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  • KMSM(Korean MapleStory Mobile) Is So Much Different From Others?

    KMSM(Korean MapleStory Mobile) Is So Much Different From Others?

    Sep 11, 2018

    What is the difference between KMSM and global version? Some Redditors gave their own answers and judgments on Reddit MapleStory M community regarding a recent thread upon the Korean version' experience. Here are some quotes from this discussion:

    "Korean version is so much different from the Global version. Here are some key differences:

    1. Available character classes: Phantom, Luminous, Mercedes, Evan, Aran, Explorers (Including Paladin and Hero), KoC

    2. Equipment classifications: In the trade market, the equip are classified according to levels 10, 20, 40, etc till level 160, ranging from all sorts of weapons to accessories. Characters can only equip the next higher tier equip upon reaching the next level tier (10,20,30,40, etc). For each level tier, there are sub tiers which classifies the equip to normal, rare, epic, unique.

    3. Level cap is 200.

    4. Lots of event dungeons.

    5. Equipment drop rates: I started a new character and even the weakest monsters (blue snails, green snails) drop equipment at quite a high rate.

    I feel that the global version basically is a cash cow for Nexon. Korean Maplestory M feels a lot more like the PC version. So many more features..."


    So I played Korea Maplestory M from r/MapleStoryM


    "This is a normal phase for the Western release of any Korean games. We get behind the updates from Korean version by months or years so that the Western publishers can make enough profit to actually break even or obtain the updates from the developers.

    There's this MMO called Black Desert Online, at first launch for the Western players, the updates were average every week and then they pushed the major and important update almost every week now to the point they are like few months only behind the Korean version, and some players are complaining the contents were released to fast for them to actually experienced it beforehand.

    So enjoy what you what, try the Korean version if you will. The content will come, it's just a matter of timing and Nexon's decision when they have profiting enough from the game."



    "I played KMSM when it first came out, and I don't recall having these armors we have here in the global release, I'm pretty sure they ALWAYS had the regular gear which is leveled at like 10, 20, 30, 40 etc. My nooby mage on KMSM is wearing nooby PC style equips and it's marvelous.

    Pretty disappointing because if KMSM never had it then it's not a release we'll get later. Seems like we've gotten a dumbed down version. I really like the PC style equipment system of KMSM.

    Extra jobs I'm not fussed about, KMSM didn't have those on launch either.

    Making mesos in KMSM is A LOT harder though imo."

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