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  • Madden 21 Ultimate Team Introduces Free Agency Promo

    Madden 21 Ultimate Team Introduces Free Agency Promo

    Mar 18, 2021

    With the advent of the NFL offseason, Madden 21 Ultimate Team introduced Free Agency promotion. In the promotion, you can collect some high-rated new cards, including LE JJ Watt and QB Dak Prescott. Both of them have a special option to use any Team Chemistry. In addition to the first time, there are a large number of player items, as well as special reward missions and new Store offers.

    Free Agency


    There are two 98 overall Masters, they are JJ Watt and Dak Prescott. These cards are only allowed to use any Team Chemistry to help the theme teams in need of any position.

    The new JJ Watt card includes: Play Recognition - 99

    Strength and Tackling - 98

    Power Moves - 97

    Block Shedding - 95

    Dak Prescott signed a contract with the Dallas Cowboys during the offseason, which made headlines.

    His cards include: Short Accuracy - 98

    Medium Accuracy - 97

    Running - 97

    Speed - 90

    When he stays in Dallas, you can treat him as a member of any team you want in terms of the Chemistry option.


    In addition to Master player items, you can also look forward to other Free Agency Heroes and lower-rated items, including WR Allen Robinson II, Le'Veon Bell, Justin Simmons, Leonard Williams, William Jackson III, and Hunter Henry. There are also 12 Elite player cards are available.

    Exchange sets

    * To get the Master item( JJ Watt, Dak Prescott): two 96 OVR Free Agency Players

    * To get the Hero item(Robinson, Bell, Simmons, Jackson III, Williams, Henry): one 94 OVR, one 92-93 OVR, four 87-89 OVR Free Agency players

    * To get a random 92-94 OVR Free Agency Player: two 89-90 OVR, two 87-88 OVR, three 85-89 OVR players

    * To get a random 87-89 OVR player: one 85-86 OVR, two 83-84 OVR, three 80-82 OVR players


    For all available players, there are brand new Free Agency Challenges. Each challenge sequence is worth up to 13000 Madden 21 Coins. There are other milestone rewards, including coins and player items:

    10 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    20 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    30 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    40 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    50 Stars - 87 OVR Free Agency Player

    60 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    70 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    80 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    90 Stars - 1,000 Coins

    100 Stars - 96 OVR NAT Fantasy Free Agency Pack

    110 Stars - 2,000 Coins

    120 Stars - 2,000 Coins

    130 Stars - 2,000 Coins

    140 Stars - 5,000 Coins

    150 Stars - 5,000 Coins

    160 Stars - 5,000 Coins

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  • Madden 21: New LTDs Are Live Right Now!

    Madden 21: New LTDs Are Live Right Now!

    Mar 12, 2021

    The new LTDs are already live in Madden 21. Madden 21 will continue to bring Gamers new ultimate team content, and the latest content of MUT 21 will also give gamers some new LTDs. Now all the details of MUT have been leaked this week. We can get new LTDs from Madden 21 every week, and this week's new content must be something you don't want to miss.

    Now, you will have the opportunity to let Tyler Lockett and Danielle Hunter join your Ultimate Team. Their overall ratings are 97, and they have some dominant stats.

    The new LTDs have appeared in Madden 21, so don't miss the opportunity to add these two players to your team. If you want to know more about their statistics and judge whether they are worthy of joining your team, you can refer to the following details:

    Danielle Hunter(LE) - Vikings

    If you want to add an outstanding player to your MUT defense, then Danielle Hunter is a good choice.

           Play Recognition - 97

           Finesse Moves - 97

           Tackle - 94

           Block Shedding - 94

           Acceleration - 94

    Tyler Lockett(WR) - Seahawks

    Tyler Lockett is one of the best wide receivers in the game, and his data reflects this very well.

