2K22 may include thousands of virtual currency, a large number of MT points, MyTeam Promo Packs, a MyPlayer Shoe collection and other benefits.

    The Legend Edition of the game will have the most important rewards and bonuses. The pre-order of the Mamba forever edition of NBA 2K21 has brought great benefits to MyTeam, MyCareer and MyPlayer.

    Although NBA 2K22 is still far away from us, NBA 2K21 is also bringing freshness to gamers. So you are still focusing on NBA 2K21, you may need NBA 2K21 MT, after all, they can make it easier for you to get your favorite player cards.

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  • NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs Have Arrived In MyTeam Mode, Featuring Invincible Cards For Kobe

    NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs Have Arrived In MyTeam Mode, Featuring Invincible Cards For Kobe

    May 15, 2021

    Before the 2020 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the new NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs appeared in MyTeam mode. Not only feature previously enshrined players, but also have 3 of the greatest players in history to be inducted. In addition to other representatives of HOF, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant will also have special Dark Matter Invincible Cards.

    Enshrined Packs with HOFers

    As part of Season 7, NBA 2K21 Enshrined Packs has been officially released on May 14. Kobe Bryant, the five-time NBA champion, made the headlines in this class. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar will be inducted by Michael Jordan of the Hall of Fame, and he will also appear in 2K's new packs.

    The Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan selected in 2020 will also be inducted on Saturday night. Isiah Thomas will represent KG, a former MVP, multiple-time All-star, and one-time NBA Champion.

    Duncan is a five-time Spurs championship, former league MVP, and multiple All-Star. His former teammate David Robinson will present him.

    All three players now have the new Dark Matter Invincible card, and they are all available at the Auction House. In addition, other players will also appear, they all have different overall ratings, and the key attributes of their cards appear randomly in packs.

    Dark Matter Invincible Card attributes

    Kobe Bryant has multiple cards in MyTeam, but the Dark Matter Invincible card from NBA 2K21 Enshrinement Packs is the best, adding his location card.

    Key attributes:

    Outside Scoring - 99

    Inside Scoring - 98

    Playmaking - 99

    Athleticism - 98

    Defending - 98

    Rebounding - 96

    He has 60 Hall of Fame badges, which also proves that he has enough qualifications to become a superstar in the Hall of Fame.

    KG’s Invincible card:

    Rebounding - 99

    Defending - 99

    Inside Scoring - 99

    Outside Scoring - 98

    Athleticism - 98

    Playmaking - 97

    KG has one more HOF badge and 11 gold badges than Kobe.

    Tim Duncan got his second card in MyTeam, which is also his best.

    Rebounding - 99

    Defending - 99

    Inside Scoring - 99

    Outside Scoring - 98

    Athleticism - 97

    Playmaking - 98

    The Spurs also has 61 HOF and 11 gold badges.

    Pack prices

    On the auction list, the price of KG and Duncan reached 1.5 million MT, and Kobe was worth 3.2 million MT.

    So if you are fascinated by these player cards, then you need to prepare for NBA 2K21 MT because they are valuable. Some gamers may not have enough 2K21 MT, but if you want to get your favorite player card as soon as possible, then buy NBA 2K21 MT will be the perfect method.

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  • NBA 2K21: The Latest Locker Codes

    NBA 2K21: The Latest Locker Codes

    Apr 29, 2021

    If you are a fan of MyTeam mode, NBA 2K21 Locker Codes can provide some great free rewards to use your roster or players. They usually provide player cards or packs, 2K Tokens, and NBA 2K21 MT. The latest batch of active codes provides a great opportunity for a variety of different packs, and each pack may have some good player cards. Below is the information about MyTeam Locker Codes used on 2K21 in the next few days.

    Latest NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

    On April 27th, the latest NBA 2K21 Locker Codes have arrived through the official MyTeam account. So you will have the opportunity to use new Mystery Packs in the game. That top card inside could be a Victor Oladipo Galaxy Opal. Besides, those packs can contain Pink Diamond Joe Smith or Diamond Malcolm Brogdon cards.

    It all depends on the drop of the ping pong ball in the machine and expecting the ball to fall in the correct bucket. Eventually, you may get Badge Pack or MyTeam Tokens. You only need to enter "MYSTERY-PACKS-OLADIPO-QD3P" in the Extras/Locker Code area of the MyTeam menu screens.

    Another code "XPKRA-RW3PD-HD8QW": Mystery Pack, or Throwback Moments, Season 3, or Pantheon pack.

    5G2Z4-J9RRP-VZPQ4: gives a chance at Possessed, Double Take, Finals, Pantheon, or Pantheon All-Stars pack.

    In addition, a code dropped for Shaquille O’Neal appearance on NBA 2KTV. The code is "SHAQ-ON-2KTD-S7E16", giving a Warped Reality pack, and this pack may also feature Stephen Curry.

    Another way to distribute NBA 2K21 Locker Codes is in the NBA live broadcasts. The latest one was on Wednesday evening matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns. In previous game codes, the player card was usually based on someone in the game. Fans speculate that the code may be a shot at Ruby Paul George or Chris Paul card, but they still hope for something to be better than this and level.

    GAMEMS will also continue to update the Codes that are coming one after another during the MyTeam season.

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  • NBA 2K Franchise: Can 2K22 Take A New Step In The Right Direction?

    NBA 2K Franchise: Can 2K22 Take A New Step In The Right Direction?

    Apr 21, 2021

    NBA 2K needs a big change, so fans pin their hopes on NBA 2K22. With the end of the 2021 NBA season, the game will follow. Soon, the trailer will reveal the next iteration of the franchise.

    Because the improvement of NBA 2K is lackluster, it is criticized every year. 2K loyal fans always feel that the new game experience is no different from the previous one, and even some players think it is not worth upgrading. In the past few years, microtransactions have also become a new problem. In this game, the pay-to-win mechanics is always emphasized. NBA 2K21 is like a free-to-play game with microtransactions. Will 2K22 reverse this situation?

    After its launch, 2K21 released some improvements on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. It took more than a year to test the next-gen technology, and 2K22 should have a more polished franchise.

    The 2K series has always been a leader in image improvements, but sometimes games just look better. Because of clumsy and incoherent animations, gamers have been plagued. Real-time input of long and smooth animations can be tricky, but next-gen animations can really improve the feel of the game and let gamers immerse in it.


    Multiplayer mode is not popular in NBA 2K games, and microtransactions are even more annoying to gamers. They can choose to constantly grind to improve their characters in the Story Mode, or use NBA 2K21 MT to make them stronger than their opponents immediately. So if NBA 2K22 cancels microtransactions, it must be a good decision.


    If you prefer to play games with friends, then the game needs to solve some problems as much as possible. The form of lag and latency in the game needs to be improved, which is a huge obstacle.

    2K has produced many excellent NBA 2K games, so there are reasons to believe that it has the potential to make games better. Then 2K22 is an excellent opportunity for the development team to prove themselves. Once NBA 2K22 publishes relevant news, GAMEMS will broadcast it in time. And the cheap NBA 2K22 MT on GAMEMS can also be expected.

    Now fans can only focus on NBA 2K21, so you can only buy NBA 2K21 MT here.

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