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  • Madden 22: Players are still waiting for franchise mode updates

    Madden 22: Players are still waiting for franchise mode updates

    Mar 04, 2022

    EA promised some franchise mode updates to Madden 22 a while back, but we haven't seen any action since their so-called "promise."

    Considering the March update is just around the corner, we think this might be the perfect time for the franchise mode update to roll out.

    Let's talk about the initial promise and what we can expect in terms of updates. GAMEMS thinks if you've been wondering where Madden 22's franchise mode update is, you're not alone. In fact, a lot of players are trying to figure out what's going on.

    The promise to fix some of the current issues and glitches in the franchise mode has been going on since Madden 21's release. Unfortunately, these requests seem to fall on deaf ears. The Scouting update is a major change to Madden 22, but we haven't really heard much since that change. Due to the lack of changes, EA was quickly called out by players.

    EA reiterated that they will stick to their commitment to delivering "three franchise updates" after Madden 22 launches as part of their "franchise as a live service" program.

    A good chance for Madden 22 to fix or update the franchise mode is during the March title update in the next few days.

    We expect the title update to happen in March 2022, in line with the February title update. Interestingly, there are reports that EA canceled the last two franchise mode updates. Here's what EA has to say about these rumors: "We don't like to comment on rumors or speculation; however, as part of our ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond, we are committed to continuing to improve the franchise. This includes We'll have two upcoming franchise updates available in Madden NFL 22. We'll provide more details on the updates in the new year."

    We'll have to wait for an upcoming update to see if EA's claims are true. We'll keep you up to date with the new Madden 22 update once it's announced. Of course, we will also launch more and more favorable policies according to the updated situation to help you buy MUT 22 Coins to achieve the purpose of continuous upgrading and development

  • Madden 22: How To Link Your Account To Twitch?

    Madden 22: How To Link Your Account To Twitch?

    Sep 08, 2021

    Madden 22 has been released, you can unlock new rewards from playing and get some drops on Twitch. Madden regularly runs streaming media on its EA Madden Twitch channel, and you can get drop rewards as long as you watch it. However, you need to link your EA Madden account with your Twitch account to be able to get rewards. For players who do not know how to proceed with this, GAMEMS will introduce the specific steps.

    How to link a Madden 22 account to Twitch?

    To link a Madden 22 account with Twitch, you need to have an EA account. If not, you need to create one first. Then link the EA account to the PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag that having your Madden 22 account on.

    Then go to Sign in to Twitch, enter any security codes if necessary, and log in to both.

    Once these two are all completed, you click on the Twitch link URL and choose "YES" to link them. This will allow EA to connect your two accounts. Finally, you can test whether this is valid, go to your connection in Twitch settings. You can see the list of EAs in the Connections.

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  • Madden 22: Some Incredible Changes Will Elevate The Gameplay!

    Madden 22: Some Incredible Changes Will Elevate The Gameplay!

    Jul 14, 2021

    Madden 22 is coming soon, and EA now seems to be trying to replicate the challenges faced by current NFL rookies every season with the additions they’ve made this year. 

    In recent years, the career mode in sports games has become the focus. From the NBA 2K story-driven game mode to Madden's Face of the Franchise, these modes have made leaps and bounds in the past few years. Although Madden 22 did not copy the movie style that NBA 2K has maintained over the years, they have made some incredible changes this year, which will improve the gameplay of Madden 22. The following are the changes in the career model of Madden 22 that GAMEMS has known about.

    Road to the Draft

    One of the most striking features of Madden 22 is that players will get drafted to the NFL. In the previous games, you would play some College-level games, and then you would be drafted immediately. This format does not cause much suspense.

    In Madden 22's new draft, you are the generational prospect of the 2021 NFL Draft. The career mode started with the opportunity to train and compete against, some of the best NFL players at Nike headquarters. You will have the chance to improve your draft stock through the College Football Playoffs, interviews with NFL teams, and private workouts with selected teams.

    Class Progression System

    New in Madden 22 is also a wide array of classes for players to choose from, and level up the duration of their NFL career. Unlike the regular Skill Point system they used in the previous games, this will allow players to choose three Superstar Abilities and one X-Factor ability for you to unlock when you level up in that Class.

