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  • Madden 21: How To Beat Cover Zone Coverage(Cover 2 and Cover 3)

    Madden 21: How To Beat Cover Zone Coverage(Cover 2 and Cover 3)

    May 25, 2021

    The most successful teams in the NFL are highly offensive teams. They can see the opponent's defensive formation and take advantage of the opponent's weaknesses. Man coverage is very easy to handle, but Zone Coverage will make things more complicated. Here is how to identify and handle defensive running zone coverage in Madden 21.

    What’s zone coverage?

    The most common zone plays are Cover 2 and Cover 3. This usually means how many players will be placed in the downfield to protect against deep plays. When you choose your play, the two teams will line up to prepare for hiking football. If the players line up in front of your WRs, they are likely to run man coverage and will follow those players wherever they run (unless they are blitzing).

    Zone Coverage will be obvious because they will be defending a portion of the field, instead of trying to mask your player's movement, they will usually give your receivers space on the line of scrimmage.

    Once the ball is hiked, they will run to any area they set and will react to the movements of the football instead of taking a positive approach to the player movements. This is especially useful for passing plays, because the defensive team has been fully focused on football. Throw the ball into their zone and they are more likely to try to intercept on the pass.

    The slower teams may choose zone plays because they don't necessarily need to keep up with fast receivers. Zone coverage is more focused on limiting damage or knocking down passed balls, rather than forcing the yardage losses on plays.

    How to beat zone coverage?

    The way to beat a zone coverage is to throw the ball where there are no defenders. Zone coverage plays react to football, not to the receiver. This means that if your receivers are running highly moving routes, they have a better chance of getting significant yardage. Because in traditional zone play, only defenders will rush past your quarterback, which means you will have enough time to get rid of the ball.

    If you decide to run the ball with the quarterback, these tactics should give your quarterback a lot of opportunities to gain yards, but you also need to make sure to slide past when defenders are close so that avoid injury or fumbles.

    Cover 2

    If the defense uses Cover 2, their two safeties will be playing back on both sides of the court. If you have a route running to the midfield behind the linebackers, you can get significant yardage.

    Cover 3

    If the defense uses Cover 3, they will also have an extra player to cover the middle deep down the field, but they should leave a mid-range to get a good gain.

    Way to exploit a zone coverage

    Another way to use area coverage is to have your receivers, TEs, RBs on one side of the court. At this time, the defender will have ordinary players who will not immediately conflict with your players because they are covering their zones.

    In addition, running plays against zone defenders has certain limitations. Although it is very useful for short yardage gains, unless your RB breaks tackles, you are unlikely to get more than 10 yards. The defense reacts to the ball, so if your RB crosses the line of scrimmage, it will make everyone watching the ball react to them and catch them.

    These are details about beat zone coverage. After you know the relevant strategy, you can practice more to ensure success. In addition, excellent players are also necessary. You can choose players with excellent attributes according to your needs so that they can be perfectly complete your instructions.

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  • Madden 22: Changes To Franchise Mode That We Expect

    Madden 22: Changes To Franchise Mode That We Expect

    May 11, 2021

    The Madden series of games have gained huge popularity, but the franchise mode in Madden 21 has annoyed many fans. So now Madden 22 needs to change this and make it better.

    Customizable Relocation

    Relocating team is an interesting element of the Madden series. It not only allows you to have more creativity, but also allows you to revive teams that no longer exist, such as Canton Bulldogs or St. Louis Gunners. Or you can even replicate other actual teams.

    Rule Changes

    Voting on rule changes can do more than just add another aspect of reality to the franchise model, such as expanding the playoffs or rewriting overtime rules.

    This is where Madden can creatively add his rule proposals to the actual proposals made in recent years. It can also add some interesting elements to prevent the game mode from becoming bland.

    Customizable Plays

    It would be cool if you can draw your own game like a puzzle. If in a game, a TE comes in reverse and pitches back to a moving receiver, who then pitches to a quarterback, and the quarterback passes the ball to a sprinting receiver in the frontcourt. This may be very interesting.

    Supplemental Draft

    Every July, NFL teams can bid for players with the future draft selections. This is very attractive, so joining the franchise mode is of great significance. For franchise managers, this may be another way to build a lineup at the expense of future draft picks.

