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  • Madden 22: How To Get Momentum?

    Madden 22: How To Get Momentum?

    Aug 27, 2021

    Momentum is a newly added feature of Madden 22. Momentum allows popular teams to get specific boots, from increasing success rates for the blocks, shaking the play art of the opposing team, and even the unique Home Field Advantage of each NFL team's stadium. However, many gamers don't know how to get Momentum in Madden 22. In this regard, GAMEMS will make a detailed introduction.

    First of all, you can see the new Momentum bar on the score bug on the top of the screen, that is, directly above the team logos and score.

    You can obtain Momentum in a variety of ways, including:

    * Forcing turnovers

    * Gaining first downs

    * Big gains in yardage

    * Plays that result in a safety

    * Field goals

    * Touchdowns

    As you can imagine, scoring plays will produce greater gains in Momentum, rather than the first downs.

    Momentum is not entirely controlled by game scores. Now, under obvious circumstances, that is 20-30 point leads, the winning team is most likely to have a lot of Momentum.

    As for closer games, it’s another matter. If the score of a game is 21-14, but the losing team scores two TDs to reduces the lead to 7 points, then this team can have more Momentum because the players of this team performed better at that particular time.

    Because of this, you must control the game to avoid Momentum swings. Even if you are a leader, you are not necessarily safe, so you need to be fully prepared on the court.

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  • Madden 22 Offense Tricks: What Are The Best Offensive Playbooks?

    Madden 22 Offense Tricks: What Are The Best Offensive Playbooks?

    Aug 19, 2021

    Some people may have already started playing Madden 22, although it has not been fully released yet. If you are a fan of Madden 22, then don't miss some of the game guides provided by GAMEMS. Today we will introduce the most offensive Playbooks in Madden 22.

    Because playbooks are crucial, they can determine your level of creativity on the court. If you have a good enough formation to deal with every style of play, then you have a chance to win the final victory. Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to each team's playbooks before starting your career. You should know the abilities of your team, find the best type of play, and then choose the formation that will bring you success. Good playbooks also need great players to execute, so sufficient MUT 22 Coins will be necessary.

    Best offensive playbooks in Madden 22

    Las Vegas Raiders - Best for running

    In the NFL, the Las Vegas Raiders may not be the strongest team, but they have the best offensive playbooks in Madden 22.

    If you are looking for a variety of Run formations, Las Vegas Raiders playbooks will meet your needs. They have some very powerful formations that can break through the defensive line. This team’s playbook still features a new set of Split Twins formations under the Gun section that would surprise your opponents.

    Baltimore Ravens - Best for Mobile QB

    As the cover star of Madden 21, Lamar Jackson is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He has an impressive running ability with the ball.

    So for games based on Mobile quarterbacks, the best playbooks are none other than Ravens. In Ravens Playbooks, The Pistol is the best part because of some great formations for a QB Run.

    Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chefs - Best for Passing

    Seattle Seahawks or Kansas City Chefs can be said to be the best Gun formations. They both have diversified formations and added some new features, such as Bunch Y Flex for Chefs.

    Meta formation in Madden 22

    It depends on your team's ability and your playstyle, but similar to the previous Madden games, in Madden 22, the Bunch formation may help you deal with most situations on the court.

    You may want to try some new formations, such as Bunch Y Flex in Gun. In addition, Bunch TE is a very rare formation, which is not available in many of the team's Playbooks.

    These are some recommended playbooks for you to choose from. With the release of the game, GAMEMS will provide more game guides. In addition, the cheap MUT 22 Coins will become a hot-selling product on GAMEMS. As mentioned above, MUT 22 Coins can enhance your advantage and become the final winner in the game.

  • Madden 22: New MUT Features Have Been Revealed

    Madden 22: New MUT Features Have Been Revealed

    Aug 11, 2021

    Madden 22 is only a week away from the release of EA Play Trial and will be officially released for global release soon. Ultimate Team is still the most popular mode for fans, and new content related to MUT 22 has now been announced. GAMEMS has made a detailed list.

