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  • NBA 2K21: Some Teams Worth Using In MyGM Or MyLeague Mode

    NBA 2K21: Some Teams Worth Using In MyGM Or MyLeague Mode

    Mar 15, 2021

    Speaking of sports video games, NBA 2K will definitely have a place. From many classic teams to customization options, gamers have many choices. Two of the highlights are MyGM and MyLeague mode. Both of them allow you to control the team, MyGM allows you to run a franchise, and MyLeague allows you to do so and you can also become a commissioner of the league. It focuses on the ideal franchise, so it is necessary to choose some suitable teams.

    Atlanta Hawks

    One of the most important factors for the management team in these modes is to have financial flexibility. In this regard, Atlanta Hawks is the best choice. They provide a lot of cap space at the beginning of the game, may add a prime free agent, or give a major extension to a current star.

    The possibility of adding a top-level player to the existing young core of the team is huge. Trae Young is one of the most talented young players in the game. In addition, there are John Collins and De'Andre. There are also veterans like Rajon Rondo and Danilo Gallinari to move.

    Seattle Storm

    WNBA may not be as popular as NBA, but in this series of games, it provides a variety of ways to play. It is characterized by an extra skill level that is different from the pace of the three-ball dominated NBA. There are many teams in the league to choose from, but the best one is Seattle Storm, which has the legend Sue Bird, veteran Lauren Jackson and Breanna Stewart, currently considered the best player.

    Brooklyn Nets

    Brooklyn Nets may not be built to become a powerful dynasty, but within a few years, they can be unstoppable, they have come out as a title threat and they are full of talent. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden have formed a very good offensive lineup, and the addition of Blake Griffin will make this team even better.

    Oklahoma City Thunder

    This team has more future draft picks. Until 2027, they have at least three first-round picks in each draft, unless they have two in 2022. This does not include the second-round selections.

    New Orleans Pelicans

    In terms of current competitiveness, bright future, and veterans who can move to other pieces, New Orleans Pelicans have above all. Obviously, the biggest selling point is Zion Williamson. He is a blast that can control and dunk all over opposing teams. The team also has the All-Star Brandon Ingram and the ever-increasing Lonzo Ball. Eric Bledsoe and Josh Hart maintain a competitive relationship, as do JJ Redick and Steven Adams, and they may also be moved if needed.

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