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  • Albion Online: Season 10 Brings Incredible Rewards

    Albion Online: Season 10 Brings Incredible Rewards

    Aug 19, 2020

    The tenth season of Albion Online is coming soon, and it will start on August 29. Guilds that reach a high enough rank during the season can get fantastic rewards, including avatar, avatar ring, and the fearsome new Goliath Horseeater mount.


    The Goliath Horseeater strikes fears into the hearts of other battle mounts with its powerful web, which can render them completely unable to move. It also has AoE root and poison to slow down and weaken the enemy's power. This mount will be awarded to guilds who reach Silver Rank or higher in season 10, with increasingly higher stats and increasingly epic appearance with each successive tier.

    The winning guild will get a statue of the past Guild Season winners in Conqueror's Hall, because the Queen's update can be accessed through all major cities, and Qualifying guilds will also receive a Fame Bonus and furniture items.

    Roads of Avalon

    The Avalon Rise update released on August 12 brought many new features to the Albion world. Roads of Avalon is a constantly changing road network accessed via the open world that allows guilds to place Hideouts away from the politics of the Outlands. Avalon lacks territories that give Season Points, but guilds can still choose to compete in other ways from an Avalon-based Hideout.

    New Weapons

    In addition, with the launch of Rise of Avalon, 15 new Avalonian Weapons will have a profound impact on small- and large-scale battles and will update the combat meta for both open-world territory battles and the 5V5 combat of the Crystal League.

    With a series of new weapons, I believe there will be new challenges, and perhaps different degrees of difficulty for players. If you want to successfully pass a series of tasks, the easiest way is to go to GAMEMS to buy Albion Online Silver. You can use Albion Online Silver to buy the equipment or weapons you want, which can help your character improve and become stronger.

  • WOW Classic: Dongquan Frost Blade Leopard Acquisition Method

    WOW Classic: Dongquan Frost Blade Leopard Acquisition Method

    Sep 23, 2019

    World of Warcraft nostalgia, if you don't have a mount, walking on your own is very slow, so players want to have a mount.

    World of Warcraft nostalgic suits Dongquan frost blade leopard acquisition method: There are all kinds of artifacts and mounts in World of Warcraft nostalgia, today Xiaobian introduces to everyone is the treasure of the World of Warcraft mount Dongquan Frost Blade Leopard, A very cool mount, riding a very clam!

    In the classic old world, the Frost Blade Leopard is a unique mount in the league (the tribe does not have a corresponding mount), if you want to get this mount, you need to keep brushing. If you don't have enough time, you can do it by looking for a WOW Classic Boosting service.

    There is a dark night npc on the Froststone in Winterspring. It will only give you a mission to let you brush your reputation. Then the reputation will gradually increase and you will unlock two missions. As long as you have time and mood, the task can be brushed infinitely. But to be explained is: First, the task's drop rate is very low (60 quest items drop rate is generally low), followed by the difficulty is gradually increased, there is a task you have to kill the elite blame, and the 60 version can be singled out elite The blame is generally only thieves or hunters, so the number of mounts in the 60 version is still very small. GameMS can help you get more WoW Classic Gold and upgrade to a higher level

    Battlefield mount

    The battlefield mount may be the easiest to get, and you can exchange 50 brands after you worship. The Alliance is a dwarf's golden sheep-shaped mount, and the Horde is a mount of the Orc.

    But the battlefield mounts are still very attractive for some races, because in addition to the dwarf race, the league must only use the goat mount to always brush the reputation of the Ironforge, and the tribe has to ride the wolf mount in addition to the orc race. Can always brush the Orgrimmar reputation to worship. However, the 60-level version, the reputation of the main city is more difficult.

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