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  • NBA 2K22 Next-Gen: How To Make Best Guard Build?

    NBA 2K22 Next-Gen: How To Make Best Guard Build?

    Oct 07, 2021

    NBA 2K22 next-gen has been absent for about 5 weeks. In the early days, the MyCareer online games series seemed to introduce a new meta - 5’9" and under point guards.

    If you are a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S user and are looking for absolute offensive cheat codes for 3V3, 5V5 games, then GAMEMS will tell you how to make the best guard build in NBA 2K22 next-gen.

    * Position: Point Guard

    * Height: 5'8"

    * Weight: 145 lbs

    * Wingspan: 5'11"

    * Finishing: Close Shot 62

    * Shooting: Mid-Range Shot 92, Three-Point Shot 99, Free Throw 79

    * Playmaking: Pass Accuracy 99, Ball Handle 99, Speed With Ball 98

    * Defense/Rebounding: Perimeter Defense 79, Steal 99

    * Physicals: Speed 95, Acceleration 95, Stamina 95

    In general, as long as you plan for this, its Height, Finishing, Interior defense, and rebounding will not be difficult.

    The height of 5’8” is a red light. If you are a big fan of 2K and have played against players with a high win rate, then you should know that they are too fast and too good at shooting. So it is worth investing a lot of NBA 2K22 MT on them.

    The 5’8” allows primary point guards to do what they need to do to fill the meta role of the main ball handlers in NBA 2K22, using screens, cheese threes off the dribble, hitting open shooters and pluck steals. This setting also allows getting the Hall of Fame Unpluckable and Pick Pocket, two of the most broken Badges of the year.

    It is worth trying to bring this build to Villanova for college, which would bring badge count to 1 Finishing, 42 Shooting, 39 Playmaking, and 21 Defense.

    This is about the best build in NBA 2K22. Whether you are looking for more NBA 2K22 game instructions or buy NBA 2K22 MT, you can come to GAMEMS, where you can find everything you need.

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