           Catch - 97

           Deep Route Run - 97

           Spectacular Catch - 96

           Speed - 95

           Short Route Run - 95

           Catch in Traffic - 95

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  • Madden 21: MUT Heavyweights Introduces 5 New Players

    Madden 21: MUT Heavyweights Introduces 5 New Players

    Mar 11, 2021

    Madden 21 will often add new content to the MUT, and the latest content of MUT 21 is Heavyweights. All 5 players have impressive statistics, which means they are what you want to add to your MUT.


    Madden 21's latest player cards take on a new Heavyweights theme, and there are 5 outstanding players you should not want to miss. Every player comes with 95 OVR, and they are excellent in their respective positions.

    Dee Ford(LE) - 49ers

    If you want to add a speed rusher to strengthen your defensive line, then Dee Ford is worthy of attention. This new Heavyweights version of Ford is rocking top stats in many categories, with 90+ in Tackle, Power Moves, and Block Shedding. The 96 Finesse Moves and 95 Play Recognition are also not to be underestimated.

    Shaq Mason(RG) - Patriots

    Sometimes you also need an offensive line to make all the difference, Shaq Mason is such a player. His highest rating is Run Block with 95 and Run Block Power with 96. He has top-notch performance in all aspects. With seven 93+ ratings, you won't want to miss a good lineman.

    Rob Havenstein(RT) - Chargers

    If you want to improve the agility of your team, then this should be Havenstein. As a Right Tackle for the Patriots, his data is also impressive:

    Pass Block - 96

    Pass Block Finesse - 96

    Awareness - 96

    Run Block Finesse - 96

    Eddie Goldman(DT) - Chicago Bears

    Heavyweights is not just to strengthen the offensive side of the ball, Eddie Goldman is a good defensive player. He has 96 Tackle and 96 Block Shedding. Defensive Tackle Eddie Goldman is an asset for any defense of MUT 21. Although his Speed, Finesse Moves, and Acceleration are somewhat lacking, Goldman is still worth joining your team.

    Anthony Sherman(FB) - Chiefs

    Sherman was the last player to appear in Heavyweights. The 32-year-old defender has contributed to the Chiefs offense since 2013. Sherman just announced his retirement, his data here is very suitable:

    Lead Blocking - 96

    Impact Blocking - 95

    Carrying - 95

    Awareness - 95

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  • Some Madden 22 Rumors Have Been Spreading

    Some Madden 22 Rumors Have Been Spreading

    Mar 10, 2021

    Madden 21 is still in progress, but now the rumors of Madden 22 have been heated up, but this does not seem to be a good sign. And fans are also very curious about who will be the cover star of Madden 22, but all this is in progress. There are rumors that Derrick Henry will be the cover star of Madden 22, and if it is true, he will be a star that is highly anticipated.

    Some people think that the Madden series should learn from the WWE 2K series this year. Considering people's negative comments on the latest iteration of these two games, Madden may need time to reconsider. Developers should evaluate what is feasible and what is ineffective and should consider adding some popular features to this game.

    In the past few years, one of the biggest complaints has been that every new release of Madden has just updated the roster. This is not to say that the past few games are nothing new. Madden Ultimate Team is a relatively new feature of the series, but even this mode has rarely changed or adjusted since its first appearance. Therefore, each game feels similar to the previous game, but lacks some brand new content.

    But the second edition of Face of the Franchise and Ultimate Team cannot keep the game fresh. For Madden 22 to make real changes, it is necessary to make huge adjustments to Franchise mode. EA seems to have hinted that they understand this and promise to continue to improve, so it is necessary to add some major changes and add new content in Madden 22.

    We don't know the specific news of Madden 22 yet, so we can only focus on Madden 21. If you are a fan of Madden, you can subscribe to GAMEMS. We will pay attention to future news and update related news and game guides frequently.

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  • Madden 21 Guide: How To Lock On A Player?

    Madden 21 Guide: How To Lock On A Player?