    The new system will still use Skill Points, but they will be tiered based on your abilities, not just for players.

    Class Rewards

    In addition to providing a new Career Hub for the player you create, new class rewards will be awarded to players "exclusive Gear for the Yard" and "Skill Point to boost your OVR and skill ratings, but you can earn CRED, REP".

    Class REP will be obtained by playing games throughout the season, which will give players more incentive to play Face of the Franchise, more than in previous years.

    Side Activities

    Side Activities is one of the most significant changes this year, players can participate in the NFL journey. Players can choose one of three different opportunities each week, and each opportunity can provide its own unique buff or reward.

    There are a few different buffs, players can improve on in Side Activities.

    * Mental Focus

    * Physical Recovery

    * Team Bonding

    * My Brand

    Pressure Moments

    Pressure Moments is a game-time scene that gives players a chance to feel the actions of NFL superstars. EA intends to make these games an immersive experience while facing the challenges and situations NFL athletes deal with throughout the season.

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  • Madden 22: Franchise Scouting Improvements Will Appear In September Update

    Madden 22: Franchise Scouting Improvements Will Appear In September Update

    Jun 24, 2021

    The Franchise Mode of Madden 22 seems to be very anticipated, because last year, Madden 21 is suffering from the lack of improvement of Franchise Mode. So the fans are too disappointed to hold the movement of #FixMaddenFranchise on social media, and it also worked.

    EA not only promises to improve Franchise Mode but also will add some features. However, not all features and improvements can be integrated into Madden 21, so in Madden 22, EA is fulfilling its commitment.

    Things like managing your team staff and weekly strategy, dynamic gameday integration, and new season engines will appear in Madden 22. However, fans request scouting improvements, but it does not become available immediately. EA confirmed that Scouting improvements will be released through a live-service update in September. Typically, this life-service update accompanies the first primary roster update and final rosters.

    With the revamp, you will be able to manage and assign your scouting staff with new national and regional scouts. Specific scouts appear in Each region (West, Central, North East, and South East) along with National. And each Scout also has a position expertise focus along with an efficiency boost.

    The EA promise will provide a "more in-depth system" when it comes to scouting and uncovering the details about prospects in Madden 22.

    There is already a scouting feature in the Madden series game, but this feature is constantly watered down and there is hard to have fun. Not to mention, there’s no real strategy element to it. Therefore, Madden 22's new system can introduce some improvements, allowing you to uncover gems and spot busts before drafting.

    So Madden 22 seems to be sought after by gamers once, because since last week's EA released the information about Madden 22, many fans began to pay attention to more details. GAMEMS will also track Madden 22 news, and now the fans are concerned about the Player Ratings.

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  • NBA 2K22: When Can We Pre Order It?

    NBA 2K22: When Can We Pre Order It?

    May 27, 2021

    Although NBA 2K22 is still a month away, some fans are already wondering when will they pre-order the game. GAMEMS also gives some predictions, if you are interested, you can continue reading this article.

    NBA 2K22 Release Date

    2K always releases the game at least one month before the start of the NBA season. The official release date of NBA 2K22 has not yet been released, but based on the past situation, we will have some reasonable speculations.

    NBA 2K21 was released on September 4, 2020, which is the first Friday of the month. 2K has always released the game before the end of the first week of September.

    Unlike previous years, NBA 2K22 may be released between September 3 and 10 this year. NBA 2K21 does not have early access, even for gamers who pre-order the game. However, due to the postponement of the NBA 2K21 release date, NBA 2K22 may change this year.

    When can we pre-order NBA 2K22?

    There is no official information on pre-order of NBA 2K22, but you can refer to the NBA 2K21. NBA 2K21 became available to pre-order on July 2, 2020, so we speculate that NBA 2K22 should have pre-orders go up in the next month or so.

    Pre Order rewards

    NBA 2K always offers some benefits to gamers who pre-order the game. The pre-order rewards of NBA 2K21 vary depending on where it was bought from, but everyone will get some of the most important pre-order rewards.

    The pre-order rewards of NBA 2K22 may include thousands of virtual currency, a large number of MT points, MyTeam Promo Packs, a MyPlayer Shoe collection and other benefits.

