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  • Madden 21 Guide: How To Lock On A Player?

    Madden 21 Guide: How To Lock On A Player?

    Mar 09, 2021

    The player lock function in Madden 21 is feasible for gamers who want to focus on offense or defense on the field, whether their own franchise player or an active player in a normal team. This applies to the Franchise Mode or Face of Franchise. 

    This article will tell you how to turn this setting on and off in Madden 21.

    If you run your own player or an active NFL player in franchise mode, or playing as a QB, RB, or WR in Face of the Franchise, you may want to use the player lock feature to stay focused on specific players and let the CPU run the rest of the team for you.

    To use this feature, open a save in two game modes, which are player-oriented rather than coach- or general manager-oriented, and enter the league settings before starting the mode.

    Scroll down to the Full on-field control option of the player mode tab, you can turn it on or off. When the setting is on, you can control the entire team on the field. But if you set this off, you will be locked wherever your custom or active players are running.

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  • Madden 21: Player Trades Will Get Fairer, And Easier To Understand

    Madden 21: Player Trades Will Get Fairer, And Easier To Understand

    Mar 05, 2021

    EA is about to release a new update of Madden 21, which will solve the long-standing problem in Franchise mode, so player trades are more realistic and easier to understand. Since the game was released last year, it has received a lot of mixed reviews including praise and criticism.

    This is not the first time EA has released the updated content to improve the Franchise mode of Madden 21. Because fans strongly demanded to fix Franchise, the developers made some major changes to the game. So far, EA has changed the QB draft logic, making the drafting quarterbacks more realistic, and allowing users to add X-Factor and Superstar traits to their teams. The final update of Franchise mode will be simplified. The player trade process is fairer to the users. The main change is the player trading logic in the game. Previously, the evaluation of stars was based on how far up the depth chart they were for their current team. But the change in the system will mean that their value will be based on the value they will be traded to the team. EA said that these changes can bring Madden 21 closer to reality.

    Those who want to try Madden 21 for the first time are very lucky this week, because Madden 21 will come to Xbox Game Pass through EA Play on March 3rd. In the next few weeks, SWTOR and several other EA models the game will join this sports simulation game.

    It is unusual for EA to update Madden 21 so frequently, especially in single-player games. So if you love football, this time is a suitable opportunity. And GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of this update, hoping that this update can bring surprises to gamers.

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  • Madden 21: Franchise Fixes Rebalance Trade Logic

    Madden 21: Franchise Fixes Rebalance Trade Logic

    Mar 04, 2021

    Madden 21 will release the final round of the three-round update of the game franchise mode on March 4. Although the updated content is very detailed and technical in the areas of processing and improvement, it also meets the long-term needs of Franchise lifers who think that the new game has done little to improve the core mode.

    The core change is to redesign the trading logic of game players and the overall evaluation of players. This means that some inconsistencies have been fixed, that is, the value of high-rated players in the CPU team has been significantly reduced. For example, a talented player, although not a starter in the old team, will be a starter on the one being offered, and will be regarded as a backup level of value by the old trade logic. Vice versa. Middle-rated players can sometimes trade one-for-one with star players because they can all be ranked high in their respective teams' depth charts. Now the CPU can expect more in the trade or simply refuse such offers.

    In other cases, if the players' prototypes don't meet the current team's playbook scheme, then when they are placed in the trading block, their value will also be underestimated. These problems can be solved by the patch.

    Another major change is the quality of life feature that Madden lifers have long required: a record of all award winners, Super Bowl participants, championships and other data, and a multi-year life cycle of Franchise. In Maddens so far, the overall statistics of the players' careers are retained, but they are not divided by year. Unless someone writes it in a three-ring binder, the other realistic result you created will disappear at the beginning of the new season.

    Since the release of Madden 21, fans have been asking for Franchise to be fixed, and EA has also reacted to this. We don't know if these three rounds of updates will satisfy fans.

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  • Can We See These Things Appearing In Madden 22?

    Can We See These Things Appearing In Madden 22?

    Jan 22, 2021

    Even though Madden 21 always has various problems, this does not prevent it from becoming a popular game, but with EA's inaction, more and more fans want to get some new content in the game, so as to have a new sense of gaming experience. But for the time being, Madden 21 is impossible to satisfy the fans' ideas, so we hope some new content will appear in Madden 22.

