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  • Compared Madden 21, Madden 22 Needs More Improvements

    Compared Madden 21, Madden 22 Needs More Improvements

    Apr 07, 2021

    So far, EA has not announced the news of Madden 22, but Madden 22 will certainly be launched this year. If this game will have another chapter, then gamers may want to see the quality of the game improved. Simply put, no matter what content Madden 22 will provide, it needs to be better than Madden 21.

    Madden 21 has aroused strong protests from many fans because it has not brought enough new content to gamers. Although the game mode has been adjusted, the game has not received much improvement. Because Madden 22 is focused on Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

    But no relevant news has been announced so far, so no one seems to know when EA will release this game. But we have reason to expect Madden 22 to be released later in the fall. Delaying the release can also be considered a good thing, because developers have more time to improve the content of the game to get praise from fans.

    Many Madden 21 fans believe that modes like Face of the Franchise are leading the game in the wrong direction. Of course, this mode will become better and more interesting and will attract more fans. Because not everyone wants to focus on Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team all the time.

    So if Madden 22 can improve the Face of the Franchise mode, it would be great. It does not need to be revised, it just needs more attention. The enhanced and improved version of this mode will be able to make Madden 22 more complete.

    As for Franchise Mode, it's time to be focused. EA also seems to understand that it needs to receive some changes. This fall, when the community expressed disappointment with Madden 21, they also expressed the need for fixing the Franchise Mode.

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