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  • NBA 2K22: Big Things Will Come In Season 5!

    NBA 2K22: Big Things Will Come In Season 5!

    Feb 22, 2022

    Season 4 of the MyTeam mode in NBA 2K22 is coming to a close on February 25, and with that comes Season 5 speculation. The development team has also revealed some upcoming things in the Twitch channel, which has caused a strong reaction from the basketball community.

    While the specifics weren't revealed, audiences got enough information to start speculating about what NBA 2K22 Season 5 will introduce. Fortunately, Wednesday's Courtside Report will come, which may mean more details will be released in a few days. GAMEMS will introduce more about NBA 2K22 Season 5.

    In MyTeam mode, you can buy and earn card packs, build your team, and compete in tournaments around the world. Probably the biggest news is that the Dark Matter card will be available as a reward for reaching level 40, the first time this rare card is available for free.

    New Players

    As for the specific players, this has not been leaked, the only thing revealed is that 2 new players are making their debuts to MyTeam, one of them will be able to sit at level one of MyTeam while the other will be part of the Unlimited series. An interesting detail is that their introduction is unique, so this makes fans even more curious.

    Galaxy Cards

    Along with news of a plethora of Galaxy cards, there will also be a brand new Domination card set. You'll be busy leveling up and earning packs trying to get access to these new, featured units, which promise to be both dynamic and worth the hype built around it. So you can accumulate as much NBA 2K22 MT as you can before Season 5 starts.

    If you are a big fan of MyTeam, this may be good news for you. In a few days, the mystery will be completely revealed. At that time, GAMEMS will also share the latest news and related game guides in time.

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