    Enhanced Career Stats

    Madden 22 should introduce a simple, streamlined place to look back to stats and awards. In other words, gamers should be able to find out who won the Super Bowl. Besides, it’s great to look at the previous draft history.

    In short, Madden 22 needs more and more fundamental changes, otherwise, it may cause more fan dissatisfaction and lose some gamers.

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  • Madden 21: The Latest Golden Ticket Players Are All Must-haves!

    Madden 21: The Latest Golden Ticket Players Are All Must-haves!

    May 08, 2021

    Madden 21 is still rolling strong in the Ultimate Team, and the return of promo Golden Ticket has officially ushered in the second release, in which QB Derek Carr leads this pack.

    Four new Golden Ticket players were released in MUT, and they are now available in Madden 21.

    The four players' OVR reached 99, which means they are at the top level, so on the MUT 21 court, they are a huge threat. They not only have 99 OVR but also two or more attributes at 99.

    MUT 21 Golden Ticket

    Derek Carr (QB) - 99 OVR

    Perhaps Golden Ticket Derek Carr will be the biggest addition this time, and this 99 OVR version as a Field General will be shocking.

    Throw Under Power - 99

    Running - 99

    Deep Route Accuracy - 99

    These attributes will make him an important role in MUT.

    Jalen Reagor(WR) - 99 OVR

    Golden Ticket Jalen Reagor joined the MUT as a Deep Threat, and his stats reinforce this.

    Jumping - 99

    Deep Route Running - 99

    Speed - 98

    These stats allow him and Carr to cooperate perfectly to make big plays.

    Derick Roberson(ROLB) - 99 OVR

    Speed Rusher Derick Roberson's moves can enhance your defense.

    Power Moves - 99

    Finesse Moves - 99

    Tackle - 99

    Acceleration - 98

    These can help him rush to his opponent quickly.

    Giant Delpit(FS) - 99 OVR

    He joined Golden Ticket as a Hybrid Free Safety, and his unique data makes him a player that cannot be underestimated.

    Hit Power - 99

    Zone Coverage - 99

    Tackle - 99

    Pursuit - 99

    These data are enough to make him a nightmare for any offense.

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  • Madden 21 Gudie: The Best Offensive Schemes

    Madden 21 Gudie: The Best Offensive Schemes

    May 07, 2021

    In Madden, every outstanding team has a great playbook, which has flexible schemes that allow you to gain advantages in any situation. There are also many best offensive schemes in Madden 21, and we have selected a few of the deadliest ones!

    Gun Ace Slot Offset

    You can find a Gun formation in the Patriot playbook. First, you want to change your formation so that your offense has more options on the court.

    The audibles should be PA Bubble, Inside Zone, Levels Y Sail, and China Double in. Posts that you will be able to stand out of the huddle. This is one of the hardest plays to defend in this game.

    The man on the X-route should be a speedster. It is difficult to deal with the outside post and out-run coverages. The slot should also have a good speed rating, not only for the post but for PA Bubble run. A receiver with Grab-N-Go ability like Tyreek Hill would be perfect in this position.

    Your RB is also vital to this play: In Posts, his angle route is almost guaranteed to be easy yards, and your opponent is worried about receivers out wide. This play is a nightmare for man defense, Cover 2, and even zones.

    Gun Bunch TE

    You can find it in the New York Jets Playbook. If there is speed around you, not just your receiver, this offensive scheme is fatal.

    Starting from TE Corner, you have many short and deep choices. Without relying on much blocking, receivers with great route running can counter zone coverage and blitz in this formation. The key is three closely tight-knit receivers opposite to the TE, running either a post, curl or flat. The receiver moving from a similar spot to a different direction can create a large space.

    If you have a good receiver like Alvin Kamara or Christian McCaffrey, they will be a threat.

    All these options come to a formation, which makes your arsenal almost uncontrollable. Because your opponent cannot stop your every read, if you know how to use the hot routes correctly, then short bursts will result in a 30-yard bomb attack, which will make the defender lose his way in any defensive set.

    Pistol Trips

    The preferred audibles for this are Smash, Stronger Power, PA Ctr Waggle and PA HB Flat. These plays are interchangeable, considering that this playbook has more solid plays in Pistol formation or reliable Gun. Having a TE with TE Apprentice ability in Madden 21 is very helpful.