    Strategy Items

    In MUT 22, the strategy items are designed to simplify the existing chemistry system, remove most chemistries from players, and allow you to use these items to build a complete chemistry team.

    Players will have multiple strategy slots, allowing you to select combinations and find the right mix, making you unstoppable in the Ultimate Team. Strategy items can contain multiple attribute enhancements for a single player, or items that can affect the team more widely. These items should continue to evolve after launch.

    Halftime Adjustments

    When the ability is activated during halftime, with 30 seconds to make changes in H2H modes, and 60 seconds to change things up when playing against the CPU.

    Stats on Items

    In a new Ultimate Team, there will be tracked stats for each unique player item, representing the in-game accomplishments you’ve managed with the item.

    Ultimate Season

    There will be some changes to the MUT level this year, with frequently updated daily and weekly objectives to help you level up throughout the season. Every few months, EA plans to create a new season and reset MUT levels, adding new objectives and rewards in the process.

    Team Affinity

    Create a favorite franchise-themed team to celebrate the return of MUT 22 Team Affinity, you can get new players from your favorite NFL team through this program. To build the best Ultimate Team in the history of the franchise, you need to have enough MUT 22 Coins, because good players must be expensive.

    Dynamic Gameday Integration

    * Instinct - Defense can see Home/Away Team's intended pass target

    * Hold the Line - Home/Away Team has improved blocking

    * Adrenaline - Home/Away Team has infinite stamina during plays

    * Shook-Offensive play art is distorted for the Home/Away Team

    * Zoned out - Home/Away Team players cannot enter The Zone

    * High and Tight - Home/Away Team has a greatly reduced fumble chance

    * Unstoppable - Home/Away Team players cannot be knocked out of The Zone

    * Check Down - Home/Away Team QB has trouble seeing deeper receivers

    So far, various leaks seem to have successfully aroused the interest of fans, and they are very much looking forward to the arrival of Madden 22. To ensure the good gaming experience of the players, GAMEMS will always be ready to provide you with cheap MUT 22 Coins, which means that no matter when you come to GAMEMS, live chat is available, and our staff will answer your questions in short.

  • Madden 22: 3 Players Who Have Chances To Join The 99 Club

    Madden 22: 3 Players Who Have Chances To Join The 99 Club

    Aug 02, 2021

    Madden 22's ratings have declined in the past week, especially since the top 10 at every position is announced every day. Of course, this has also triggered a lot of controversy about players getting ratings. However, few gamers question the numbers of the 99 Club because they are good enough.

    Considering that the initial members of the 99 Club were:

    * Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes 

    * Packers WR Davante Adams 

    * Chiefs TE Travis Kelce 

    * Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald 

    * Rams CB Jalen Ramsey

    it is understandable that the gamers have no objection to this.

    Now more players will wonder who else has the opportunity to join the 99 Club in Madden 22. Three players are in a prime position to boost their ratings throughout the 2021 season and join the 99 Club before the end of the game.

    Jaire Alexander, CB - Current rating: 95

    Ramsey’s Cornerback is already a member of 99 Club in Madden 22. His closest competitor in this position is Stephen Gilmore with an overall rating of 97. But the Patriots standouts did not join Ramsey in the illustrious group, Packers Corner Jaire Alexander has a better chance.

    In the past two seasons, Alexander has been a threat to Green Bay. Since 2019, he has become one of the best coverage corners in the league with 30 pass defenses. With his skills and important role in the defense of the Packers, the increase in the interceptions should be enough to get a higher rating.

    Derrick Henry, RB - Current rating:96

    Tennessee's running back is not a pass-catcher, so he doesn't have the kind of strength that Christian McCaffrey and others have the boots from the game. In 2019, he rushing for 1,540 yards and 16 TDs, and in 2020, he rushing for 2,027 yards and 17 TDs. If he can create such results again, then 99 OVR will be possible.

