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  • Madden 22: How To QB Contain?

    Madden 22: How To QB Contain?

    Sep 30, 2021

    Mobile quarterbacks are important to your Madden 22 defense, so knowing how to QB contain in the game is a skill that gamers need to master. This allows your linebackers and defensive ends to keep a mobile QB in check. A highly rated quarterback will complete your order perfectly, so it is worthwhile to spend more Madden 22 Coins to get a good quarterback. In Madden 22, the controls for quarterback contain have changed. To effectively control the quarterback, you need to master the following points.

    How to shift your defensive line?

    When your defense is on the field, quickly press the "Left" button on the D-pad, and a menu will pop up. This will give you the option to shift your defensive line.

    * Shift your defensive line to the right via pressing the Left Stick to the right

    * Shift your defensive line to the left via pressing to the left with the Left Stick

    * Press up on the Left Stick to spread the defensive line out

    * Press down on the Left Stick to pinch the defense

    How to QB Contain in defense?

    In Madden 21 defense, you only need to hit R1 many times to QB contain. But in the Madden 22 defense, something has changed. You need to make sure that your defense is spread out first before the QB contain.

    * Press Left on the D-pad to bring up the menu for defensive controls

    * Spread your defensive alignment out via pressing up on the Left Stick

    * Press R1 twice and that will QB contain

    In addition to the defense mechanisms of Madden 22, there are other controls, skills, and other factors. GAMEMS has updated Madden 22's related game guides before, so if you are a new gamer of Madden games, these questions may be helpful to you. In addition, for the loyal gamers in Madden, it is already commonplace to buy Madden 22 Coins from GAMEMS. Because we provide every version of Madden Coins, we have already accumulated many customers.

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