    Keep updates from Madden 21

    This year EA has added a lot of content to Madden 21, most of which are popular, ranging from play call limits to player's historic stats. They have made various improvements, so apart from bugs, Madden 21 is worth playing.

    Fix Franchise Mode

    Franchise Mode almost drives some gamers crazy, so many gamers have launched #Fix Franchise Mode on social media.

    Because fans of Franchise Mode saw EA adding more and more depth to other career modes, they felt it was unfair, so in Madden 22, they wanted to see the new Franchise Mode:

                   * Add a coaching staff with implications on budget and quality of training

                   * Add depth to scouting system, have scouting staff with budgets

                   * Add comp picks to draft

                   * Add 50* more scenarios for the player and team development

                   * Add pre-season camps, rookie workouts, etc

                   * Make contract structures adjustable

                   * Add the ability to have restricted FA like the NFL

    More Animations Are Great

    Madden 21 next-gen has very good improvements. This year's new animations, especially around the goal line are great. It's a good realism to see your players duck down from the defender's side. The surge in the number of animations will greatly improve the player's gaming experience.

    Add pre-game planning and schemes to all game modes

    This can also improve any game mode! It would be great if you can set up some schemes to allow players to boost ratings in specific areas or specific plays. This may be a trade-off between injury and fatigue ratings.

    If EA can follow the players' suggestions and improve the Franchise Mode in Madden 22, perhaps Madden 22 will be much more popular than Madden 21.

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  • Is Madden 21 Next-Gen Worth Buying?

    Is Madden 21 Next-Gen Worth Buying?

    Jan 15, 2021

    As always, EA's Madden series of games have received some controversy. The reason is that the current version of Madden has a sluggish rollout, lacks support for key game modes, and the sudden price increase of the Madden Ultimate Team pack, which triggered strong protests from gamers. However, EA solved these problems by releasing Madden 21's next-gen. But is it really worth playing?

    Many Improvements

    EA promises to bring a new look to players in the next generation, and in many ways, they did.

    The next generation of face scans looks better, as does the overall landscape inside and outside the stadiums.

    EA added presentation graphics and added a new game call screen.

    In addition, Madden 21 will also pop up the next-generation statistics of the NFL in the actions in the game. They surpass the traditional sports data and show the speed and yardage obtained after a big play.

    And next-gen does provide a new way to play the game. The running animation is also clearer, and AI positioning is also improved.

    Franchise mode

    Next-gen's Face of Franchise, the Yard and MUT have not been greatly affected. Franchise mode has undergone some adjustments as early as 2020. EA has introduced improved AI trade logic. It can find the NFL playoff bracket tree in the season, Dev Trait regression tuning, and the ability to see retired players at the end of the NFL season. In short, Franchise mode in next-gen can be said to be a copy, if you want to buy a new version of the game for it, it is not necessary.

    So unless you already have the current version of this game, don't rush into the next generation! Because some improvements in next-gen are not enough to drive new gamers crazy, if you want to find a real next-gen experience, you can wait for Madden 22 to arrive.

    But if you are already a player of next-gen, you don't have to worry. Although the audience of next-gen is not massive, GAMEMS is still considerate to a few people.

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  • Madden 21 Patch Will Add Some Improvements To Franchise Mode

    Madden 21 Patch Will Add Some Improvements To Franchise Mode

    Jan 07, 2021

    After Madden 21 announced yesterday that it will cooperate with SpongeBob SquarePants, a new Madden 21 patch is coming soon, which will add some new improvements to Franchise mode. One of them is a point that fans have been complaining about for a long time: AI-controlled teams draft first-round quarterbacks when the club already has talent, at that position.

    The new logic is: if any one of the seven conditions is met, then an AI team will have the priority to draft the first round QB.

    The developer team said: Just like real life, sometimes the team will determine whether a player is good enough based on specific circumstances. The new draft logic does not completely exclude some special (stupid) situations.

    The new rules say that the team will take less interest in the first QB if:

               * The current starter is the first-round pick of the last two most recent drafts

               * The current starter is the second- or third-round pick in the last two drafts, and has a normal development trait plus 72 OVR, or has Star or better development trait

               * The current starter is 94 OVR or higher,

               * The current starter is rated 87 OVR or higher, and is 32 years old or older

               * The current starter is 74 OVR or higher, and under 29 years old

               * The current backup quarterback has the Star or better development trait, and is under 28 years old

    One rule to increase the team's interest in drafting the first-round quarterback is:

               If the current starting quarterback is older than 35, a replacement will be considered, regardless of his rating or traits.

