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  • Will Madden 22 Be On Xbox Game Pass?

    Will Madden 22 Be On Xbox Game Pass?

    Jul 12, 2021

    Madden 22 will be released next month, and NFL fans can’t wait to learn about all the new features. Currently, the latest focus about Madden 22 is whether this game is available on Xbox game pass.

    EA Sports also has its own Xbox game pass version, but there are rumors that the two are working together. EA Play provides its members with 10 hours of free Madden play. Many fans speculate that EA has its own EA Play, and they will not provide Madden on the Xbox game pass.

    According to rumors, Xbox and EA have been cooperating, and there are many EA games on the Xbox game pass, which makes people believe that Madden 22 will also become one of the games. And, if Madden 22 is released on the Xbox game pass, it will also help restore the lost fan base.

    Another reason can explain why Microsoft wants Madden to appear on Game Pass, and why EA is willing to listen to overtures. Because the release of Madden 21 has received a lot of criticism, if Madden 22 can be released on Game Pass, it may receive less criticism and help restore some of the fan base that EA has lost.

    Judging from the current situation, the possibility of the game being released on Game Pass is very high, but EA Sports has more important things to do.

    In addition, there is also a question that has received widespread attention from fans is whether Madden 22 will be cross-play. Now, Cross-play in the strict sense seems unlikely, which means that Xbox players cannot play Madden 22 with PlayStation players, but PS4 players can play with PS5 players, and it has not been officially announced. We also cannot finalize the relevant information.

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  • Madden 22 Ratings Prediction: Who Will Be The 99 Club Members?

    Madden 22 Ratings Prediction: Who Will Be The 99 Club Members?

    Jun 22, 2021

    Although Madden 22 has been announced, the player ratings are still secretive. However, combining Madden 21's endgame rating and Madden 22's playoff form, GAMEMS predicted who will become the 99 Club members.

    Patrick Mahomes - QB, Kansas City Chiefs

    This is the second time in three years that Mahomes has confirmed to appear on the cover of Madden 22 during E3 week. In addition, he appeared in the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. Last year he ended the game with excellent stats such as 99 OVR, 97 awareness, and 97 throwing power, so if you own him, it is equivalent to owning the best player in Madden 22. Moreover, he is only 25 years old, which shows that he still has great potential.

    Aaron Donald - DE, Los Angeles Rams

    If Mahomes is the best offensive player in Madden 22, then Donald can be said to be a defensive honor. In Madden 21, he ended the game with 99 strength, 99 awareness, and 95 tackling. In real life, he also won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year honor. Therefore, he seems to have a chance to become Madden's cover player in the future.

    Travis Kelce - TE, Kansas City Chiefs

    The 31-year-old Kelce is considered the greatest tight end in history and Mahomes' main target player. In the eight seasons of the NFL, he completed 612 catches for 7881 yards and 48 TDs. Last year he and Mahomes participated in the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. There is no doubt that he will be the best TE in Madden 22.

    Davante Adams - WR, Green Bay Packers

    He once again proved he is a workhorse in 2020. He completed 115 catches for 1407 yards and an impressive 18 TDs. These are all converted into his stats in the game, 91 speed, 98 awareness, and 99 catching, when Adams entered his 8th NFL game, his ratings did not drop significantly, which is also due to his outstanding performance.

    DeAndre Hopkins - WR, Arizona Cardinals

    Hopkins' first season saw him catch 115 passes for 1,407 yards. His Madden 21 endgame ratings were 99 awareness, 99 catching, and 99 jumping. These stats will remain the same in real life and Madden 22 fronts.

    Stephon Gilmore - CB, New England Patriots

    Gilmore may lose his ratings, which is related to his injury and absence. In December, he suffered a partially torn quad and has missed part of the season due to COVID-19. This makes his Madden 22 ratings a bit unstable.

    Since more news about Madden 22 has not been released, you can only focus on Madden 21 now, but GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the news of Madden 22. At present, the player rosters should be the most noticed. GAMEMS will also update the article in time.

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  • Madden 22 Cover Will Be Different

    Madden 22 Cover Will Be Different

    Jun 04, 2021

    There are still a few months away from the release of Madden 22, but EA has not yet announced who the cover player of the game is. But EA CEO Andrew Wilson has hinted that this year's cover will be different from previous years.

    It's unclear how it will change the past season, but his statement has left fans guessing whether Madden 22 will have multiple cover players or other completely unexpected things.

    No matter what direction the publisher intends to take, EA seems to be excited about this year's game.

    Wilson said that he and the team reviewed it not long ago, and it will definitely surprise gamers.

