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  • Why FFXIV is so important for the next decade of gaming?

    Why FFXIV is so important for the next decade of gaming?

    Jan 02, 2020

    FFXIV is incredible in the last year of this decade. However, what it does is provide a blueprint for success for other games, not just others. As the video game industry continues to see real-time serving games as a viable and profitable business model, FFXIV continues to provide evidence that this structure is pleasant.

    Final Fantasy XIV will be the most important MMORPG to enter the next game. The outstanding Shadowbringers extension has made critics marvel at its deep story and the massive improvement in overall player experience quality. Data is the most representative of authority. Player participation and discussion is the most realistic reaction of Final Fantasy XIV on MMORPG.

    Consumers are having problems using real-time services that provide little for what they consider to be a huge investment in resources (whether time, money or both). Although FFXIV has been around for a long time, Not accused. If the real-time service model is to be developed and MMORPG is to continue into the next decade of the game, then the success of FFXIV is likely to be both a blueprint and a barometer to measure the feasibility of both.

    For many players, having a lot of FFXIV Gil in the game allows them to do more with less. Save time and effort! Players can not only enjoy the value-added services provided by when purchasing Final Fantasy XIV Gil on GameMS, but they can also enjoy 6% off when paying with the "XMAS" coupon code.

  • Final Fantasy XIV needs 5 things to keep the best MMORPG of our time

    Final Fantasy XIV needs 5 things to keep the best MMORPG of our time

    Nov 04, 2019

    For the past five years, Final Fantasy XIV has been the most important part of my life. It must be that my MMO family is longer than anyone else. This game can help new friendships develop into relationships I have never thought of and help me keep in touch with friends. Otherwise, we may lose contact because of the different directions of life.

    This is an ever-evolving world, not only by expanding to add new locations and tasks, but also by slowly convincing the game crowd that Final Fantasy is not eliminated by XIII (I don't believe it anyway).

    It is undeniable that Final Fantasy XIV sometimes feels weird. New extensions, especially Shadowbringers, have proven that Square Enix can break through obstacles and create some truly amazing battles and cutscenes. But this is not an innovator.

    The origins of my MMO can be traced back to Runescape, World of Warcraft and a number of free games during the boom years of the early 2000s. Although Final Fantasy XIV has always been the game that attracted me the most attention, there are still many aspects related to previous games. Then, I think this story-driven game looks pale and powerless.

    Truly seamless world

    So far, my favorite thing about Final Fantasy XIV is its many loading screens. One of my earliest memories of World of Warcraft was the natural transition between the regions that surprised me. Take a stroll through the excavated tunnel to escape the snow of Dun Morogh until the sun shines on Modan Lake, which is magical - no impact on the load screen when flying across the continent The immersive destruction is broken.

    As we all know, playing Final Fantasy XIV is a long process, GameMS provides players with very cheap FFXIV Gil, in any case, get more FFXIV Gil can get a lot of help in the game.

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