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  • Madden 22: Best Skill Players For Starting A Fantasy Draft

    Madden 22: Best Skill Players For Starting A Fantasy Draft

    Sep 02, 2021

    In Madden 22, the deepest is Franchise Mode, and the most exciting way to start is a fantasy draft. When you start your franchise, you will hope to get the most value in the draft to win the Super Bowl.

    Before you start, you need to consider the age, overall ratings, and development traits of the draftees. To help you personalize your roster, GAMEMS lists a variety of options for you to choose from.


    The players in the Round 1 and 2 are loaded with talent, and there were also some of the highest-rated players in Madden 22. In these places, you need to draft your roster. There is no doubt that the quarterback is the most important position, so a good quarterback is likely to be eliminated at the end of Round 2.

    * Deshaun Watson: He has 90 OVR, and he is only 25 years old, so he has star development traits.

    * Justin Fields: He can be selected as an alternative in Round 2. Although he has 74 OVR, the 22-year-old has a star development trait and will lock the quarterback room for the next 10 seasons.


    In Madden 22, supplementing the quarterback with explosive playmakers is the key to the offense.

    * Tyreek Hill: In some drafts, he was in the middle of Round 1. In 98 OVR with 99 Speed and X-Factor abilities, it is beneficial to have such players in the 4-5 seasons.

    Wide Receiver (WR)

    If a quarterback is selected in Round 1, Falcons’ Calvin Ridley will be grabbed in Round 3, while Titans’ Julio Jones is still available in Round 4.

    Running Back (RB)

    RB is also an important position in the team. Kareem Hunt and Jonathan Taylor will be selected until Round 7 or 8.

    Defensive Line

    * Chase Young and Brian Burns: They were also on the board in Round 2, and any of them can terrorize the opposing quarterback.

    * Vita Vea: He can be obtained in Round 4, he can prevent anyone from running to the middle easily.

    Offensive Line

    This can protect your QB or clear the way for the elusive RB.

    *Quentin Nelson: He is a 25-year-old guard who can use his superstar abilities in Round 2, which can give the offense a huge advantage by identifying blitzers in the 3rd or 4th down.


    You can start looking for them in Round 5.

    * Deion Jones and Devin White: They are big-time MLBs.

    * Isiah Simmons and Micah Parsons: They are versatile players that can be obtained in Round 8 and they can lock down TEs in coverage or blitz.

    Defensive Backfield

    * Denzel Ward: He is a young CB drafted in Round 3.

    * Justin Simmons and Adrian Amos: These two strong safeties will be waiting in Round 7.

    When starting a fantasy draft, you need to use these draft picks wisely. If you are struggling with this, you can refer to this article to select suitable players. GAMEMS will not only provide some game guides and tips, but also provide cheap Madden 22 Coins, which you will need in future games, so if you need them, you can give priority to GAMEMS.

  • Madden 22: You Can Get A College Feel With The Campus Legends Mode

    Madden 22: You Can Get A College Feel With The Campus Legends Mode

    Aug 31, 2021

    Before the release of EA Sports College Football, Madden 22 will fill this void, because a new game mode - Campus Legends, makes college football legends popular again.

    Although there is no official announcement, GAMEMS has learned some related news about Campus Mode, including what it will look like and when it will appear in the game.

    Madden 22 Campus Legends

    Campus Legends is perhaps the most exciting new content in Madden 22, and this game has just been released, which makes gamers even more excited.

    The new trailer released by EA shows that Campus Legends will bring back college football prodigies from different eras to Madden 22. This will be the first time that Madden has been authorized by NCAA college athletes. This will be the key to EA’s upcoming College Football game.

    EA Sports College Football 24 will not be released until at least 2023, and now Madden 22 seems to be able to let gamers experience this feeling in advance. Reggie Bush took photos of himself, Matt Leinert, and Vince Young on INS, which is a special Rose Bowl throwback that shows Campus Mode.

    Although there is no more content, with the EA Madden NFL account sharing the teaser, things gradually surfaced. In addition, we also saw some shared trailer pictures and videos, highlighting players wearing college uniforms and some college actions in the game.

    All Schools, Colleges, Campuses

    We already know that there are several campuses (schools, colleges) in Madden 22 and signed an agreement with EA, because they can be selected in the Face of the Franchise:

    * Clemson

    * Florida

    * LSU

    * Miami

    * Michigan State

    * Nebraska

    * Oklahoma

    * Oregon

    * Texas

    * USC

    So today there will be something new coming soon! More specific content needs to be experienced by players themselves. If you need to buy Madden 22 Coins, just come to GAMEMS.

