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  • Guild Wars 2 begins recreating Season 1

    Guild Wars 2 begins recreating Season 1

    Apr 21, 2022

    As we all know, Guild War 2: Living World's Season 1 Scarlet War has been unavailable due to a temporary update, so this year began the Season 1 of the recreate, and the fourth expansion work is also in parallel. Just yesterday, ArenaNet released the first episode of "Fire and Frost, "and resumed the linear story log set, with four more episodes to be gradually updated this year. This means that for the first time in nine years, players can experience the missing story chapter of the complete Scarlet War.

    With the return of Living World Season 1, game designer Joe Kimmes also discusses the challenges of rebuilding Living World Returns and what's to come in the future.

    The most anticipated part of players is the content about Scarlets War in the first season. As a frequently-appearing plot background, players want to be able to fully experience the storyline. And this was also a difficulty in the production team's work because this required the transformation of the original setting of the game into the journal standard of the modern story, so the new story adopts a linear mode so that there is no risk of previous missions or episodes being put on hold again.

    Flame and Frost also added Braham and Rox, two characters from Dragon's Watch that players could only get to know through video recaps, but in the rebuilt Season 1, players will reconnect with them and learn more about them.

    This rebuilds of Living World Season 1 of Living World will bridge the gap between personal stories and Season 2, and players will also be able to earn rewards that were previously unavailable. In Flame and Frost, players can earn the new Fire Mastery and Frost Mastery initial achievements, as well as new rewards. For players who already have this achievement, the status will be maintained.

    Episode 2 will be updated on May 24 and will bring Kaineng Overlook Challenge Mode, New Legendary Weapon Variant. If you've already joined Living World Returns and are starting to experience the newly built backstory, you can log into GAMEMS for more information, and we'll also give you cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold to support you in getting off to a good start in the new episodes.

  • Explore the development of Aetherblades in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

    Explore the development of Aetherblades in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

    Apr 11, 2022

    Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons has been out for over a month now, The expansion packs introduce new content, including new regions of the world to explore, masteries, and professions. Players have been very positive about the new content and the process of making it curious. And recently, Guild Wars 2 story design lead Connor Fallon revealed on his blog some of the behind-the-scenes creative process and design decisions of End of Dragons and how Aetherblades fits into The End of Dragons.

    Aetherblades was chosen early in the development of concept design to connect to the larger backstory system of the game. The Aetherblades are a multiracial group of sky pirates returning from Scarlet's War. According to Fallon, the production team decided to change the team composition and character settings of Aetherblades, not only that, but their equipment, Pact airships will also change. Because in the plot, Aetherblades successfully escaped back to The Mist after Scarlet raided Lion's Arch, so Aetherblades is very suitable to add a plot to fill the gap in the previous story connection.

    Three expansions have been released for Guild Wars 2 so far, with a fourth expansion announced for production on March 22.

    While Living World Season 1 will continue to expand the storyline and fill in the gaps of the previous storyline, if you are a Guild Wars 2 player and looking forward to the new DLC, GAMEMS will provide you with cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold, we have plenty of gold in stock to meet your game needs, if you want to get more Guild Wars 2 gold, please contact us any time.

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