    Myles Garrett, EDGE - Current rating: 98

    Of all the NFL players who may join the 99 Club this season, Myles is the most likely. Not only has he almost reached his player rating, but he is also a player that is still on the rise, so he is dominant at the beginning of his career. Garrett has a chance to come up with some otherworldly numbers, in doing so, he will be able to win a higher rating in Madden 22.

    So if you want to get more potential players on the basis of saving MUT 22 Coins, then you can give priority to these three 99 Club candidates. As for how to get more Madden 22 Coins as soon as possible, you can come to GAMEMS to check.

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  • Madden 22: Rookie Ratings and Ratings Of Players With New Teams

    Madden 22: Rookie Ratings and Ratings Of Players With New Teams

    Jul 26, 2021

    Madden 22 Rookie Ratings has been released. The most surprising thing is that Jaguar quarterback Trevor Lawrence, which is the No. 1 overall pick in the Draft, is not the highest-rated rookie in Madden 22. This honor belongs to the Atlanta Falcons TE Kyle Pitts, who was selected with the No. 3 overall pick. Pitts is the only player in this draft class who scored the 80s at the beginning of his Madden career.

    Trevor Lawrence's OVR is 78. This seems to be lower than people's expectations, but it is still respectable.

    Top 10 rookies in Madden 22

    * Kyle Pitts, TE, Atlanta Falcons - 81 OVR

    * Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars - 78 OVR

    * Jaylen Waddle,WR,Miami Dolphins - 76 OVR

    * Pat Surtain II, CB, Denver Broncos - 76 OVR

    * Zach Wilson, QB, New York Jets - 75 OVR

    * Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Cincinnati Bengals - 75 OVR

    * DeVonta Smith, WR, Philadelphia Eagles - 75 OVR

    * Trey Lance, QB, San Francisco 49ers - 74 OVR

    * Justin Fields, QB, Chicago Bears - 74 OVR

    This shows that the position you are drafted does not necessarily reflect the ratings in Madden. It is a bit disappointing that Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons didn’t make the cut, because some people had predicted that his OVR would be around 73.

    In addition, what is more interesting is that in Madden 22, many rookies rated higher than some experienced quarterbacks. In addition to rookies, EA also announced the ratings of players who will join the new teams.

    Notable Ratings

    * Matthew Stafford, QB, Los Angeles Rams - 83 OVR

    * Jared Goff, QB, Detroit Lions - 77 OVR

    * Carson Wentz, QB, Indianapolis Colts - 72 OVR

    * Jalen Hurts, QB, Philadelphia Eagles - 71 OVR

    * Sam Darnold, QB, Carolina Panthers - 71 OVR

    * Julio Jones, WR, Tennessee Titans - 95 OVR

    * JJ Watt, DE, Arizona Cardinals - 94 OVR

    * Jonnu Smith, TE, New England Patriots - 81 OVR

    Julio Jones' OVR is very satisfactory. His rating in the Titans is as high as 95. It was there that he completed Madden 21 last season. Obviously, EA doesn't care about the age or health of the players. Based on their ranking of other receivers, Jones may be among the top 5 WR in Madden 22.

    When you can expect each position ratings

    * July 26: Wide receivers

    * July 27: Defensive linemen & edge rushers

    * July 28: Running backs

    * July 29: Safeties

    * July 30: Quarterbacks

    So you can subscribe to GAMEMS for more player ratings, and we will also pay close attention to it. For Madden 22 gamers, it’s also helpful to know about player ratings, so that you can carefully select suitable players. It’s not only high-rating players that are worthy of attention. If you have enough foresight, then look for potential players! To build a perfect team, enough MUT 22 Coins will be indispensable.

    If you have both Madden 22 Coins and keen insight, building a team will be an easy process. As the release date of Madden 22 is getting closer, GAMEMS is also fully prepared. We will provide both strategic guides and MUT 22 Coins.