  • Madden 22 Guide: How To Scout Players In Franchise Mode?

    Madden 22 Guide: How To Scout Players In Franchise Mode?

    Aug 21, 2021

    In Madden 22, scouting will be improved, but there will also be some familiar components left from previous games. But if you are a new player in Madden, you may not know what you need to do to make college footballs become new members of your football. So GAMEMS will tell you what needs to be done to scout players.

    You cannot scout college football players during the Preseason. You will need to advance to Week 3 in your Franchise mode save the file to scout college players.

    Once you make Week 3, go to the Home screen, select "Scout College Players", and you will be prompted to enter the Scout screen.

    The game will ask you to choose a draft class, you can choose to let Madden automatically generate a rookie class, download a custom draft class through the Madden roster download tool, or import a local save file.

    After you choose a draft class, you can start scouting players. On the scout screen, you will see the draft board. Use A/X to select a player for scouting. From here, you will see the attributes, archetype, and top skills of this player. However, these skills will need to be unlocked.

    To unveil the skill, you need to spend Scouting Points, the scout points reset every week will allow you to unlock these three skills, as well as the player's potential. For most players, you need to spend 21-30 points to show all the traits and potential of each prospect. Remember to do this every week. Although you can carry over points that are not used to the next week, only 5% will be moved to the next stage.

    Scouting will be a little different later this year. As part of the live content update, EA Sports will revamp Scouting, adding the options of scouting by region, which is scheduled to be added sometime in September.

    Now many gamers have begun to build their teams in Madden 22, at this time MUT 22 Coins are necessary. They can help you get your favorite players, because the better the players, the more expensive their player cards are. If you spend a lot of Madden 22 Coins to buy the best players, it’s worth it!

  • Madden 22: New Franchise Mode Features Move The Chains And More

    Madden 22: New Franchise Mode Features Move The Chains And More

    Aug 13, 2021

    Now, the 10-hour EA Play trial of Madden 22 has come out. So we have a chance to see what the game looks like in closed beta. So GAMEMS also wants to analyze the relevant content, so that gamers who have not participated in the early access can know more about it.

    New Franchise mode features move the chains

    After the release of Madden 21, fans have set off a #FixMaddenFranchise movement, which has attracted the attention of EA, and EA promised to build Franchise Mode to new heights in the next few years. This promise seems to be fulfilled in Madden 22.

    The Franchise mode in Madden 22 provides some new features for the current-gen gamers, including Staff Management, the introduction of coordinators with skill trees, improved weekly strategy input, game plans, and more.

    In particular, Staff Management is moving in the right direction and adds a new layer for your team to become a champion. Although the face scan of the coach still needs to be updated in the future, it is a great upgrade for now.

    MUT 22 seems more complete

    Madden Ultimate Team is sometimes difficult to track with complicated menus and program structures, but Madden 22 solves these problems well.

    The menu layout is more novice-friendly and allows players to keep up with the goal without digging. In addition, the introduction process will also show the players some important details, which is helpful.

    The brand-new card art has also become the highlight of MUT 22.

    Next-gen features are not good enough

    Madden 22 is a completely different next-gen game that provides many new features designed for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. This includes the Dynamic Gameday features that provide different home stadium advantages and new Momentum mechanics.

    These features are not available to current-gen players, so this is controversial. Many gamers think that the core gameplay of the game seems to lack these additional improvements.


    Madden 22 has made some progress in each game mode. Although there are some more exciting talents hidden behind the new generation of technology, it is indeed worth trying the $5 EA Play trial.

    This also makes us look forward to the official release of Madden 22. Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins. As a legit game service website, GAMEMS has been providing gamers with the game currency they need. MUT 21 Coins is a popular product of GAMEMS. I bet that many gamers will come to GAMEMS for cheap MUT 22 Coins shortly.

  • Madden 22: New MUT Features Have Been Revealed

    Madden 22: New MUT Features Have Been Revealed

    Aug 11, 2021

    Madden 22 is only a week away from the release of EA Play Trial and will be officially released for global release soon. Ultimate Team is still the most popular mode for fans, and new content related to MUT 22 has now been announced. GAMEMS has made a detailed list.

    Strategy Items

    In MUT 22, the strategy items are designed to simplify the existing chemistry system, remove most chemistries from players, and allow you to use these items to build a complete chemistry team.