    In addition, it will also provide some tools and controls that players have always requested, including the ability to cancel free agent signings during the offseason, and set game assists (such as heat seeker tackling or player-switching assists) on a global basis.

    EA stated that they are studying "a new baseline around the value of players and draft pick", reconsidering every factor and modifier used in trades. We don't know if these new enhancements will satisfy the Madden fans, after all, Franchise mode has been criticized.

    GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to gamers' reviews after this patch is added and we will update relevant news in time.

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  • Madden 21 Guide: The Most Effective Superstar Ability You Should Know

    Madden 21 Guide: The Most Effective Superstar Ability You Should Know

    Dec 09, 2020

    To make your average player become an elite player, you need to equip them with the right superstar abilities, but because there are so many superstar abilities in Madden 21, you may not know which one has a significant effect on players and which one is useless. So it is particularly important to select the right superstar ability.

    This article will introduce a superstar ability, which is very effective for people who use man to man in a game, and you can also use it in next-gen. That is, in Franchise mode or MUT mode, you can equip at least one of your wide receivers with the Matchup Nightmare. In Franchise mode, it is 70 OVR physical ability. In MUT, it will be relatively cheap to equip.

    If you equip your receiver with this ability, then he is on the defender position who is lined up in a linebacker spot. Every time you get a 1 on 1 coverage, you will easily defend your opponent.

    You can put this on any wide receivers (or running backs), but make sure your receiver is in the slot and have him matchup against a defender.

    If a safety or another player hits the ball out, it will fail, so all you need to do is to ensure the bullet pass and actively catch the ball before the second defender arrives to help.

    Specific Steps:

    1. Put your Matchup Nightmare receiver in the slot without cornerback or safety and let him run a route that takes a while to reach downfield.

    2. The X/square receiver can quickly clear out any other players who want to come to help.

    3. Once you snap the ball, you need to make sure that the linebacker keeps up with the receiver.

    4. Find the right time to throw it.

    If you haven't noticed this superstar ability before, then you can try the above method and you may be successful. Since next-gen has no substantial changes compared with last-gen, so for players, finding some new gameplays can also bring you a new game experience. GAMEMS will continue to provide new ideas so that you can have a better gaming experience.

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  • Madden 21: What Differences Between Current Version And Next-Gen?

    Madden 21: What Differences Between Current Version And Next-Gen?

    Nov 14, 2020

    EA has stated that the release date of Madden 21 next-gen is December 4th, so it is less than a month away, but no relevant news has been leaked so far. 

    Some people speculate that there must be no differences between the next-gen and the current version, so EA did not release relevant news. However, according to another EA game - NBA 2K21, the PS5 version of the game has better picture quality and has a new content "The City", so we can look forward to the upcoming Madden21 next-gen on PS5, Xbox Series X /S.

    The current version of Madden 21 has been released on PS4 and Xbox One for nearly three months. Recently, EA has also released an update, adding the "Play A Friend" function to The Yard, as well as some players' long-awaited Franchise Mode Improve. According to EA, all currently saved data can be directly transferred to next-gen, because it is related to Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise, The Yard, and MUT. As for more details, we don't know.

    This approach has undoubtedly made gamers more curious. If there is no difference in gameplay between the next-gen and the current version, there must be a major leap in visual effects, which will also make fans happy.

    Although the game was full of bugs when Madden 21 was first released, EA is constantly fixing bugs. If next-gen does not have any changes in gameplay, then EA will definitely make even greater changes on Madden 22! At least it won't get worse, right?

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  • Madden 21: What Improvements Will The Franchise Mode Updates Bring?

    Madden 21: What Improvements Will The Franchise Mode Updates Bring?

    Nov 11, 2020

    EA is finally about to update the Franchise Mode. At 11 am on November 12th, one of the three updates of Madden 21 will be released. The following are the changes that will occur after the update.

    New Playoffs

    The new Playoffs are improved by Madden with reference to NBA 2K. In NBA 2K, when your team completes the regular season in a franchise, you will see the current playoffs picture - the playoff tree. This is very cool.

    Dev Trait Regression Tuning

    The number of superstars, stars and Superstar X-Factor players in the league can all be adjusted. Team owners will be able to control the regression of attributes. This is reasonable, because in the past free agency, some players with 65 overall ratings who were X-Factors, which is incredible. So this update can optimize your team's staffing from another perspective.