    If this year's cover does feature league players, this may be a way to make players and fans feel better about the legendary Madden curse. Some players have escaped the curse, but some fans still want their favorite players to become cover athletes.

    This year's cover athletes seem to have several candidates, including Josh Allen. Although fans will be afraid of Madden's curse, I believe that the Bills' offensive line will give Allen good protection this year.

    Madden 21 was released on August 28 last year, and this year's game will be released at the same time. Now it’s only one month or two months from the release date, so we are likely to see the cover of this game exposed.

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  • Madden NFL 21: How To Run With Your QB?

    Madden NFL 21: How To Run With Your QB?

    May 29, 2021

    The NFL has different playing styles both offensively and defensively, and now quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson have completely changed their QB position because he is an impressive pusher and passer.

    Since a quarterback like Lamar Jackson changed the quarterback position, the gameplay has changed a lot. So to get a quarterback that satisfies you, you need to accumulate enough MUT 21 Coins, which allows you to easily acquire the players you want. There are more quarterbacks like him in the NFL, and EA Sports has been committed to creating more QB runs.

    How to run with your QB?

    As we all know, the quarterback is one of the most flexible positions in the game, but it also depends on which quarterback you choose. We will introduce some scenes on how to run with the QB.

    First of all, you need to choose a play, you have some choices from some option plays, which depends on how the defense reacts.

    If you see an LB crash into a quarterback, you can cast it to the RB on the outside. If the LB goes after the RB, you can split the gap and get some good yardage by holding down R2 and running. You can even give it to another RB by pressing the X at the right time. When doing the triple option, you can let the QB hang onto the ball and then press R2 to sprint outward.

    After that, another option is on unscripted plays, the first option is to pass. You can decide to run with the QB at any time by holding down R2 and moving in the open direction. Some of the best plays are to set up multiple wide-outs that are spread out so that the defenders will be more spread out.

    Four Verticals play is a good choice among multiple shotgun sets, as you can see if you get any open WRs pretty quickly and then bolt if you see nothing opening up quickly.

    There are also many play-action plays that will make QB roll out of the pocket immediately, which is also great. Once you roll out if you notice that no defender is outside, hold down R2 and just start running towards the first down marker. As long as you have not crossed the line of scrimmage, you can run to get close to the sideline as well try and then throw the ball.

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  • Madden 22: Best Team Rating and NFL Draft Rookie Predictions

    Madden 22: Best Team Rating and NFL Draft Rookie Predictions

    May 28, 2021

    There is still a long time before Madden 22 arrives, but there are already many fans speculating on this year’s ratings. Whether it is a rookie who has got picked in the NFL Draft or the mainstays poised to the top of the rankings, everyone is looking forward to the changes in ratings.

    Madden 22 Ratings

    One of Madden's most anticipated information each year is the starting ratings. Players think they deserve higher ratings, so the specific ratings are made fans even more curious.

    NFL Draft Rookie Predictions

    Madden 22’s rookie ratings are focused on NFL Draft #1 Overall Pick. Trevor Lawrence is the most-watched rookie quarterback after Andrew Luck, and Luck has 83 OVR in his first year as a rookie quarterback, which is the highest Madden rookie rating.

    Although Lawrence has not reached such a high level, he seems to be ready to make a huge impact in the game. When Madden 22 is released, he may get 81 OVR.

    Patrick Sewell is the #7 Overall Pick by Detroit Lions and may become one of the league's highest-rating rookies.

    The third and final NFL rookie who may be close to the top of the list with an 80+ OVR rating in Madden 22 is Kyle Pitts, who looks like a next-level TE.

    Ultimate Team

    The MUT rating is not always the same as the main roster rating, and the frequent addition of new content means that players will end up with multiple versions in MUT 22. Although there is no indication that MUT 22 is different from MUT 21, special cards with powerful ratings should also appear in MUT 22. By that time, MUT 22 Coins will also be highly sought after.

    Best Team Rating Prediction

    The defending Super Bowl champion does not guarantee to be the team with the highest ratings in the game. After winning the super, Kansas City Chiefs ranked third in Madden 21, only behind the 49ers and the Saints.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ranked seventh last year but considering their good performance this season, their rating should get improved.

    After quarterback Drew Brees retires, the Saints also seem to be in trouble this year, so their team ratings will drop significantly.

    So in Madden 22, the top teams seem to include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas Chiefs.

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  • Madden 21: How To Beat Cover Zone Coverage(Cover 2 and Cover 3)

    Madden 21: How To Beat Cover Zone Coverage(Cover 2 and Cover 3)

    May 25, 2021

    The most successful teams in the NFL are highly offensive teams. They can see the opponent's defensive formation and take advantage of the opponent's weaknesses. Man coverage is very easy to handle, but Zone Coverage will make things more complicated. Here is how to identify and handle defensive running zone coverage in Madden 21.