    Players will have multiple strategy slots, allowing you to select combinations and find the right mix, making you unstoppable in the Ultimate Team. Strategy items can contain multiple attribute enhancements for a single player, or items that can affect the team more widely. These items should continue to evolve after launch.

    Halftime Adjustments

    When the ability is activated during halftime, with 30 seconds to make changes in H2H modes, and 60 seconds to change things up when playing against the CPU.

    Stats on Items

    In a new Ultimate Team, there will be tracked stats for each unique player item, representing the in-game accomplishments you’ve managed with the item.

    Ultimate Season

    There will be some changes to the MUT level this year, with frequently updated daily and weekly objectives to help you level up throughout the season. Every few months, EA plans to create a new season and reset MUT levels, adding new objectives and rewards in the process.

    Team Affinity

    Create a favorite franchise-themed team to celebrate the return of MUT 22 Team Affinity, you can get new players from your favorite NFL team through this program. To build the best Ultimate Team in the history of the franchise, you need to have enough MUT 22 Coins, because good players must be expensive.

    Dynamic Gameday Integration

    * Instinct - Defense can see Home/Away Team's intended pass target

    * Hold the Line - Home/Away Team has improved blocking

    * Adrenaline - Home/Away Team has infinite stamina during plays

    * Shook-Offensive play art is distorted for the Home/Away Team

    * Zoned out - Home/Away Team players cannot enter The Zone

    * High and Tight - Home/Away Team has a greatly reduced fumble chance

    * Unstoppable - Home/Away Team players cannot be knocked out of The Zone

    * Check Down - Home/Away Team QB has trouble seeing deeper receivers

    So far, various leaks seem to have successfully aroused the interest of fans, and they are very much looking forward to the arrival of Madden 22. To ensure the good gaming experience of the players, GAMEMS will always be ready to provide you with cheap MUT 22 Coins, which means that no matter when you come to GAMEMS, live chat is available, and our staff will answer your questions in short.

  • Madden 22: The Biggest Franchise Improvement Is Coming After Launch

    Madden 22: The Biggest Franchise Improvement Is Coming After Launch

    Jul 24, 2021

    In the past 10 years, the Madden series has introduced various new modes, but its core mode is still Franchise, which has been quite stagnant in recent years. Madden 22 now pays some attention to the fan’s favorite mode.

    EA showed some of Madden 22's gameplay improvements, such as the Dynamic Gameday and Next Gen Stats overhaul, and also allowed players to see some major changes in the Madden 22 Franchise. Recently, the company has carried out in-depth updates. The most important addition is Scouting. Scouting has received some major improvements, such as position scouting, regional focus, and more. But you cannot view these features when Madden 22 was first released.

    Scouting is the lifeblood of Franchise Mode, although the other improvements that Madden 22 brings to Franchise Mode, such as weekly strategy and coaching skill trees, are substantial changes that players have always wanted. This year's release will follow Madden 21's periodic Franchise update strategy. However, once Madden 22's scouting update is successful, you will have more fun.

    What’s new in Madden 22’s scouting?

    The most troublesome aspect of the old Madden scouting system is its static nature and the allotment of points just to work each week. But these will be a thing of the past because Madden 22 will introduce a new dynamic draft, which will be updated several times a year under the influence of players. So, if players find a prospect projected in the 5th or 6th round with 1st round talent, they won't stay there anymore.

    When the Madden 22 players scout prospects it brings national attention to said person, and other teams will pay attention to him. As the season progresses, his draft ranking will rise. This rolls into the new Madden scouting system, players have both national and regional scouts, and they have different positions specialties. This means that it will no longer be simple to find the best newbies in each Madden class’s best rookies and strive for them.

    You need to specify the positions you need most, hire staff who can focus on that position, and then discover which area has the best development prospects. Once you find some potential draft picks, the game becomes more complicated, but it will bring the entire game experience closer to real-world scouting.

    In the Franchise mode of Madden 22, you will see some changes every year, that is, where the top prospects are to come throughout the years. EA has stated that there will be more updates in the past few years, such as providing additional capabilities for Madden scouting staff.

    In Madden, the improvement of the scouting feature is accompanied by a large number of other updates. It is not yet certain when this update will appear, but in the recent Deep Dive, EA stated its “targeting September”, so fans seem to have to wait for a while.

    But once Madden 22 is released, GAMEMS will also provide corresponding game guides, because now there may be more new players joining the game, and they may be unfamiliar with Madden’s mechanics. At this time, you can also come to GAMEMS to check the corresponding game guide.

