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  • NBA 2K22 Season 3: Iced Out

    NBA 2K22 Season 3: Iced Out

    Dec 02, 2021

    An in-depth look at NBA 2K22 Season 3 will come on December 3. The new season introduces a brand-new Clutch Time mode, in addition, more surprises are waiting for the arrival of gamers. By the time. GAMEMS will be updated with more specific details.

    NBA 2K22 Season 3: Iced Out focuses on the clutch gene, showing Damian Lillard's ability to remain unfazed under any circumstances, burying the competition with the coldest game-winning shots in NBA history. In Season 3, you will guide your inner Dame and experience the following:

    * MyCareer: It will take you to Rooftops in the City, where you will face elite competition at each Affiliation’s Rooftop court. By defeating all the Affiliation courts, you can get a special belt. Other updates include new rewards, the animated Iced Out Bundle as a level 40 reward, and winter cosmetic update, and more.

    * MyTeam: It introduces Clutch Time, a brand new multiplayer mode, which you can access in the Pink Diamond Plaza, there, you can experience four-point shots and fast-paced game design to reward three-point specialists.

    * The W: It includes four tiers of new rewards, as well as new iconic contacts that can learn from Lisa Leslie, one of the greatest basketball players, and former All-Star Delisha Milton-Jones, who owns 17 years of WNBA experience.

    * First Fridays: This Season features some of the hottest tracks, up-and-coming, and established icons from Def Jam Recordings, including Kendra Jae, Saint Bodhi, and Bino Rideaux.

    Once Season 3 comes, if you want to fully experience the new content of the game, you can also pay more attention to GAMEMS, we will provide corresponding tips and tricks. In addition, you can also buy NBA 2K22 MT here. As one of the main currencies in the game, it is needed in certain aspects of the game. If you want to go further in NBA 2K22, you can’t do without it.

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