    What’s zone coverage?

    The most common zone plays are Cover 2 and Cover 3. This usually means how many players will be placed in the downfield to protect against deep plays. When you choose your play, the two teams will line up to prepare for hiking football. If the players line up in front of your WRs, they are likely to run man coverage and will follow those players wherever they run (unless they are blitzing).

    Zone Coverage will be obvious because they will be defending a portion of the field, instead of trying to mask your player's movement, they will usually give your receivers space on the line of scrimmage.

    Once the ball is hiked, they will run to any area they set and will react to the movements of the football instead of taking a positive approach to the player movements. This is especially useful for passing plays, because the defensive team has been fully focused on football. Throw the ball into their zone and they are more likely to try to intercept on the pass.

    The slower teams may choose zone plays because they don't necessarily need to keep up with fast receivers. Zone coverage is more focused on limiting damage or knocking down passed balls, rather than forcing the yardage losses on plays.

    How to beat zone coverage?

    The way to beat a zone coverage is to throw the ball where there are no defenders. Zone coverage plays react to football, not to the receiver. This means that if your receivers are running highly moving routes, they have a better chance of getting significant yardage. Because in traditional zone play, only defenders will rush past your quarterback, which means you will have enough time to get rid of the ball.

    If you decide to run the ball with the quarterback, these tactics should give your quarterback a lot of opportunities to gain yards, but you also need to make sure to slide past when defenders are close so that avoid injury or fumbles.

    Cover 2

    If the defense uses Cover 2, their two safeties will be playing back on both sides of the court. If you have a route running to the midfield behind the linebackers, you can get significant yardage.

    Cover 3

    If the defense uses Cover 3, they will also have an extra player to cover the middle deep down the field, but they should leave a mid-range to get a good gain.

    Way to exploit a zone coverage

    Another way to use area coverage is to have your receivers, TEs, RBs on one side of the court. At this time, the defender will have ordinary players who will not immediately conflict with your players because they are covering their zones.

    In addition, running plays against zone defenders has certain limitations. Although it is very useful for short yardage gains, unless your RB breaks tackles, you are unlikely to get more than 10 yards. The defense reacts to the ball, so if your RB crosses the line of scrimmage, it will make everyone watching the ball react to them and catch them.

    These are details about beat zone coverage. After you know the relevant strategy, you can practice more to ensure success. In addition, excellent players are also necessary. You can choose players with excellent attributes according to your needs so that they can be perfectly complete your instructions.

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  • Madden 21: Top Tips From Champion - Henry Leverette

    Madden 21: Top Tips From Champion - Henry Leverette

    May 21, 2021

    Madden 21 has a massive player base. Players are always looking for tips and strategies to improve and get a better gaming experience. Recently, Henry Leverette has given Madden 21 players meaningful and useful tips. Sometimes the best defense is a keen offense.

    Who is Henry Leverette?

    Henry Leverette is the captain of the Madden Bowl: Draft Edition. He led his team to a major championship when he was 18 years old. Although this is his first major championship, this was Henry's sixth consecutive appearance in the EA Major.

    Focus on defense

    Although “defense wins championships” is a strategy for many players, Henry's advice is more focused on your opponent's defensive performance. He believes that for new players in Madden 21, the first thing to pay attention to is what their opponents are doing on defense.

    For example: if you see a single safety up top, the defensive tactical command is more likely to be a Cover 1 or Cover 3. If you see two safeties in the box, it is likely to be a Cover 0. So pay attention to some little details that are in your favor and can make you survive longer in the game.

    Stick Work

    Because there are so many different factors in Madden 21, players may wonder where to focus their practice time. In this regard, Henry said that if you can only focus on one part of the game due to time issues, you should focus on your Stick Work, because it will always make you competitive. This is an important part of Madden.

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  • First-year QBs Predict What Their Rookie Ratings Will Be

    First-year QBs Predict What Their Rookie Ratings Will Be

    May 20, 2021

    With the 2021 NFL Draft coming to an end, the rookie minicamps for all 32 teams are underway or over. Voluntary training is the next milestone in the 2021 offseason.

    In the NFL offseason, many fans are still very concerned about Madden's release and predicted ratings.

    The rookie quarterbacks in the first round of this year include:

    Trevor Lawrence

    Zach Wilson

    Trey Lance

    Justin Fields

    They all predicted their Madden ratings in 2021, which are:

    * Mac Jones (Patriots): I think my 'Madden' rating will be probably a little lower than people will give me credit for. I don't like, maybe like, 85? But I know they're gonna lowball me.

