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  • Steelers Theme Team - One Of The Best Team In Madden 21

    Steelers Theme Team - One Of The Best Team In Madden 21

    Nov 02, 2020

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only undefeated team against Tennessee Titans in Week 7. This team has an OVR of 88, a defense of 89, and an offense of 87.

    Barry Sanders with 93 OVR and Andre Johnson with 91 OVR are both starters. We don't have to say much about their super strength, because they are so good that every theme team is talking about them. Let's discuss other players today.

    Chase Claypool

    Chase Claypool, the rookie Wide Receiver who played football at Notre Dame, is definitely an excellent player this season. In the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Claypool completed three touchdowns and a rushing touchdown. Based on these impressive data, he obtained 91 OVR at madden 21 Week 5 TOTW.

    Michael Vick

    As a QB with 92 OVR, he will undoubtedly provide plenty of options for the offense as the starting quarterback.

    Including Sanders and 90 OVR Jerome Bettis can make opponents confused in defense. If you want to use End Around Play, you can take full advantage of Claypool with 92 rated speed.

    Heath Miller

    On the left side of the offensive line, with a 70 OVR Left Guard and a 79 OVR Left Tackle, blocking movement will be a problem. But Heath Miller with 90 OVR can help to get rid of this dilemma, while the remaining 83 OVR, 84 OVR, and 86 OVR can support the offensive line on the other side.

    Sam Mills

    Another player who will appear in almost all themed teams is Sam Mills, who is the player with the highest defensive rating - 95 OVR.

    Mills and 91 OVR T.J. Watt and 86 OVR Bud Dupree formed the strongest linebacking corps. When they are all on the court, any Pass that crosses the midfield may be intercepted by them. They can be said to be invincible.

    The Steelers' theme team secondary

    It is also one of the best theme teams in madden 21. Even the lowest-rated starter is 89 OVR FS Minkah Fitzpatrick. Troy Polamalu is the player with the highest rating - 93 OVR, who deserves to be respected.

    90 OVR CB Rod Woodson and 90 OVR CB Mike Hilton completed an impressive secondary unit.

    Overall, this Steelers is one of the best teams this season. Opponents should not easily throw the ball to the Steelers court because the Steelers' defense is very solid.

    If you are considering improving your team, you can give priority to the members of the Steelers team. Even if there are rookies in their team, the rookies can also increase your team's chances of winning. If you need cheap MUT 21 Coins, you can choose to buy from GAMEMS.

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  • NBA 2K21: Are You Ready For "Next Is Now" - MyTeam Season 2!

    NBA 2K21: Are You Ready For "Next Is Now" - MyTeam Season 2!

    Oct 17, 2020

    EA officially announced the season 2 of NBA 2K21 MyTeam, named "Next Is Now". The ensuing Triple Threat Challenges, Win the Weekend and more content will appear in our vision. So, for players, you will gain a lot in the next six weeks.

    The 40-level prize this season is the Pink Diamond Blake Griffin. Of course, you will also get more reward opportunities in other modes of MyTeam. Such as the Triple Threat Challenges.

    This season will start with 10 challenge games, and more Spotlight Challenges will be ushered in the season. If you can smoothly finish these challenges, you will be able to own a Diamond Rafer Alston card. If you want to get Victor Oladipo, you need to accumulate 450 wins in the Triple Threat Offline.

    The weekend will be a particularly important time because it helps to accumulate XP. In MyTeam Limited, the championship ring is easier to obtain, which also makes it easier for players to get rewards in this mode. Also, the new Win the Weekend Agenda Set increases the chance for players to win in all modes.

    In the next six weeks, the season 2 of MyTeam will launch 40 new reward cards, including 12 new players and 3 exchanges. You can get Free Agent cards for Zion Williamson, Luka Doncic, Rui Hachimura, Trae Young and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as long as you play along with the pass. You can also get J.R.Smith's card by completing all collections of Next Is Now.

    To obtain these rewards will undoubtedly require you to invest the corresponding time and energy, so as long as you are patient enough, you can have these rewards. Moreover, you don't have to worry about your efforts in vain if you switch to PS5 or Xbox Series X/S! Because EA said all the progress of the current-gen game can be directly transferred to the new host!

    So, you can now grind these rewards and experiences without any scruples. Of course, if you need to buy NBA 2K21 MT or NBA 2K21 VC in the process, we welcome you to GAMEMS at any time!

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  • Madden 21: Welcome New Player To Join In 99 Overall Club

    Madden 21: Welcome New Player To Join In 99 Overall Club

    Oct 15, 2020

    Big news! Another player has joined the 99 Overall Club. He is Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback has been attracting people's attention at the beginning of this season. He seems to be a topic of discussion every year.

    Recently He was announced to be among the 99 Overall Club along with Aaron Donald, Christian McCaffrey, Michael Thomas, Patrick Mahomes, and Stephon Gilmore. Anyone in the 99 Overall Club is a pivotal player in their position, and their excellent overalls are amazing.

    EA's approach is well received. After EA has continuously improved the game many times, this year's version seems to be moving in the right direction. Although there are many gamers who are dissatisfied with Madden 21, this is normal. No game in the world is perfect enough to make everyone praise it.

    Many gamers are dissatisfied with the fact that Madden NFL monopolizes football video games. If you like football, you can only play Madden. Because gamers have no choice, EA is more perfunctory to Madden updates. They only release a new version every fall. The game is almost the same as the previous version. However, this year, EA finally began to listen to the demands of gamers, so it ushered in the upgrade of Madden 21. Although there are still criticisms, there are also many people who continue to praise, if you are a big fan of Madden 21, then this game should bring you fun.