    X-Factor customization

    You can edit player abilities controlled by other players and the CPU. The abilities will follow the slot and OVR requirements of each prototype, so the player must reach the OVR threshold of a certain ability in the prototype, then they will apply it. All these functions can be realized by clicking any ability on the player card.

    Player Cards

    Player cards have also received improvements, including weekly results and other adjustments.


    During the Re-Sign Players week, you will be able to see a Things To Do and you will be able to see more clearly which players will retire and when at the end of the season.

    These will be the new improvements appear in the new Franchise Mode, which also means that EA Sports has realized that the franchise mode needs to be completely changed. Because many gamers have repeatedly complained about its badness, if this update fails to capture the hearts of gamers, then many gamers may really be completely disappointed in Madden.

    However, from the information leaked so far, the franchise mode is indeed improving in a good direction, so for more specific details, we have to wait until the update is released!

    GAMEMS will also update the latest news of Madden 21 in time, so if you don't want to miss it, stay tuned!

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  • Madden 21 Franchise Mode: 7 Hidden Gems To Trade For

    Madden 21 Franchise Mode: 7 Hidden Gems To Trade For

    Sep 30, 2020

    If there is one thing seasoned Madden players know, its that OVR is rarely a true reflection of player quality in Franchise Mode.  Over in Ultimate Team the OVR is a pretty good reflection of how a player will stack up compared to others, but in Franchise Mode it's a different story. That means there are plenty of hidden gems out there that can make your team better without costing a fortune. These are our favorites.

    Rashaad Penny, HB, Seattle Seahawks (78 OVR)

    With two years at $2.94m & $3.43m left on his rookie contract, Rashaad Penny is a quality option if your team is lacking a running back.

    His 78 OVR puts him behind backs like Lamar Miller, Carlos Hyde, and Sony Michel. However, at 24 years old and with Star development he has a lot of space to grow.

    He's also got 90 speed, 90 acceleration, and 90 juke move. His 65 catching isn't amazing, but it's good enough for check-downs and screens.

    Andy Isabella, WR, Arizona Cardinals (72 OVR)

    Young, fast, and surprisingly technical, Andy Isabella is a great option for a big play wide receiver.

    He's got 95 speed and 93 acceleration, along with 87 jumping. He has 82 catching, with an 81 spectacular catch. He's not a great route runner, but that speed will see him break big plays all over the place.

    Russell Okung, LT, Carolina Panthers (76 OVR)

    It's tough to find a hidden gem on the offensive line, but Russell Okung meets the criteria. The veteran left tackle has a very good 82 pass block. Better than the likes of Isaiah Wynn, Anthony Costanzo, and RTs like Demar Dotson, Mike McGlinchey, and Tristian Wirfs.

    The downside is his run blocking (78) which is less than ideal, but if you are a pass-happy player that wants a bit more protection, then Okung is a nice cheap trade to make.

    Derrick Nnadi, DT, Kansas City Chiefs (78 OVR)

    If you are looking for a run-stuffing DT then Derrick Nnadi is a nice option.

    His stats don't blow you away, but with 84 block shed, 87 strength, and 88 impact block he is a better space eater than his OVR suggests.

    He's also just 24 years old with Star development, making him a good investment for years to come and a better option than Dontari Poe or Mike Daniels.

    Blake Cashman, MLB, New York Jets (70 OVR)

    The classic user spot, in Madden 21 you need a middle linebacker with good speed and change of direction. Blake Cashman has both.

    His 89 speed and 90 acceleration makes him one of the fastest MLBs out there, and his 78 change of direction is the same as Bobby Wagner.

    Foyesade Oluokun, ROLB, Atlanta Falcons (73 OVR)

    In a similar vein to Cashman, Oluokun is a fast player with low OVR that can work really well either in a 4-3 base defense or shift into an ILB role in a 3-4.

    With 90 speed, 89 acceleration, and 86 hit power he can get around the field and cause trouble. He's also got a solid 70 zone coverage and 88 jumping to create some extra turnovers in coverage.

    Johnathan Joseph, CB, Tennessee Titans (81 OVR)

    It's hard to skim at cornerback, but Joseph is one player you can go get at a low cost.

    He may be 36, but his 89 speed and 89 acceleration will keep him competitive, while he has 84 man and 82 zone coverage making him a very balanced CB.

    You can find players who meet your requirements according to your actual situation. These cheap players will undoubtedly save you a lot of Madden 21 Coins and these players may surprise you later.

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