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  • Madden 22: How Do Flazko Sliders Work?

    Madden 22: How Do Flazko Sliders Work?

    Nov 25, 2021

    Madden 22 has been popular since its release and is a continuation of one of the most historical sports games of all time. In Madden 22, you can adjust the “sliders” inside the game to change the overall gameplay in many aspects, such as refereeing, injuries, penalties, and core gameplay mechanics.

    GAMEMS found that Flazko, a user of Madden 22, created a set of sliders in an attempt to make the game more realistic.

    The way of the sliders work is to adjust the frequency of the core mechanics. For instance, you can increase how to affect the overall QB accuracy consistently. In this way, you can reduce the accuracy of all QBs consistently.

    In Flazko's sliders, he changed almost all the core mechanics to make the video game as realistic as possible. In some cases, he increased the number of penalties, more specifically, the number of offside penalties.

    Once his sliders are imported and saved, the game will begin to reflect the style of play you requested. Although it may never be possible to 100% replicate football in reality, there are always gamers who keep trying and come up with some creative ideas.

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