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  • Madden 22: PS4/5 Will Usher In The Revamped Scouting

    Madden 22: PS4/5 Will Usher In The Revamped Scouting

    Oct 18, 2021

    In the hype cycle before the release of Madden 22, EA Sports accounted for a considerable proportion of the Scouting system in Franchise Mode. At launch and in previous entries, this was pretty rudimentary. You will get some points every week, and you can spend these points to reveal more information about the rookies you are interested in recruiting.

    With the release of the latest patch, the entire system has been redesigned. Now you need to be responsible for hiring and firing scouts, setting the assignments, and drilling into the details of the college players you want to draft. You will get their performance data in the NFL, and other members of the NFL Combine will also pay attention to the players you care about, which will affect the draft projections.

    This is a huge overhaul, although EA Sports still has a long way to go to make the Franchise Mode of its American football simulation mode compared with the equivalent mode of NBA 2K22. So fans are eager to dig deeper into these changes to see how much they can add to the core Franchise experience.

    In addition to the new Scouting system, the latest update of Madden 22 has more content. A new ranked mode with various rewards has been added to the Yard, and various legacy uniforms and player likenesses have been included. Other improvements include pass coverage and even a new X-Factor.

    Although the Scouting system is not perfect, EA Sports will continue to introduce some effective patches to make it increasingly tend to perfect, to bring you a better gaming experience. GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the new content of Madden NFL 22.

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  • Madden 22: Dynamic Gameday Features Give Teams A Real Home-field Advantage

    Madden 22: Dynamic Gameday Features Give Teams A Real Home-field Advantage

    Jun 30, 2021

    Madden 22’s team has conducted a new in-depth dive of this year’s dynamic gameday systems, which include providing the teams with real home-field advantage and changing AI opponents for single-player matchups. Every year the Madden game changes, interesting improvements will be made to the core gameplay, and Madden 22 is no exception.

    The team has made improvements to Madden 22's franchise mode, including skill trees for coaches, improved weekly strategy, and better UI for the major hub. Some of these updates, such as the coach skill trees, continue the features that first appeared in the NCAA football series. Other content, such as the ability to get in-depth into the details of the week’s game, was added to Madden 21. In both cases, the new features will be dedicated to continuously improving Madden's gameplay.

    Dynamic Gameday

    The gameplay of Madden 22 will be improved, all thanks to a three-pronged system that EA Tiburon calls Dynamic Gameday. First of all, the stadium experience will not only be more alive in this year's game due to the improved crowd animations and the inclusion of super fans but also due to their strong support of the home team, the audience will also affect some plays. The noise of the crowd may drown out the quarterback audible or make him miss a call. This authenticity also extends to the improved broadcast package for each stadium and additional celebrations in the endzone.

    Unruly fans are not the only dynamic element that can hinder a good play. In Madden 22, the team will have the built-in momentum that runs through each game. A team that is in the competition may find it easier to get the ball on the court when the undergoes truly have to pull out all the stops. 

    This also applies to teams that play at home stadium, which provides a unique perk that is tied to the unique aspects of each team. For example, the Seahawks’ famous noisy crowds will make the game more difficult to execute. In addition, the Windy City will make field goals harder to score for the player against Chicago.

    AI System

    EA hopes to use technology similar to the concept of Forza Motorsport Drivatar to make games against AI feel as dynamic as against a human opponent. This will translate into teams that can reflect opponents in real life and succeed in sticking to the passing or running plays they master. The stats will continue to change throughout the year, reflecting the real-life stats in the exhibition game and the team's ongoing Franchise season.

    In Madden 22, in addition to automatically updating the roster, it can also keep the stats synchronized with real-life sport, which is a crazy prospect. Madden 22 will arrive in August, so you can prepare for it in advance.

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