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  • Madden 21: Tyreek Hill's Excellent Performance Deserves 100 OVR

    Madden 21: Tyreek Hill's Excellent Performance Deserves 100 OVR

    Dec 01, 2020

    On Sunday, Tyreek Hill's wonderful performance left a deep impression on all fans. At the beginning of the game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Kansas City Chiefs saw something unusual: Bucs were single-covering wide receiving Hill early.

    So they decided to take advantage of Hill's strengths before the Bucs adjust their strategy, which is his outstanding receiving. At that time, Hill was the fifth receiver in history to get 260 yards and 3 touchdowns, and the Chiefs also became the winner with a result of 27-24!

    As we all know, the quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a star player for the Chiefs. In his career, he hit 400 yards for the fifth time. He had 359 yards in the first half and ended with 452 yards. This is the most opening-half in the past 20 years in NFL games.

    But Hill has more yards than Mahomes. He leads the other players with 1021 yards and 13 receiving touchdowns, so his performance is amazing.

    Now his rating in Madden 21 is 96 OVR

                      Speed: 99

                      Acceleration: 99

    This is a perfect rating. After the game with the Bucs, he was considered the best receiver. In the first quarter of the game, he also performed very well, with 7 catches for 203 yards and 2 touchdowns. As mentioned above, he has a speed and acceleration of 99. At the same time, his agility is not bad. As for his catch rating, it is currently 92, and there is still a lot of room for improvement, but if according to the current trend, he is likely to become the next member of the 99 Club. Based the performance on sunday, some fans even said: He definitely deserves 100 OVR!

    So we can continue to look forward to his performance in the future. Not surprisingly, his rating next week should continue to rise. If you already have his player card now, you are very lucky.

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    Wanna Get An Extra Income? Contact Us Now!

    Nov 27, 2020

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  • Madden 21: More Details About Next-Gen

    Madden 21: More Details About Next-Gen

    Nov 23, 2020

    Madden 21 has been receiving gamers' attention recently, because on December 4th, its next-gen will be launched on PS5, XBOX Series S/X. Although since its first release, it has received mixed reviews from gamers, this is not a big case. It still has a high popularity.

    The Face of the Franchise mode has always been popular with gamers, because in this mode, you can recruit new players from high school to the big leagues. Another well-known mode is The Yard, which highlights the characteristics of NFL Street, but unfortunately, life hasn't been here for a long time. Others don't like this mode because it has not enough ingenuity.


    So maybe fans of Madden 21 are speculating whether these two will change on next-gen. As the release date approaches, a new trailer for the game has been released. Obviously, the visual effects and capabilities of next-gen have been significantly improved. In the trailer, many pictures are very real, even like movie-level images. This will make the player more immersed in the game to some extent, this is also a point that EA should be praised.

    New Features

    A new change is the use of RFID tags, which have been embedded in the players' shoulder pads, which is conducive to tracking various movement data of them, which can affect animations, acceleration rates and movements.

    And in next-gen, each player has its own unique data, and you can clearly feel the differences from the previous version. Once the new version is launched, you will be able to feel more realistic control and be able to use unprecedented individual attributes.

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  • Madden 21: 99 Club Finally Got A New Member - DeAndre Hopkins

    Madden 21: 99 Club Finally Got A New Member - DeAndre Hopkins

    Nov 20, 2020

    The prestigious 99 Club in Madden 21 finally got a new member - DeAndre Hopkins. This is a day to celebrate for fans of Madden 21 and the Arizona Cardinals, because Hopkins has entered 99 Club as the 7th member. For Hopkins, this is undoubtedly a huge success!

    Look at this amazing moment

    About 99 Club

    99 Club has always been a prestigious group in the Madden series, and for many players, it is their yearning. With the addition of Michael Thomas before, the club has 5 members, and then Russell Wilson, and now DeAndre Hopkins has become the seventh member.