    Mar 09, 2021

    The player lock function in Madden 21 is feasible for gamers who want to focus on offense or defense on the field, whether their own franchise player or an active player in a normal team. This applies to the Franchise Mode or Face of Franchise. 

    This article will tell you how to turn this setting on and off in Madden 21.

    If you run your own player or an active NFL player in franchise mode, or playing as a QB, RB, or WR in Face of the Franchise, you may want to use the player lock feature to stay focused on specific players and let the CPU run the rest of the team for you.

    To use this feature, open a save in two game modes, which are player-oriented rather than coach- or general manager-oriented, and enter the league settings before starting the mode.

    Scroll down to the Full on-field control option of the player mode tab, you can turn it on or off. When the setting is on, you can control the entire team on the field. But if you set this off, you will be locked wherever your custom or active players are running.

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  • Madden 21: How To Playmaker?

    Madden 21: How To Playmaker?

    Mar 08, 2021

    The playmaker mechanic in Madden 21 will remind your receiver which area to run to, helping you gain an advantage after the snap. This feature is powerful. When you can predict your opponent's movement and their defensive backs, after the game starts, if you can quickly point your receiver in a certain direction, you will find a gap for big yards.

    How to use the Playmaker?

    Once the ball is snapped, the playmaker mechanic is useful. Once you snap the ball, you can use the right thumbstick in the direction you want the receiver closest to you to run to.

    This only applies to the receiver closest to you, whether it is a running back, TE, or WR. You can use this method to let the player closest to you find an open space when the other receiver has no open space, so if your designed gameplay fails, you can use the nearby open space to save a few yards.

    You need to have enough time to get a receiver close to you, so you must be patient and wisely arrange the position of the receiver. This playmaker ability can save you from being sacked, if your defender falls asleep on his coverage, you can give him a big yard score, or if you don't use it correctly, you can give your opponent an easy pick-6.

    If used properly, the playmaker ability is very important to you. It allows you to control two players at the same time on offense. Use this to play against one player who cannot focus on two players at the same time.

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  • Madden 21: Player Trades Will Get Fairer, And Easier To Understand

    Madden 21: Player Trades Will Get Fairer, And Easier To Understand

    Mar 05, 2021

    EA is about to release a new update of Madden 21, which will solve the long-standing problem in Franchise mode, so player trades are more realistic and easier to understand. Since the game was released last year, it has received a lot of mixed reviews including praise and criticism.

    This is not the first time EA has released the updated content to improve the Franchise mode of Madden 21. Because fans strongly demanded to fix Franchise, the developers made some major changes to the game. So far, EA has changed the QB draft logic, making the drafting quarterbacks more realistic, and allowing users to add X-Factor and Superstar traits to their teams. The final update of Franchise mode will be simplified. The player trade process is fairer to the users. The main change is the player trading logic in the game. Previously, the evaluation of stars was based on how far up the depth chart they were for their current team. But the change in the system will mean that their value will be based on the value they will be traded to the team. EA said that these changes can bring Madden 21 closer to reality.

    Those who want to try Madden 21 for the first time are very lucky this week, because Madden 21 will come to Xbox Game Pass through EA Play on March 3rd. In the next few weeks, SWTOR and several other EA models the game will join this sports simulation game.

    It is unusual for EA to update Madden 21 so frequently, especially in single-player games. So if you love football, this time is a suitable opportunity. And GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of this update, hoping that this update can bring surprises to gamers.

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  • Madden 21: Franchise Fixes Rebalance Trade Logic

    Madden 21: Franchise Fixes Rebalance Trade Logic

    Mar 04, 2021

    Madden 21 will release the final round of the three-round update of the game franchise mode on March 4. Although the updated content is very detailed and technical in the areas of processing and improvement, it also meets the long-term needs of Franchise lifers who think that the new game has done little to improve the core mode.