    Anyway, since Russell Wilson has become a member of the 99 Overall Club, his value will also increase in Madden 21. If you already have his player card, then you are really lucky! If you don't and still want him to join your Team, the only way is to spend MUT 21 Coins. GAMEMS provides cheap Madden 21 Coins. You can find Madden 21 Coins for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on GAMEMS. If there will be other consoles supporting Madden 21 in the future, we will continue to supply more MUT 21 Coins from different consoles.

  • Madden 21: Best Offensive Scheme - Unstoppable Formation With Multiple Play Options

    Madden 21: Best Offensive Scheme - Unstoppable Formation With Multiple Play Options

    Sep 15, 2020

    Madden 21 has been out for a few weeks now, and the best plays and schemes are emerging.

    We will introduce the best offensive scheme in the game, all plays come from the same formation.

    Gun Ace Slot Offset

    Playbook: New England Patriots

    Formation: Gun

    Group: Gun Ace Slot Offset

    Audible Plays: PA Bubble, Inside Zone, Levels Y Sail, China Double In

    (To set up these audible plays, go to the group in the formation and use the LT/L2 button to change the preset audible plays in the game to the above content.)

    Key Play: Posts

    This is the hardest defense in the formation to set up and defend.

    Something important things to note:

                                   1. Always have your WRs on the open side of the field. If you find they are on the side of the hash you are snapping, then flip the play.

                                   2. Make sure X/Square receiver is fast. Without a user in the middle, RB/R1 receiver is open in virtually any coverage unless the opponent makes zone audibles.

    At the same time, the Y/Triangle route is usually open for 4/5 gains minimum and the X/Square receiver mentioned earlier will beat Cover 3 if he is fast enough and you can get enough time in the pocket.

    If the opponent reacts by bringing the zones down to the line of scrimmage to stop these short routes, then that opens up the B/Circle receiver to the sideline.

    Levels Y Sail

    We often talk about mixing it up so that your opponent can't settle into an easy defense, and whilst this scheme is very difficult to defend, it's still sage advice. Levels Y Sail is another play you can run from this formation, and it's one of the audibles selected. 

             Set your B/Circle receiver to a streak route: this drags some of the secondary up the field to create space for the others.

             The focus is on the A/X and RB/R1 receivers on the opposite side. Cover 3 or 4 the A/X will always be open, and if it's Cover 2 then the RB/R1 will pick up easy short yardage.

    If the opponent shades down, you have a window to hit the X/Square receiver running the in route.

    PA Bubble

    This play is saved for the moments that the opposition isn't base aligned. Most plays, there will be a CB directly opposite the primary receiver. But sometimes opponents will move that defender to the line of scrimmage, to increase blitz pressure. This play is here, and ready in the audible list to teach them a lesson. It's easy yards without that defender opposite.

    The inside zone is the last play in the audible which will give you a double TE blocking system that helps with the running game. Again you want to mix up run and pass to keep the opponent guessing and trying different defenses that you can then take advantage of.

    If you think this is useful to you, don't forget to pay more attention to GAMEMS, we will update the news about the game and some guides frequently.

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  • Madden 21: Who Are The Best Base Safeties?

    Madden 21: Who Are The Best Base Safeties?

    Aug 31, 2020

    To build a strong secondary that will shut down the opponent's offense, just having good corners are not enough. Safeties set the tone for the remaining secondary settings, which means you will want to go deep into these positions in order to succeed in the Madden Ultimate Team. So who are the best base safeties in MUT?

    Free Safeties

    Devin McCourty

    The highest-rated (85) base free safety in the Madden Ultimate Team, Devin McCourty of the Patriots, has many tools in his skill set that make him a valuable defensive back. The former Super Bowl champion also has solid Speed (84) and Acceleration attributes (85), both of which are very suitable for base cards.

    In addition, McCourty also has 88 abnormal play recognition (88) and 88 area coverage attributes, which makes him have reliable safety in 3 blocks and 4 blocks. He may be the most expensive free safety player, but there is a reason. The free safety of the Patriots is a very valuable player.

    Justin Reid

    Justin Reid of Texas FS has some similarities with Minkah Fitzpatrick because he has fairly good Speed (86) and Acceleration (85) ratings. In fact, Reid's running attributes put him ahead of other players with higher overall ratings. This makes him not only a good value grab, but also a strong user option. The downside of Reid lies in his Play Recognition(77) and Zone Coverage (77) attributes, however, if you are looking for a free safety user in the secondary, Justin Reid may be worth a look.

    Strong Safeties

    Harrison Smith

    The Vikings have established a dominant defense in recent years, and the best player in this area is undoubtedly S Harrison Smith. The highest rating (86) base strong safety in Madden 21, Smith has excellent Play Recognition (88) and Hit Power (85). He also has a high Zone Coverage (87) attribute, if you need a reliable area defender, he is a good choice.

    Tyrann Mathieu

    Mathieu has a solid Speed (84) for safety, which means he should have no problems moving around the secondary. However, Matthew's value lies in his Man Coverage (84) attribute, which is the highest among the Core Elite strong safeties.

    Jamal Adams

    Seahawks S Jamal Adams is right up there among the best strong safeties in the NFL. The 6'1'' safety has some impressive running attributes (85 Speed & 84 Acceleration), as well as a good Zone Coverage (84) rating. Adams can also hang with opposing wide outs in Man Coverage, thanks to his 80 rating on that front. But what might be Adams' most valuable asset is his ability to jar balls loose. The former Jet has a Hit Power rating of 88, the highest among Core Elite strong safeties. That would be great if you can get Jamal Adams on your squad.

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