    And GAMEMS will provide cheap MUT 22 Coins, as long as you need, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins at any time.

  • Madden 22: Scouting Will Change The NFL Draft Process In Franchise Mode

    Madden 22: Scouting Will Change The NFL Draft Process In Franchise Mode

    Jul 22, 2021

    Madden 22 participated in the Spotlight series of EA Play Live, and now we have learned more about the scouting function of Franchise Mode. In Madden 22, the NFL draft process may look better than before. One thing is that GAMEMS has collected more about Scouting and other new content.

    There will be 3 major updates to Franchise

    EA plans to make three major updates to Franchise after its release. Scouting is expected to be part of the first, and it still has a non-specific release window for September 2021. This update did not discuss other possible content. It was mentioned that the pacing used by Madden 21 still applies to Madden 22.

    Last year's first Gridiron Notes on Franchise Updates was released on September 3. After that, Madden 21 released a complete series of updates on November 10, January 6, and March 3, and accompanied Gridiron Notes to explore the content added or changed in each update.

    There are rumors that Madden 22 will be released in September, but fans expect this date to be advanced.

    Franchise Mode will be friendly to users

    How to make scouting more approachable is the center of discussion, because they have abolished the points-based system used in previous years.

    In Franchise, you will no longer be urged to spend your scouting points immediately daily, because this time things will work more broadly, allowing some autopilot to happen.

    The new scouting system will try to keep the player's preferences open, which means you can focus on scouting as much or as little as you can when playing Franchise. In addition, scouting preferences will be set in week one of pre-season, rather than being postponed until several weeks into the season. The upgrade of scouting this year also largely depends on their rework and integration of the NFL Draft, including Mock Drafts.

    Scouting changes NFL Draft

    Scouting is the key to the NFL teams, but it is just a tool that led to the biggest event of the offseason - the NFL Draft.

    This year, Madden 22's goal is to combine this function with the scouting function. The potential draft board represents the Mock Draft produced by the media in today’s world. This will even bring a new layer of strategy because the way you place scouts in Franchise will directly affect the Mock Drafts and the media's response to certain players.

    If you choose to send your most important scout to find a player who has performed poorly in the Mock Draft, the media will notice and other teams will start to pay close attention to this player. So if you want to avoid this kind of attention, you can choose to send a low-level scout, but this will also run the risk of receiving less detailed information.

    This is the detailed information about scouting, so for now, Madden 22 will be able to arouse the interest of gamers, and there may be more fans joining Madden 22. If you have pre-ordered Madden 22, then you also need to have a legit and reliable supplier of MUT 22 Coins, GAMEMS is worthy of your attention.

    GAMEMS offers a variety of game currencies, but MUT Coins is always a hot-selling product, and if you search for “MUT 22 Coins” on Google, you will find that GAMEMS often ranks first, so this is enough to prove that many buyers trust GAMEMS very much. Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins at a low price.

  • Madden 22: Some Tight Ends That You Will Want To Keep An Eye On

    Madden 22: Some Tight Ends That You Will Want To Keep An Eye On

    Jun 21, 2021

    Now that Madden 22 has been officially announced by EA, EA is likely to announce player ratings later, and some players will stand out. Whether it is collecting excellent players for the Ultimate Team or the highly anticipated Franchise Mode, Tight Ends will all be needed. GAMEMS lists some excellent TEs.

    In Madden 22, the best TEs seem to have some obvious choices. There is also a rookie, he can get very high data in the first season of the NFL, which also means that he has great potential.

    Chris Manhertz

    According to Chris Manhertz's current performance, he may not make anyone's Ultimate Team. The TE, who has played in Carolina for nearly 5 years, will become the starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Madden 22. He is usually a TE who can draw defenders away from the target.

    Jaguars had a new head coach and a new quarterback this year, so the situation is different from Madden 21. Trevor Lawrence needs veteran targets to throw to and Chris Manhertz can meet this requirement.

    Jared Cook

    Jared Cook is expected to become the starter of the Los Angeles Chargers in Madden 22, the sixth team in his career. He is a very productive player, catching 37 passes for 507 yards and 7 TDs in 2020.

    In Madden 21, his rating is 96, and his Madden 22 rating seems to have improved.

    Kyle Pitts

    For Kyle Pitt, his story has just begun. He is the fourth overall pick by Atlanta Falcons. Although this team seems to have entered rebuilding mode, it still needs some great players. Pitts is expected to become the go-to player of the new team. But it is difficult to predict his rating in Madden 22.