  • Madden 22: The Biggest Franchise Improvement Is Coming After Launch

    Madden 22: The Biggest Franchise Improvement Is Coming After Launch

    Jul 24, 2021

    In the past 10 years, the Madden series has introduced various new modes, but its core mode is still Franchise, which has been quite stagnant in recent years. Madden 22 now pays some attention to the fan’s favorite mode.

    EA showed some of Madden 22's gameplay improvements, such as the Dynamic Gameday and Next Gen Stats overhaul, and also allowed players to see some major changes in the Madden 22 Franchise. Recently, the company has carried out in-depth updates. The most important addition is Scouting. Scouting has received some major improvements, such as position scouting, regional focus, and more. But you cannot view these features when Madden 22 was first released.

    Scouting is the lifeblood of Franchise Mode, although the other improvements that Madden 22 brings to Franchise Mode, such as weekly strategy and coaching skill trees, are substantial changes that players have always wanted. This year's release will follow Madden 21's periodic Franchise update strategy. However, once Madden 22's scouting update is successful, you will have more fun.

    What’s new in Madden 22’s scouting?

    The most troublesome aspect of the old Madden scouting system is its static nature and the allotment of points just to work each week. But these will be a thing of the past because Madden 22 will introduce a new dynamic draft, which will be updated several times a year under the influence of players. So, if players find a prospect projected in the 5th or 6th round with 1st round talent, they won't stay there anymore.

    When the Madden 22 players scout prospects it brings national attention to said person, and other teams will pay attention to him. As the season progresses, his draft ranking will rise. This rolls into the new Madden scouting system, players have both national and regional scouts, and they have different positions specialties. This means that it will no longer be simple to find the best newbies in each Madden class’s best rookies and strive for them.

    You need to specify the positions you need most, hire staff who can focus on that position, and then discover which area has the best development prospects. Once you find some potential draft picks, the game becomes more complicated, but it will bring the entire game experience closer to real-world scouting.

    In the Franchise mode of Madden 22, you will see some changes every year, that is, where the top prospects are to come throughout the years. EA has stated that there will be more updates in the past few years, such as providing additional capabilities for Madden scouting staff.

    In Madden, the improvement of the scouting feature is accompanied by a large number of other updates. It is not yet certain when this update will appear, but in the recent Deep Dive, EA stated its “targeting September”, so fans seem to have to wait for a while.

    But once Madden 22 is released, GAMEMS will also provide corresponding game guides, because now there may be more new players joining the game, and they may be unfamiliar with Madden’s mechanics. At this time, you can also come to GAMEMS to check the corresponding game guide.

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  • Madden 22: Scouting Will Change The NFL Draft Process In Franchise Mode

    Madden 22: Scouting Will Change The NFL Draft Process In Franchise Mode

    Jul 22, 2021

    Madden 22 participated in the Spotlight series of EA Play Live, and now we have learned more about the scouting function of Franchise Mode. In Madden 22, the NFL draft process may look better than before. One thing is that GAMEMS has collected more about Scouting and other new content.

    There will be 3 major updates to Franchise

    EA plans to make three major updates to Franchise after its release. Scouting is expected to be part of the first, and it still has a non-specific release window for September 2021. This update did not discuss other possible content. It was mentioned that the pacing used by Madden 21 still applies to Madden 22.

    Last year's first Gridiron Notes on Franchise Updates was released on September 3. After that, Madden 21 released a complete series of updates on November 10, January 6, and March 3, and accompanied Gridiron Notes to explore the content added or changed in each update.

    There are rumors that Madden 22 will be released in September, but fans expect this date to be advanced.

    Franchise Mode will be friendly to users

    How to make scouting more approachable is the center of discussion, because they have abolished the points-based system used in previous years.

    In Franchise, you will no longer be urged to spend your scouting points immediately daily, because this time things will work more broadly, allowing some autopilot to happen.

    The new scouting system will try to keep the player's preferences open, which means you can focus on scouting as much or as little as you can when playing Franchise. In addition, scouting preferences will be set in week one of pre-season, rather than being postponed until several weeks into the season. The upgrade of scouting this year also largely depends on their rework and integration of the NFL Draft, including Mock Drafts.

