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  • MapleStory M:Leveling up to level 100

    MapleStory M:Leveling up to level 100

    Sep 19, 2018

    Meet again with the article from the game Maplestory M, where this article occurs after the pass. Life is strewn with many lobes. With the level 1-59 and 60-100.

    But this article will talk about later life in the name of the episode Maplestory. M: Life in the Valley 100, which is the end of the trilogy of this article.

    By the end of this marathon article. To talk about the life of the players in the 100 that I have to say that it is a routine to do it. It is an activity that repeats itself.

    The level is up. The new push will enter. Or something special. More on this. The main reason is that after the quests with the main quest until the end of the level is not half the tube and then exp from where to fill up.


    The Explorer of the Weekly 100 will have the following sequence at the end of the day, it will run again.

    1. From the quest to complete the quest will be a number (a lot less depending on the level).

    2. After that, go to the daily hunt that will replace the quest based on the story. When pressed, it will encounter different missions in the hunt for monsters. Let the player choose the mission we will do. Then the player's character will travel automatically to the map at that monster. The mission of the daily hunt is.

    Destroy the enemy according to the mission of the number of games, such as eliminating 100 monsters. Daily missions are reset daily. Ask the player to try to clear the mission every day.

    It will get a certain amount of exp (exp of the daily hunt to chase from the hundred thousand to the million)

    To push exp. Will have the main force to exp.

    Nett's pyramid is a four-tiered monster with 10 waves. By the end of the mission, the player gains about 2M + at a catastrophic level.

    And the prize is a piece of gold leaf or clothing (the game will be random).

    3.2 Star force field at level 100+. Many players may choose to up to the maximum. But for the writer to be 555+ up to 45-50 stars, but really down to choose the current push in the current Star Terrace 1 or 2 (information from Maplestory M community Thailand) provided. EXP and the money is in a satisfactory amount.

    The Star Forcefield is pushed to sleep because 555+ most will automatically release bots in the late hours. Leave it to sleep before the automatic hit will accumulate a maximum of 360 minutes, leaving up to 6 hours for the pressure of the force field.

    4. Down the store. I use it and store it.

    4.1 Dairy Dungeon is a pile of gems. This push will let the player down alone. Can not party

    4.2 Elite Dungeon is a push for Epic. This pressure is a push that we can party to a maximum of 6 people.

    4.3 Mini Dungeon is a pressure drop for Maple Leaf for missions. There are tempting prizes. This is a pressure for downing alone and requiring tickets to play.

    4.4 Mu Lung Dojo is the pressure to hit the boss. We can redeem points for rewards. Push this down for a single down.

    Daily play will always have the reward of the activities. Players will try to look at the conditions of the mission, it will keep playing and keep the game free of charge is important to not miss is Auto-battle that charge 2 hours a day.

    For this article. This is just the way it is. Hope that the article will benefit more or less for all readers. And meet again with the next article. Today, my brother Thai.

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