    For this play, you can choose Curl Flat or Smash play. In most games, your RB will be set to block for extra coverage. Your best receiver should be the middle receiver of the three. He can run a deep post route off to make a big separation, The crosser at TE can also intimidate the defender to the ball in the middle, and your outside receivers can create separation for a potential deep ball.

    This is the best offensive scheme in Madden 21. For more Madden 21 guides, you can browse GAMEMS.

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  • Madden 21: 6 Players Get Maximum Overall Ratings

    Madden 21: 6 Players Get Maximum Overall Ratings

    May 06, 2021

    As for Madden, which is released every year, fans are very interested in players who get 99 OVR. Since Madden 2001, there have been only 99 overall ratings in games released each year. But there are very few players who can get this rating. This list only contains players who are undisputed in the NFL. Based on real performance, the following are the players who have achieved the highest OVR in Madden 21.

    Players’ Madden ratings will get change with the corresponding NFL season. In the recent release, only 4 players received the highest overall rating. In February of this year, Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, and finally, there were 6 members of the 99 Club.

    Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams

    It is already one of the best pass rushers in football. He has the Blitz X-Factor ability, which can completely erase the resistance bar on the court blockers, and when activated, it can destroy the opponent's offensive line with one hand.

    Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs

    He is a 6-time pro bowler and a multiple record holder at the tight end position. His size and excellent catch ratings make him a safe and reliable choice in any pass play, and he also has the Double Me X-Factor ability.

    DeAndre Hopkins - Arizona Cardinals

    He was a rookie in the first-round pick of 2013 and served as a professional bowler five times. As a WR, he has a very high level of physical and strength, which makes him win the most controversial ball even if his Double Me X-Factor ability is not activated.

    Davante Adams - The Green Bay Packers

    He is one of the WRs in the 99 Club.

    Aaron Rodgers - The Green Bay Packers

    When his X-Factor ability is activated, he will always be an aerial threat to ensure an aggressive catch against single coverage.

    Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

    His X-Factor ability is Bazooka, and when activated, his maximum passing distance increases by 15 yards, allowing him to find the endzone from almost anywhere on the court.

    Now Madden 21 has reached the final stage, they are already the best players in the game, but as Madden 22 approaches, this list seems to change, we can only wait and see.

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  • Madden 21: Ravens Added Alejandro Villanueva To Play Right Tackle

    Madden 21: Ravens Added Alejandro Villanueva To Play Right Tackle

    May 05, 2021

    Ravens signed a two-year contract with two-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva. The transaction is valued at $14 million, including a full guarantee of $8 million.

    Ravens put Villanueva in the right tackle position and replaced Orlando Brown Jr. The 32-year-old Villanueva has been a Steelers left tackle for the past six seasons, but he fits Ravens' right offensive line well. Last season, his run block rate ranked 18th, which seems to be in line with Baltimore's offense, because Baltimore had the league's highest run rate of 50.3% in the competition last season.

    Ravens also got a safety net for left tackle Ronnie Stanley, who had just recovered from an ankle injury at the end of a season. In his five-year career, he has not played a full 16 games. 

    From 2015 to 2020, Villanueva made 90 starts at the left tackle position and entered the Pro Bowl twice in 2017 and 2018.

    This may give Ravens one of the most terrifying offensive lines in the league, including:

    * Left tackle - Stanley

    * Left guard - Ben Cleveland

    * Center - Bradley Bozeman

    * Right guard - Kevin Zeitler

    * Right Tackle - Villanueva

    In addition to Ravens, Colts and Dolphins also seem to be interested in Villanueva, because during his signing with the Steelers, the Steelers offensive line ranked the league-best after giving up 24 sacks per season. In his 6 seasons, he started 90 of the 96 games.

    This makes people look forward to the arrival of the new season and Madden 22. Now the NFL Draft has ended, so the teams’ rosters changes are normal, which makes fans very excited.

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  • Madden 21: The Latest Pair Of LTDs Leading By Chris Godwin

    Madden 21: The Latest Pair Of LTDs Leading By Chris Godwin

    Apr 09, 2021

    MUT will never lack new player cards for gamers to vie for. This week's LTDs include Super Bowl champion - Chris Godwin. And Ryan Kerrigan also appeared in this week's release, so currently, they are both in MUT.