    Scouting changes NFL Draft

    Scouting is the key to the NFL teams, but it is just a tool that led to the biggest event of the offseason - the NFL Draft.

    This year, Madden 22's goal is to combine this function with the scouting function. The potential draft board represents the Mock Draft produced by the media in today’s world. This will even bring a new layer of strategy because the way you place scouts in Franchise will directly affect the Mock Drafts and the media's response to certain players.

    If you choose to send your most important scout to find a player who has performed poorly in the Mock Draft, the media will notice and other teams will start to pay close attention to this player. So if you want to avoid this kind of attention, you can choose to send a low-level scout, but this will also run the risk of receiving less detailed information.

    This is the detailed information about scouting, so for now, Madden 22 will be able to arouse the interest of gamers, and there may be more fans joining Madden 22. If you have pre-ordered Madden 22, then you also need to have a legit and reliable supplier of MUT 22 Coins, GAMEMS is worthy of your attention.

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  • Will Madden 22 Be On Xbox Game Pass?

    Will Madden 22 Be On Xbox Game Pass?

    Jul 12, 2021

    Madden 22 will be released next month, and NFL fans can’t wait to learn about all the new features. Currently, the latest focus about Madden 22 is whether this game is available on Xbox game pass.

    EA Sports also has its own Xbox game pass version, but there are rumors that the two are working together. EA Play provides its members with 10 hours of free Madden play. Many fans speculate that EA has its own EA Play, and they will not provide Madden on the Xbox game pass.

    According to rumors, Xbox and EA have been cooperating, and there are many EA games on the Xbox game pass, which makes people believe that Madden 22 will also become one of the games. And, if Madden 22 is released on the Xbox game pass, it will also help restore the lost fan base.

    Another reason can explain why Microsoft wants Madden to appear on Game Pass, and why EA is willing to listen to overtures. Because the release of Madden 21 has received a lot of criticism, if Madden 22 can be released on Game Pass, it may receive less criticism and help restore some of the fan base that EA has lost.

    Judging from the current situation, the possibility of the game being released on Game Pass is very high, but EA Sports has more important things to do.

    In addition, there is also a question that has received widespread attention from fans is whether Madden 22 will be cross-play. Now, Cross-play in the strict sense seems unlikely, which means that Xbox players cannot play Madden 22 with PlayStation players, but PS4 players can play with PS5 players, and it has not been officially announced. We also cannot finalize the relevant information.

    Now EA is also leaking Madden 22-related information bit by bit, and GAMEMS is always paying attention, so if you don't want to miss any Madden 22 news, you can subscribe to GAMEMS.

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  • Madden 22: Dynamic Gameday Features Give Teams A Real Home-field Advantage

    Madden 22: Dynamic Gameday Features Give Teams A Real Home-field Advantage

    Jun 30, 2021

    Madden 22’s team has conducted a new in-depth dive of this year’s dynamic gameday systems, which include providing the teams with real home-field advantage and changing AI opponents for single-player matchups. Every year the Madden game changes, interesting improvements will be made to the core gameplay, and Madden 22 is no exception.

    The team has made improvements to Madden 22's franchise mode, including skill trees for coaches, improved weekly strategy, and better UI for the major hub. Some of these updates, such as the coach skill trees, continue the features that first appeared in the NCAA football series. Other content, such as the ability to get in-depth into the details of the week’s game, was added to Madden 21. In both cases, the new features will be dedicated to continuously improving Madden's gameplay.

    Dynamic Gameday

    The gameplay of Madden 22 will be improved, all thanks to a three-pronged system that EA Tiburon calls Dynamic Gameday. First of all, the stadium experience will not only be more alive in this year's game due to the improved crowd animations and the inclusion of super fans but also due to their strong support of the home team, the audience will also affect some plays. The noise of the crowd may drown out the quarterback audible or make him miss a call. This authenticity also extends to the improved broadcast package for each stadium and additional celebrations in the endzone.