    Dan Arnold

    Arnold has just spent the best season of his career. This is the first time he has participated in all 16 games after joining the league. Arnold completed 31 passes for 438 yards and 4 yards and 4 TDs. Because of this performance, his Madden 21 rating improved after the end of the year. In Madden 22, whether his rating will rise depends on the performance of new quarterback Sam Darnold.

    Gerald Everett

    Gerald Everett has just entered his fifth season in the league, and he has more results every year. In 2020, he completed a career-high 41 catches and for 417 yards and 1 TD. In Madden 22, he will be catching passes from Russell Wilson so that his numbers will be better. Although his rating dropped at the end of last season, given that he will fight with a quarterback who has always been good, this will undoubtedly increase his rating.

    Although Madden 22 has not been released yet, you can now pay more attention to them. Once Madden 22 is released, you will be able to choose the players you need faster. Once EA released an update to the player rosters, GAMEMS will also notify you as soon as possible.

    In addition, fans may be very concerned about MUT 22 Coins. If you are a loyal fan of Madden, you should know the importance of MUT 22 Coins. Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins at a low price.

  • Madden 22: Gamers Can Expect New Features To Appear

    Madden 22: Gamers Can Expect New Features To Appear

    Jun 17, 2021

    Madden 22 is expected to launch a new series in the new year, which means gamers can expect new features to appear. There are still a few months away from the release of Madden 22, and fans are predicting some relevant content.

    Needless to say, the update of the player rosters is one of the most anticipated content by fans. In addition, more attention is still on Franchise Mode. Fans have always wanted to see some improvements.

    Core Gameplay

    Players may see some hidden code upgrades, but they will not be immediately apparent, over time, if the gameplay becomes better, they will become clearer.

    Franchise Mode

    With the success of the #FixMaddenFranchise movement, EA has also given a corresponding commitment, saying that they will improve the Franchise Mode in Madden 22. So gamers can look forward to the upcoming Madden 22.

    Madden Ultimate Team

    Although this is one of the most popular parts of Madden, Ultimate Team is also divisive, because many fans do not like the micro-transaction game mode. However, this year fans should be exposed to some new content, but they will not significantly change the mode.

    The Yard

    The Yard first appeared in Madden 21, which is a unique game mode inspired by the backyard. After its release, it has received a lot of praise and is popular with fans. So this year, fans still expect it to return to Madden 22.

    Face of the Franchise

    In Madden 21, the subtitle of Face of the Franchise is “Rise to Fame”, and it highlights Snoop Dogg and the unique single-player career mode. So in Madden 22, we can look forward to new themes and new features.

    Madden 22 seems to be destined to be different, because so far, EA still has not announced Madden 22 related news this year, so fans seem to have higher expectations for it. Once the new features of Madden 22 are leaked, you can come to GAMEMS to see more specific details.

    And once Madden 22 is released, GAMEMS will also start to sell MUT 22 Coins. At that time, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins to maximize your strengths in the game.

  • Madden 21: How To Build A Fantasy Draft

    Madden 21: How To Build A Fantasy Draft

    May 31, 2021

    In Madden 21, Fantasy Draft is one of the most important aspects. Gamers can control their favorite team and compete with other teams online or offline. If you want to build your Fantasy Draft, you don‘t want to miss this article. Fantasy Draft allows gamers to build their Ultimate Team without worrying about loyalty to other teams.

    What’s the Fantasy Draft?

    Fantasy Draft is a function that can be done online or offline. In the meantime, you can select players from different teams in the NFL league. Each player’s stats are based on real-world stats. So if you have a favorite player or want better offense or defense, you can choose the suitable player according to your specific situation. Of course, the higher stats the player has, the value of players is higher, the more MUT 21 Coins you need to spend. In addition, you can even invite friends to join your team when playing online.

    How to build a Fantasy Draft?

    In Madden 21, you can create a Fantasy Draft in Franchise Mode. Here, you will be asked to create your Fantasy Draft, there will be a customized screen, select options and the player will be able to choose Fantasy Draft options.

    After that, you can choose a team and you can recruit AI or real players to join. This will take a while, because the players need to sit through each round of the draft, and once this is done, Fantasy Draft is completed.

    If you are already eager to try, you can start to create your Fantasy Draft. As for the MUT 21 Coins you need in the game, you can also buy them directly on GAMEMS.

    GAMEMS is a 100% legit game service website. All MUT 21 Coins for sale are made by real people, so there is no risk of being banned when you buy MUT 21 Coins here.

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