    Chris Godwin

    As a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay team, Chris Godwin LTD has a 98 OVR, and this Route Runner card boasts 99 in catching. Also:

    Short Route Running - 97

    Catch in Traffic - 97

    Speed - 96

    Spectacular Catch - 96

    Medium Route Running - 96

    These stats are so impressive, you will never want to miss him.

    Ryan Kerrigan

    If you need a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, then Ryan Kerrigan from the Washington Football Team may be the right person you are looking for. Kerrigan LTD also has a 98 OVR. His top stats are a threat, his Play Recognition and Power Moves are both 98. Also:

    Acceleration - 94

    Strength - 94

    Tackling - 94

    These excellent stats are enough to anchor any MUT defensive line. If you are considering getting Kerrigan or Godwin, you need to log in between 9 pm - 11 pm ET on Friday, April 9th to get this year's Golden Tickets.

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  • Madden 21: The Perfect Cowboys Themed Team

    Madden 21: The Perfect Cowboys Themed Team

    Apr 06, 2021

    In Madden 21, there are many impressive player cards, and the Cowboys must have a place in the best-themed team. If you are thinking of building a Cowboys theme team, then you should want to get Deion Sander, so this article will introduce the best choice of MUT 21 with Dallas as the theme.


    The 98-point Prescott card is a good choice, but Randall Cunningham's Ultimate Legends card is also irresistible. Both passing stats are at 90. Cunningham has a speed of 93, 94 acceleration, and 98 agility. After upgrades, Cunningham may become the best threat in MUT.

    Corner Backs

    96 rated Deion Sanders and Byron Jones. Even without upgrades, these two player cards are the end game corners of the game. If they can be upgraded, then the Cornerbacks will lock down any card.


    Jaylon Smith is the main force of inside defense, 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 98 pursuit, 96 tackling. Smith is a tackling machine, he will stuff runs on the inside.

    On the outside, Leighton Vander Esch and Robert Quinn are also good choices. However, Quinn will be used as a blitz threat and run stopper, and his pass coverage is very bad.

    Running backs

    Herschel Walker is undisputed. 96 base speed, 97 acceleration, 91 strength with all ball carrying stats in the 90s. The upgraded Walker is even more unstoppable.


    CeeDee Lamb - 95 OVR

    Dez Bryant - 98 OVR

    Delon Sanders - 95 OVR

    Tight End

    This position is a weakness of this team, you can put 84 OVR Jarwin in this position. He has enough acceleration to break free of some linebackers, and this card is good in pass protection.

    Offensive Line

    Tyron Smith T (98 OVR)

    Larry Allen G (96 OVR)

    Travis Frederick C (98 OVR)

    Zack Martin (92 OVR)

    La'el Collins (93 OVR)

    Defensive Line

    Randy Gregory RE (92 OVR)

    La'Roi Glover DT (97 OVR)

    Charles Haley LE (99 OVR)

    Antwaun Woods DT (91 OVR)


    Roy Williams with 96 ratings is a good choice. This card is amazing in zone coverage, but it is only serviceable in man coverage.

    In terms of free safety, Cliff Harris is currently the best card. He is excellent in zone and man, and he can make open-field tackles.

    If you are considering forming a Cowboys theme team, you can refer to the above suggestions. Some players are already very good before the upgrade. After the upgrades, they are almost unstoppable, so it all depends on your wishes.

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  • Madden 21: Update 1.26 Patch Notes

    Madden 21: Update 1.26 Patch Notes

    Mar 18, 2021

    Madden 21 update 1.26 has arrived. It is a small update and is currently being rolled out on all platforms. It fixes some bugs and other minor issues, so in fact, there is not much change. The following are all the new content of update 1.26.

    There is currently no official patch note for this update, so you just need to turn off the default changelog on the PS4 home menu, but this doesn’t reveal much.

    Except for the general changelog, there is not much detail about other information about this patch at present. Once EA releases the official patch notes, GAMEMS will also update relevant news in time. Because this is a minor update, the official patch may not be released for this.

    This update is currently available on all platforms, including PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and Series S/X. And the update size of different platforms is also different, but all systems can expect the download size of this patch.

    Compared to the current Madden 21 patch updates, many fans may already be more willing to pay attention to the news of Madden NFL 22. Once EA announces the relevant news, GAMEMS will follow the trend and update the news in time.

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