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  • Madden 22: Voted New Golden Tickets Now Live

    Madden 22: Voted New Golden Tickets Now Live

    Jun 27, 2022

    Madden 22 is still actively bringing new content. While Madden 23's release is imminent, with new and upgraded mechanics and modes, we can still build an unstoppable lineup of exclusives in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

    EA is also continuously strengthening communication with players and implementing feedback into game content. Recently, Madden 22 Ultimate Team voted to decide who will receive Golden Ticket Items, including Kickers and Punters. Judging from the results, Justin Tucker and Matt Araiza lead with clear support, and at this stage, they have joined the remaining Golden Tickets as Kickers and Punters respectively.

    Fans can now log in to MUT to collect some excellent cards to enrich their lineup. With the two newly released 99 OVR cards mentioned above, Ultimate Legends can also help you to strengthen, and we currently have new players in Ultimate Legends available, which includes:

    99 OVR Jason Taylor

    97 OVR (LOLB) Earl Campbell

    97 OVR (HB) Haloti Ngata

    Among them, Jason Taylor's Ability Discount includes 2 AP - Edge Threat Elite and 1 AP - No Outsiders, which players can use to deal with different challenges and competitions. will be your good partner on your journey to Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Not only can we bring you the latest news, but we can also support you with safe MUT 22 Coin for sale to support you in winning matches and getting more rewards, so feel free to visit and get in touch.

  • Madden 22: Golden Ticket IV Releases

    Madden 22: Golden Ticket IV Releases

    May 28, 2022

    The Golden Ticket III was released on May 20, 2022, with several card upgrades. Obtaining the Golden Ticket is the best way for players to build their own 99 OVR player. Players will need to log into Madden Ultimate Team and participate in the Madden 22 Golden Ticket Program to begin searching for these new Golden Tickets.

    With Madden 22 bringing its 2.09 update, its Ultimate Team continues to surprise players, and just earlier today, EA Sports brought the latest Golden Ticket. As part of the Golden Ticket IV release, a slew of premium cards have been brought to the game today.

    Now players will get the following Golden Ticket:

    DK Metcalf-WR-99 OVR

    Tro Polamalu-SS-99 OVR

    Rasul Douglas-CB-99 OVR

    Patrick Mahomes-QB-99 OVR

    The ability slots that are changed and upgraded for each player are as follows, and players can configure them according to their needs.

    Metcalf: Physical x2, Deep Threat, Slot, Route Runner

    Polamalu: Hybrid x5

    Douglas: Man-to-Man x2, Zone x2, Slot

    Mahomes: Strong Arm x2, Improvisor, Scrambler, Field General

    GAMEMS will be dedicated to bring enhancements to your gaming experience. While we're bringing you the latest Madden 22 news, we're also offering you MUT Coins for sale to help you round out your roster in Madden Ultimate Team. Welcome to place an order here anytime!

  • Madden 21: The Latest Golden Ticket Players Are All Must-haves!

    Madden 21: The Latest Golden Ticket Players Are All Must-haves!

    May 08, 2021

    Madden 21 is still rolling strong in the Ultimate Team, and the return of promo Golden Ticket has officially ushered in the second release, in which QB Derek Carr leads this pack.

    Four new Golden Ticket players were released in MUT, and they are now available in Madden 21.

    The four players' OVR reached 99, which means they are at the top level, so on the MUT 21 court, they are a huge threat. They not only have 99 OVR but also two or more attributes at 99.

    MUT 21 Golden Ticket

    Derek Carr (QB) - 99 OVR

    Perhaps Golden Ticket Derek Carr will be the biggest addition this time, and this 99 OVR version as a Field General will be shocking.

    Throw Under Power - 99

    Running - 99

    Deep Route Accuracy - 99

    These attributes will make him an important role in MUT.

    Jalen Reagor(WR) - 99 OVR

    Golden Ticket Jalen Reagor joined the MUT as a Deep Threat, and his stats reinforce this.

    Jumping - 99

    Deep Route Running - 99

    Speed - 98

    These stats allow him and Carr to cooperate perfectly to make big plays.

    Derick Roberson(ROLB) - 99 OVR

    Speed Rusher Derick Roberson's moves can enhance your defense.

    Power Moves - 99

    Finesse Moves - 99

    Tackle - 99

    Acceleration - 98

    These can help him rush to his opponent quickly.

    Giant Delpit(FS) - 99 OVR

    He joined Golden Ticket as a Hybrid Free Safety, and his unique data makes him a player that cannot be underestimated.

    Hit Power - 99

    Zone Coverage - 99

    Tackle - 99

    Pursuit - 99

    These data are enough to make him a nightmare for any offense.

    So these 4 players are all must-haves. If you want to get any player cards you like, you need to prepare sufficient MUT 21 Coins.

    GAMEMS has prepared enough Coins for those players who need Madden 21 Coins. Whenever you come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 21 Coins, you will be able to receive the Coins in a short time after you ordered because our staff is 24/7 Online, as long as you place an order, they will start delivering to you.

  • Madden 21: Is Golden Ticket Coming?

    Madden 21: Is Golden Ticket Coming?

    Mar 24, 2021

    Madden 21 recently released Team Diamonds 2, which is another addition after MUT Free Agency, so this will inevitably make more fans look forward to the next promo.

    Looking back at past games, we predict that Golden Ticket will be the next step for MUT 21.

    Golden Tickets

    There is also official news that Golden Tickets will return. Golden Tickets is one of the most popular MUT promos these years, and fans are looking forward to seeing it again in MUT. If it appears in the game, some players who choose MUT 21 will have a chance to design a custom card, and it will appear in packs.

    Release Date

    MUT 21 has not confirmed the return date of Golden Tickets, but the Ultimate Challenges last year came up on March 10th and March 13th. Time is very limited, because each Challenge was only active for an hour.

    On Xbox One and PS4 consoles, there are a total of 20 Golden Tickets collectibles distributed to selected players. If it appears again this year, we should see a similar total.

    Golden Ticket Ultimate Challenges

    The previous Golden Ticket had only a few limited time challenges to obtain a coveted item. Last year's Golden Ticket Ultimate Challenges

    were a complete game with 3-minute quarters. After completion, players can get quicksell or Golden Ticket collectible.

    Golden Ticket Player

    We do not yet know what MUT 21 Golden Tickets will look like, it depends on the lucky players who win them.

    When Golden Tickets started last year, some Golden Tickets players included Bo Jackson, Julio Jones, Robert Griffin III, and Adrian Peterson.

    If Golden Tickets really drop in Madden 21, GAMEMS will also update more relevant details. GAMEMS also provides Madden 21 Coins, whether you need PS4/5 MUT 21 Coins, PC MUT 21 Coins, or Xbox One/Series MUT 21 Coins, GAMEMS can meet your needs.

    And Madden 22 can be said to be highly anticipated now, once it is released, GAMEMS will also provide cheap Madden 22 Coins!

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