    The core change is to redesign the trading logic of game players and the overall evaluation of players. This means that some inconsistencies have been fixed, that is, the value of high-rated players in the CPU team has been significantly reduced. For example, a talented player, although not a starter in the old team, will be a starter on the one being offered, and will be regarded as a backup level of value by the old trade logic. Vice versa. Middle-rated players can sometimes trade one-for-one with star players because they can all be ranked high in their respective teams' depth charts. Now the CPU can expect more in the trade or simply refuse such offers.

    In other cases, if the players' prototypes don't meet the current team's playbook scheme, then when they are placed in the trading block, their value will also be underestimated. These problems can be solved by the patch.

    Another major change is the quality of life feature that Madden lifers have long required: a record of all award winners, Super Bowl participants, championships and other data, and a multi-year life cycle of Franchise. In Maddens so far, the overall statistics of the players' careers are retained, but they are not divided by year. Unless someone writes it in a three-ring binder, the other realistic result you created will disappear at the beginning of the new season.

    Since the release of Madden 21, fans have been asking for Franchise to be fixed, and EA has also reacted to this. We don't know if these three rounds of updates will satisfy fans.

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  • Madden 21 Guide: How To Hit Stick?

    Madden 21 Guide: How To Hit Stick?

    Mar 03, 2021

    In Madden 21, learning to use the Hit Stick correctly can take your defense to the next level. This maneuver may result in a huge hit and fumble ball, but it may also backfire and allow the offense to gain considerable benefits.

    In Madden 21's defense, hit stick refers to standing in front of the opposing player on offense, and then making a massive tackle after the opposing player gets the ball.

    A Hit Stick requires a player to line up in front of the opposing players, and most players will control the defensive player in front of the opposing player they wish to control the ball. Once the game starts, move the character towards the ball carrier and move the right stick up or down and start the Hit Stick. 

    If you do it correctly, the defensive player will issue a cruel hit, which can cause the ball carrier to fumble. The defender can retract the ball and turn the tides, but trying to hit the opponent is also risky.

    Using Hit Stick does not always lead to fumbles, but it can still use powerful tackles to dampen opponents.

    Step one: To cycle to the defender you need to cover the offensive player you want to hit stick. Generally speaking, it will be the expected ball carrier. Press the "Circle" button on the PS4 or the "B" button on the Xbox One to find the defender and place them in front of the ball carrier.

    Step two: After the snap, move quickly to the ball carrier and flick the right stick up or down to execute the hit stick on the ball carrier.

    This can cause a heavy hit to the ball carrier, and in some cases, it can even cause them to force the ball to be lost. There, if you pounce fast enough, you can retrieve the fumble.

    These are some suggestions about Hit Stick. If you are a new gamer in Madden 21, you can pay more attention to GAMEMS in the future, because GAMEMS will often update relevant game guides and give relevant suggestions.

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  • Madden 21 Guide: How To Challenge A Play?

    Madden 21 Guide: How To Challenge A Play?

    Mar 02, 2021

    If there are Madden 21 fans who do not know how to challenge the play in the game, maybe this article can help you. 

    Many gamers struggle in challenging plays that they think the referee did wrong, but, under normal circumstances, when you try to challenge a play, the button will be locked and say "There is nothing to challenge". If you have encountered this problem, here are some ways to challenge the plays.

    For new gamers, some plays cannot be challenged because they will be automatically reviewed by the game. All scoring plays will be automatically reviewed, which is why if you want to challenge the sideline interceptions or a close fumble, it is impossible, because the game will be automatically reviewed.

    Except for these types of games, any content less than two minutes cannot be challenged. To challenge a call that has not been automatically reviewed, it must be a challenge on either a catch was complete or yardage. To challenge this, after the play is over, click the pause button and scroll to the "Challenge" option. However, in Madden 21, which content can be challenged and which content cannot be challenged are very selective.

    For many Madden 21 gamers, even calls such as yardage or catches cannot be challenged. They will receive a locked challenge button that says "There's nothing to challenge". This can be very frustrating, because everything should be challenging, just like in a real NFL game.

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