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  • Madden 23: What's new as we know it so far

    Madden 23: What's new as we know it so far

    Jul 13, 2022

    We're getting closer and closer to Madden 23's landing, and we'll officially see the most important chapter in the Madden series in a few weeks on August 19th. And for the loyal fans, we need to get a first look at the new features and content we're about to experience so we're ready to start our Madden 23 journey and experience the new joys of American football.

    So far, we can learn the following new features and related details from the official information released by EA and the closed beta version.

    1. FieldSENSE

    As the first new feature as the headline, we will naturally focus on this upgraded game engine. After trying it out in beta, FieldSENSE's new mechanics of Skill-based Passing and Hit Everything have indeed brought considerable improvements. Players will enjoy a more realistic rugby game process and more innovative gameplay through this feature.

    2. Franchise Mode

    Compared with FieldSENSE, the content brought by Madden 23's Franchise Mode is slightly ordinary. This mode adds a new contract system that includes players, but from the feedback from the beta version, the lack of Create a Team function and other features that players want to see are not present in this new work.

    3. Face of the Franchise: The Yard

    This is without a doubt the dark horse of all Madden 23's announced new features. In this mode, players will need to use strategy to build the ideal team they have in mind, and experience more side events like bonus game nights, prank wars and extra training in this fitting career mode.

    4. Superstar KO

    Superstar KO is the least-announced feature so far, and we expect it to continue the basic setup found in Madden 22. Players can use the Superstar X-Factor ability in it and expect to see updates in the stadium and dynamic rules.

    5. Madden 23 Ultimate Team

    As the core mode of Madden 23, Ultimate Team is back again. According to the feedback of the beta version, the function of this mode has been simplified and changed, and it is not too different from the previous version.

    In addition to having a preliminary understanding of the new features before the release, it is also necessary to accumulate MUT 23 Coins in time. Buy MUT 23 Coins at must be the best option if you want to get ahead of the rest after Madden 23 is released. Not only that, but you can also get more useful information here, so stay tuned.

  • Madden 23: What surprises will the new Franchise mode bring?

    Madden 23: What surprises will the new Franchise mode bring?

    Jun 06, 2022

    In contrast to Madden 22's Franchise mode, which brought back new Scouting and Staff Management, the upcoming Madden 23 attempts to give players a true free agency experience. According to the new content preview released by EA, we will experience the following surprises in the new Franchise.

    1. Free Agency will bring new features.

    When you're fully into the progression of the new season, you'll be able to lead the Free Agency from the front office, and players' tags and motivations will be updated. That said, these specific motives will influence contract negotiation, and certain motives will be unique reasons for a player to sign with a team. The EA makes the Franchise more in line with what happens in reality by simply changing the trading logic to bring more reasonable quotes.

    2. Another tweak to Trade Logic AI.

    As one of the feedback from players, this may be the part that needs to be improved the most. The updated Trade Logic AI more accurately represents the value of star players, resulting in a more fair offer.

    3. Upgrade of Face of the Franchise mode.

    New content from Face of the Franchise includes:

    Positions available: QB, WR, RB, CB, and MLB

    Negotiate a one-year "prove-it" contract

    Position-specific mechanics by FieldSENSE (next-gen only)

    Player-focused cameras

    New Drive Goals

    New Drive Summaries

    Performance boosts through weekly activities

    Road to 99 Club

    The much-anticipated Madden 23 will be released before August 19th. For this content preview, most players have expressed a positive and anticipatory attitude. We hope that EA can fulfill its promise and create more impressively through a series of exciting new content. will continue to bring you the latest Madden 23 news, and you can stay tuned to us. Also, you can buy cheap MUT 23 Coins here to get ahead of other players in the game.

  • EA releases Madden 22 patch 2.08

    EA releases Madden 22 patch 2.08

    Apr 22, 2022

    EA released new patch 2.08 for Madden 22 on April 21st. The content mainly includes Franchise related services and some bug fixes. These updates will further improve players' love of the Franchise and add to the multi-scene experience. This update may vary slightly by platform, but the overall difference is small.

    Madden NHL 22 has focused its game improvements on the Franchise since its release. As a rework of the previous game, EA focused on improving the functions and settings of Franchise mode in the game, so that players can get the best experience after choosing the Owner path.

    With this update, players will get five new Franchise scenarios available, which are X-Factor Hot Streak, Team Turmoil, Unstoppable Force, Weak Link, and Bye Week. Each scene sets different situations for players to bring players an immersive gaming experience.

    At the same time, this update also made Scouting adjustments, and the General Scouting portion will unlock 10% of the information for customers, and added Tier Bonus for scouts and target updates. Players will have more goals to achieve and get a lot of rewards.

    In addition, in terms of gameplay, this update fixes one of the biggest bugs in the game: the red route WR screen issue has been resolved, and game stability has also been somewhat enhanced.

    The specific update catalog can refer to the official announcement.

    There's no denying that with this update, EA aims to prepare for the upcoming Madden NHL 23. So in fact, the scale of the Franchise's update is not large, and players' evaluation of it is relatively negative, and hope that Madden 23 will become more interesting next year.

    GAMEMS will keep you updated on Madden 22 and will be able to provide you with cheap MUT 22 Coins to help strengthen Franchise's team. You can keep following us.

  • Madden 21: First Impressions Of The Early Release Trial- Graphics, Gameplay, Different Modes

    Madden 21: First Impressions Of The Early Release Trial- Graphics, Gameplay, Different Modes

    Aug 22, 2020

    The Madden21 trial was released yesterday ahead of full launch next week into one of the toughest crowds of recent gaming history.

    So how is Madden 21?


    The graphics are awesome. They were already very well last season, but Madden 21 has made improvements based on the previous season, and the new menu style is more premium. The new stadiums in Los Angeles and Las Vegas are very gorgeous, the image of the players is also very realistic, the shadows and reflections look real. This will make players feel more immersed.


    The play is slower, whether that's on offense or defense it definitely feels more controlled and actions are deliberate. The new pass rush system will take some time to get used to. If you are interested, please check out the previous article, which has more details about Pass Rush.

    Different Modes

    The Yard

    It's absolutely wild!

    It fulfills the developer's promise that players only pursue pure fun here, and many rules can be set aside.

    But because the rules of the game are different, players need to get to use it.


    For obvious reasons, it is facing tremendous pressure. On top of the published roadmap, a lot of updates are needed. The reality for Franchise fans might be having to be patient and that will be a real test of how much EA has pushed them. 

    In short, Madden 21 is still worth the wait. If you want to know more information, you can check the previous article on GAMEMS. We also analyzed player ratings and the best Guards(LG/RG). You can learn from the article's recommendations to buy player cards. Of course, if you are looking for a platform to buy MUT 21 Coins, GAMEMS will also be the best choice. Because the MUT 21 Coins on GAMEMS are lower than the market price, this will undoubtedly save you a lot of money.

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