    So now 99 Club members have:

                                                      Aaron Donald

                                                      Christian McCaffrey

                                                      Patrick Mahomes

                                                      Stephon Gilmore

                                                      Michael Thomas

                                                      Russell Wilson

                                                      DeAndre Hopkins

    DeAndre Hopkins

    As a Wide Receiver, after he completed the unbelievable Hail Mary catch, he has been praised by all players, coaches, and fans. Besides, his rating in Madden 21 has been improved. Now He has a higher OVR and moves into the famous 99 Club. Prior to this, his rating was 98, so being a member of 99 Club is sooner or later!

    In addition to his entry into 99 Club, there are other players whose ratings have risen. EA listed detailed reports and gave a list of players who have risen in ratings, including Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ronald Jones, Indianapolis Colts running back Nyheim Hines, and Washington WR Terry McLaurin.

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  • Madden 21 Deserves Another Chance! It Tracked NFL Player Movements Over 5 Years Just For Improving The Game 

    Madden 21 Deserves Another Chance! It Tracked NFL Player Movements Over 5 Years Just For Improving The Game 

    Nov 19, 2020

    Madden 21 will use player movements tracked for more than 5 years to improve the game. The next generation of PS5 and XBOX Series X/S will be released on December 4. It's Not like what we think, many gamers thought it did not provide any substantial changes, and even gave it the lowest rating, thinking it is the worst game.

    Madden is a football game officially authorized by the NFL, which means that it has a close connection with the real NFL. The decisions made by the NFL will have a certain impact on the game, but it is not a decisive role.

    For example, Colin Kaepernick recently appeared in Madden 21, but in reality, he was rejected in 2016 by the NFL because of the BLM protest. This shows that Madden and the NFL also have differences in some aspects. It is also controversial that the 2021 Pro Bowl will be held virtually on Madden 21.

    But EA has always wanted to make a different game to satisfy fans. In the past five years, the League has been using Amazon's cloud computing service AWS to track and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of players through RFID chips attached to the players' uniforms. So as to improve the team's strategy. Because this is a great idea, Madden 21 will use these in the next-gen to make the player's movements more realistic. We all hope the introduction of this technology can make the game better than before.

    Compared with the previous model, this is a change worth celebrating. Aside from EA's loot box sales practices, this is actually an excellent system and impressive. We don't know if this improvement can bring gamers a better gaming experience, because gamers who have been complaining for a long time seem to gradually lose patience. If next-gen still disappoints them, then EA may really need to change a batch of Madden developers. Hope Madden 21 next-gen will bounce back and give everyone a surprise.

    Madden 21 sucks now, but everyone has learned to have fun in hardship, at least some jokes made by bugs can bring everyone joy...

    Now we can only wait patiently for the arrival of next-gen, GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to relevant news, and we will update the news in time. Stay tuned to GAMEMS, in case you miss the latest news.

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  • One And Only! 2021 Pro Bowl Will Be Held Virtually In Madden 21

    One And Only! 2021 Pro Bowl Will Be Held Virtually In Madden 21

    Nov 18, 2020

    Due to COVID 19, the All-Star Game has been canceled. This is also for everyone's safety considerations, so the Pro Bowl was announced to be held on the Madden 21 video game.

    The NFL began month-long voting for the virtual Pro Bowl on Tuesday. The event will invite players who win the Super Bowl cause they do not have to participate in real-life games.

    Peter O'Reilly, executive vice president of NFL events, said that this idea is good because it helps to make the high-profile NFL events change from reality to virtual. Sports events are full of variables, but virtual events will bring fans and players a fresh and unprecedented experience.

    Pro Bowl Week will conclude current players, former players, celebrities, and Madden matches using two Pro Bowl teams. Pro bowl players will also appear in the Madden NFL Pro Bowl game.

    In fact, there is also a virtual Pro Bowl experience in the Madden 21 game. Because Madden is very popular in recent years, it introduced the Pro Bowl as an optional mode for gamers into the video game series.

    The Pro Bowl originally scheduled to be held in Las Vegas on January 31 2021 has been canceled due to the global pandemic. This is the first time the Pro Bowl has been canceled since 1949, and if possible, it will still be held in Las Vegas in 2022.