    * Justin Fields (Bears): To be honest, I think my 'Madden' rating's gonna be like a 78 through an 81. Of course, it's just because, rookies.

    * Trey Lance(49ers): I think my rookie rating will be 88, because I can do a lot of things, I can make plays.

    * Zach Wilson(Jets): My rating should be a 90, because it's like, OK but it's not great, because I haven't done anything yet.

    The only quarterback absent is Jags passer, Trevor Lawrence. But what is certain is that his rating is likely to be out in the low 80s, because this is the custom for most rookies, regardless of his hype or draft position coming out of school.

    Fields is known for accuracy on the court, and he is equally accurate off the court. 78-81 may be right for him. 90 OVR for Wilson, 88 OVR for Lance, 85 OVR for Jones, which all seems appropriate.

    Madden's ratings will change with updates and adjustments, so these passers will get higher ratings at the end of the year than they started, which is a normal thing.

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  • 2021 Philadelphia Eagles Roster Continues To Build!

    2021 Philadelphia Eagles Roster Continues To Build!

    May 19, 2021

    The Philadelphia Eagles added two new players. They came here in different ways, but they will impress the coaching staff. How much influence these two players will have in this season and beyond is still unknown. Head coach Nick Sirianni said that he wants to compete in every position on the team. So in a very busy offseason, the Eagles is working hard to ensure this.

    CB Josiah Scott

    In this position, Darius Slay is an established starter, and Avonte Maddox is a starter and a reserve player. Eagles traded CB Jasiah Scott from Jacksonville.

    Scott was selected by the Jaguars in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He has a strong career in Michigan State, starting 30 games in three seasons, and then giving up his senior season to participate in the draft.

    He played 6 games for Jacksonville in his rookie season and completed 11 tackles, which features 10 solo and one tackle. As the 137th overall pick, Scott made 80 snaps for Jags last season. In exchange, the Eagles sent Jacksonville CB Jameson Houston and a 2023 sixth-round pick to get Scott.

    T Casey Tucker

    Eagle also signed an offensive tackle Casey Tucker to a contact. Tucker joined the league as an undrafted free agent with the Eagles in 2019. Before the start of the regular season, he was waived by the Eagles. In 2019, he spent some time in Detroit's practice squad. After being waived by Loins, he returned to Philadelphia in April and was waived by the Eagles in August, then signed to the team’s practice squad in December last year. After this season, the Colts signed Tucker as a reserve/future.

    Indianapolis released Tucker, after which he was invited by Philadelphia to the rookie mini camp, based on another tryout basis, impressed the team, and won a contract.

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  • Madden 21: Some Hall Of Fame Players Join Ultimate Legends Group

    Madden 21: Some Hall Of Fame Players Join Ultimate Legends Group

    May 17, 2021

    The latest Madden 21 Ultimate Legends Group contains some Hall of Fame players who are ready to promote the MUT lineup. The leading player who has kept many records in NFL history - WR Randy Moss. Joined with him is Charles Woodson, the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year. In addition, there is a limited card featuring 4-time All-Pro and Super Bowl champion.

    Ultimate Legends Group 14 Card Ratings

    Randy Moss

    He hit 5-time NFL receiving touchdowns and is also a Hall of Fame player. He gets an upgraded card for the Madden 21 Ultimate Legends, which is a 99 OVR. Featuring 99s for Deep Route Runs, Spectacular Catch, and Jumping. A 98 Speed, 98 Catching, and 96 Catch in Traffic.

    Charles Woodson

    Charles is the 2-time NFL interceptions leader, NFL DPOY, and also a Hall of Famer. The CB is a Man to Man archetype and features Woodson Pictured with the Raiders. His 98 Man Coverage, 97 in Speed, Play Recognition and Agility, and 95 Zone Coverage can reflect he’s excellent.

    Vince Wolforks

    He is a longtime member of the New England Patriots and owns 2 Super Bowl championship rings. His new MUT card features 99 Tackling, 99 Block Shedding, 99 Strength, 98 Play Recognition, and 92 Power Moves.

    New Missions and Challenges

    With the arrival of new player cards, new content has also been introduced into the game. Ultimate Legends Group 14 has added new missions or challenges. One is Moss and the other is Wilfork, in which you need to use your MUT team to defeat Legend's teams.

    * By defeating Vikings, you can get Moss's Power Up card.

    * By defeating Raiders, you can get Woodson's Power Up card and Coins.

    Ultimate Legends Showdown Challenge

    Here, you need to defeat the Ultimate Legends team to get a special Ultimate Legends Token. Collecting 15 tokens is a key factor to get a free Career Edition Ultimate Legends card. The latest challenge is good until May 22 at 10:30 AM ET.

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