    Unruly fans are not the only dynamic element that can hinder a good play. In Madden 22, the team will have the built-in momentum that runs through each game. A team that is in the competition may find it easier to get the ball on the court when the undergoes truly have to pull out all the stops. 

    This also applies to teams that play at home stadium, which provides a unique perk that is tied to the unique aspects of each team. For example, the Seahawks’ famous noisy crowds will make the game more difficult to execute. In addition, the Windy City will make field goals harder to score for the player against Chicago.

    AI System

    EA hopes to use technology similar to the concept of Forza Motorsport Drivatar to make games against AI feel as dynamic as against a human opponent. This will translate into teams that can reflect opponents in real life and succeed in sticking to the passing or running plays they master. The stats will continue to change throughout the year, reflecting the real-life stats in the exhibition game and the team's ongoing Franchise season.

    In Madden 22, in addition to automatically updating the roster, it can also keep the stats synchronized with real-life sport, which is a crazy prospect. Madden 22 will arrive in August, so you can prepare for it in advance.

    Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins to gain home stadium advantage, and if you want to get your favorite player card, MUT 22 Coins are also necessary.

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  • Madden 22: Details About Franchise Staff, Talent Points, and More

    Madden 22: Details About Franchise Staff, Talent Points, and More

    Jun 26, 2021

    EA will focus on the main updates of Madden 22, and Gridiron Notes provides a more in-depth explanation.

    What’s Franchise Staff?

    All along, fans have asked for a more in-depth coaching staff. In Franchise's coach and owner mode, you will access franchise staff, which provides an expanded roster of coaches, including an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and player personnel department. If you are a coach, you will need to manage 4 different coaching positions.

    Talent Trees

    Franchise Staff is not just about hiring and firing coaches at will, you can customize each one through an RPG-like process system. You can upgrade your staff with Talent Trees and buy various boosts for your staff with spend Staff Points. Each of the 4 coaches will have two sub-trees associated with them, and each tree will have the theme of the coach and their role in the organization. You will need to make some difficult decisions, because some talents will lock the opposite branch of the tree.

    Types of Talents

    There are a total of 60 unique Talents, and some have multiple tiers (a total of more than 95 talents).

    Talents are divided into four categories: Player Growth, Staff Changes/Improvements, On-field Performance, and Player Acquisition/Retention. The head coach will focus on player growth and the development of the roster and staff. The offensive and defensive coordinators give priority to the talents representing position coaches. The player personnel department focuses on building your team through trades and free agents, such as "trade discounts for old players."

    At the end of each Talent Tree are "renewable" and "ultimate" talents. As a reward for completing the coach’s talent tree, you will unlock these special and more powerful talents, including "access additional focus player slots for weekly training."

    Another example is "Fountain of Youth", which slows down your quarterback's regression for a season. The renewable talent has not yet been announced, but we know that it can be purchased multiple times.

    Staff Points

    You can use it to buy Talents, which can be obtained by simply playing the game, satisfying your gameday goals and completing scenarios. Staff Points are collected in a single pool, so you can upgrade any coach on your staff. The cost of Talent can be adjusted in the league settings for more flexibility.

    Filling Out Your Staff

    At the beginning of your franchise, you will have a complete coaching staff. But you can fire any coordinators or head coach at any time during the season and hire a new coach from the pool of generated coaches. Your franchise will receive new coaches every year, and some will be better than others.

    You will get a Staff Points bonus through hiring a new coach. This is inversely proportional to the number of Talents the coach has. So hiring a more experienced coach means he will bring more Talents.

    However, you will get fewer staff points and therefore less flexibility to shape him to your scheme. A less experienced coach can be shaped into your vision as a head coach or owner.

    This is some more specific information about Madden 22, so it seems that the fans' requests all the time have finally been met. All fans can do now is to wait patiently for Madden 22 to arrive.

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