    Players and coaches will vote for the 2021 Pro Bowl on December 18. They will select 88 players, including 44 AFC and NFC. ESPN and ABC will broadcast a special program for Professional Bowl Week. So all NFL fans don't miss it.

    For more news about the Pro Bowl, GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to it. Once the latest news is leaked, we will update it in time.

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  • Madden 21 Guide For Kansas City Chiefs Themed Team

    Madden 21 Guide For Kansas City Chiefs Themed Team

    Nov 17, 2020

    As we all know, the MUT mode has always been the core part of Madden 21 and the most popular among gamers. It has created many possibilities for many theme teams. You can create your favorite lineup here.

    Speaking of competitions, who doesn't want to be the ultimate winner? So the best team is also the most sought after, and Kansas City Chiefs is one of them.

    This team won all the victories last year, which is surprising, but it is also a big challenge to repeat history. Fortunately, there are many outstanding players in the team!

    If you want to build a Chiefs Theme Team in Madden 21, these are what you need to have.

    Derrick Thomas - 92 OVR

    Derrick Thomas from Most Feared, who has a 92 overall rating, which is indispensable. In the 3-4 defense, his pass-rushing is unbelievable and can easily reach QB.


    You also need coverage on defense. As for the CB, Marcus Peters from Flashbacks, whose OVR is 89, is worth collecting. Don't forget to get L'Jarius Sneed from Team Standouts!


    As for the LB, Bobby Bell from the Legends set is good. Teaming him up with Damien Wilson from Team Builders, then you will be surprised!


    In addition to Patrick Mahomes from Core Elite, who else is qualified for this position?


    Blocking for him, Will Shields with 91 OVR from TOTW 7 and Mitchell Schwartz with 87 OVR from the Core Elite are both good options.


    Tony Gonzalez with a 91 rating from the Legends is definitely a monster in TE.


    Team Diamonds: Dante Hall - 89 OVR

    Core Elite: Tyreek Hill - 87 OVR

    These are the most valuable weapons of your Chiefs Theme Team. Except for these top players, most of the current players on this theme team are 80-83 OVR.

    If you still can't have enough good players, you can only replace them with relatively cheap players. Building a MUT team is a long process, so accumulating MUT 21 Coins is an absolutely wise choice.

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  • What's Wrong With The Rating Adjustment In Madden 21? Kyler Murray's New Rating Is Disappointing!

    What's Wrong With The Rating Adjustment In Madden 21? Kyler Murray's New Rating Is Disappointing!

    Nov 16, 2020

    The quarterback Kyler Murray is from Arizona Cardinals, his performance this season is impressive, so fans take it for granted that he will have a high rating in Madden 21, but his new rating is disappointing. Kyler Murray's overall rating rose by one point and is now 80.

    As early as July, his rating was 77, which is not very satisfying, and the Twitter account of the Arizona Cardinals directly expressed dissatisfaction. Because Murray rushed for 543 yards only just 76 attempts this season. This makes him be NO.8 among all NFL players in rushing yards.

    His 8 rushing touchdowns put him NO.3 in the league's rushing touchdowns.

    As for passing the ball, his 2,130 yards rank NO,12 in the league.

    His 68.1% throws put him NO.9 in the league.

    His 16 touchdown passes put him NO.11 in the league.

    In summary, he ranks no.16 among all quarterbacks.

    We will list the rating of the top quarterbacks in Madden 21, so you'll know why Murray's rating makes fans angry!

    Kansas City Chiefs QB: Patrick Mahomes-99

    Seattle Seahawks QB: Russell Wilson-99

    Green Bay Packers QB: Aaron Rodgers-94

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB: Tom Brady-94

    Baltimore Ravens QB: Lamar Jackson-91

    Even Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford and Las Vegas Raiders' Derek Carr are 82, ahead of Murray.

    This ranking is really confusing, so what's wrong with the adjustment?

    As early as July, Murray had already expressed disbelief with his 77 OVR. He said that it should be at least 80. And fans agree with that, because of his speed, acceleration, and anything about speed, he is top-tier, and his throwing ability, dual-threat ability is very outstanding, it can be said that few people in the entire league can do it. So, the future MVP is 80?

    GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to Murray's score changes, and hope that madden 21 can give him a fair score!

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  • Madden 21: What Differences Between Current Version And Next-Gen?

    Madden 21: What Differences Between Current Version And Next-Gen?

    Nov 14, 2020

    EA has stated that the release date of Madden 21 next-gen is December 4th, so it is less than a month away, but no relevant news has been leaked so far. 

    Some people speculate that there must be no differences between the next-gen and the current version, so EA did not release relevant news. However, according to another EA game - NBA 2K21, the PS5 version of the game has better picture quality and has a new content "The City", so we can look forward to the upcoming Madden21 next-gen on PS5, Xbox Series X /S.

    The current version of Madden 21 has been released on PS4 and Xbox One for nearly three months. Recently, EA has also released an update, adding the "Play A Friend" function to The Yard, as well as some players' long-awaited Franchise Mode Improve. According to EA, all currently saved data can be directly transferred to next-gen, because it is related to Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise, The Yard, and MUT. As for more details, we don't know.

    This approach has undoubtedly made gamers more curious. If there is no difference in gameplay between the next-gen and the current version, there must be a major leap in visual effects, which will also make fans happy.

    Although the game was full of bugs when Madden 21 was first released, EA is constantly fixing bugs. If next-gen does not have any changes in gameplay, then EA will definitely make even greater changes on Madden 22! At least it won't get worse, right?

    If you need to buy MUT 21 Coins, you can come to GAMEMS to buy it. If you lose interest in Madden 21 temporarily, you can also wait until the next-gen is released. At that time, if you need Madden 21 Coins, GAMEMS can still provide you with the MUT 21 Coins you need!

  • Madden 21 Player Ratings: Brady Drops While Other Players Get Closer To 99 Club

    Madden 21 Player Ratings: Brady Drops While Other Players Get Closer To 99 Club

    Nov 13, 2020

    The latest Madden 21 player ratings have been updated, and we can imagine that there will always be players whose ratings will rise and also fall. Davante Adams, wide receiver from Green Bay Packers, and Dalvin Cook, running back from Minnesota Vikings, their ratings are all improved because of their outstanding performance in Week 9. As for the players whose ratings have fallen, Tom Brady is unexpected in this list. He fails to return to the 99 Club, his rating is even getting farther and farther away from 99.

    Player ratings rise

    Derrick Henry

    This year's competition is still fierce, and Derrick Henry is one of the forces that cannot be ignored. He has 843 yards of total rushing, but still behind Dalvin Cook who has 858 yards. In this season, Derrick Henry has 12 touchdowns, which puts him ahead of all running backs.

    Dalvin Cook

    Through the latest madden 21 player ratings, we can know that Cook has achieved 478 scrimmage yards and 6 touchdowns in the past two games. In Week 9, he had 206 yards and 2 touchdowns. In summary, he can be called the No.1 in this league in his position! His current rating is 96, which means he is getting closer to 99 Club.

    Davante Adams

    In Week 9, he got 10 receptions for 173 yards and a touchdown. And some people noticed that this was his third game this season with more than 150 yards. In the past three games, he has scored 6 times and is also impressive, so his OVR has risen by one point, and now his rating is 97 OVR. So in the next game, can he continue to maintain his current good condition and become the next member of the 99 Club?

    Will Tom Brady be back to 99 Club?

    Entering the season, quarterback Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Fans are very interested in this. In Week 9, his new team performed well, but for Brady, it doesn't seem like that anymore.

    His three interceptions, 0 touchdowns and 40.35 passer rating are unexpected. His current rating has dropped to 94. This is not a joy for a former member of the 99 Club.

    But we can't predict the future, maybe he will surprise us next week.

    GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the constantly updated player ratings of Madden 21. If you are also interested, you can bookmark our news page on GAMEMS.

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