    The Legend Edition of the game will have the most important rewards and bonuses. The pre-order of the Mamba forever edition of NBA 2K21 has brought great benefits to MyTeam, MyCareer and MyPlayer.

    Although NBA 2K22 is still far away from us, NBA 2K21 is also bringing freshness to gamers. So you are still focusing on NBA 2K21, you may need NBA 2K21 MT, after all, they can make it easier for you to get your favorite player cards.

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  • Madden 22: These Are What We Need!

    Madden 22: These Are What We Need!

    Apr 27, 2021

    This game has developed a lot in the past few years, but fans still hope that EA can provide more content and overall quality. Madden 22 will come out on a new generation of consoles, so gamers hope to have a good gaming experience.

    Expand on Face of the Franchise

    In recent years, the most interesting feature in Madden games is the story mode - Face of the Franchise. This game has shown some great ideas to players in the past few years but has not really figured out its potential.

    Its latest version adds the ability to make characters at the high school and college levels. But it can do better, including allowing players to experience the entire season on lower levels before entering the Franchise mode with more stories.

    Fix the Blocking by Linemen

    A major problem for players is the offensive line mechanics. In reality, wingers should change the way they block according to the specific situation, but in the game, the way of blocking is the same every time. Madden 21 has made some improvements in this area, but it is far from enough, so we hope Madden 22 can make this element closer to life.

    Add old teams

    Players can only play this game in 32 modern NFL Franchises. EA should allow gamers to adapt to classic teams of the past few years, such as Dallas Texans or Canton Bulldogs.

    Implement a stronger system for coaching

    The offensive and defensive coordinators have not been the focus of the series for a long time. If there is a team of three incredible coaches working on the same sideline, it will be a favorite among fans. In addition, Franchise Mode tends to hire coaches who are not involved in the league. But it would be good if a random individual gets jobs as coordinators and can be promoted to the level of a head coach, at least more meaningful than a randomly generated person taking over the franchise without experience.

    Let gamers create custom leagues

    An interesting feature in NBA 2K is the ability to create teams and form a complete league around them. Although in Madden, you can relocate and rename the team in Franchise Mode, these locations and names are already provided to you. So if Madden 22 can adopt a way to create a new football league, which would be great. EA needs to make gamers more creative.

    Now a Draft week has started, which also means that Madden 22 is getting closer, so GAMEMS will always pay attention to relevant news.

    Although everyone is discussing Madden 22 in full swing, we still should wait a few months. At present, fans can only focus on Madden 21. Nevertheless, the fans' enthusiasm for Madden 21 is not diminished at all, because buy MUT 21 Coins is still popular, in the later stages of the game, everyone is more focused on the game itself. Grind Madden Coins is the choice of a few players. If you are considering buy Madden 21 Coins, you can come to GAMEMS to buy, because GAMEMS is an absolutely legit website, here you don’t have to worry about any fraud!

  • Some Madden 22 Rumors Have Been Spreading

    Some Madden 22 Rumors Have Been Spreading

    Mar 10, 2021

    Madden 21 is still in progress, but now the rumors of Madden 22 have been heated up, but this does not seem to be a good sign. And fans are also very curious about who will be the cover star of Madden 22, but all this is in progress. There are rumors that Derrick Henry will be the cover star of Madden 22, and if it is true, he will be a star that is highly anticipated.

    Some people think that the Madden series should learn from the WWE 2K series this year. Considering people's negative comments on the latest iteration of these two games, Madden may need time to reconsider. Developers should evaluate what is feasible and what is ineffective and should consider adding some popular features to this game.

    In the past few years, one of the biggest complaints has been that every new release of Madden has just updated the roster. This is not to say that the past few games are nothing new. Madden Ultimate Team is a relatively new feature of the series, but even this mode has rarely changed or adjusted since its first appearance. Therefore, each game feels similar to the previous game, but lacks some brand new content.

    But the second edition of Face of the Franchise and Ultimate Team cannot keep the game fresh. For Madden 22 to make real changes, it is necessary to make huge adjustments to Franchise mode. EA seems to have hinted that they understand this and promise to continue to improve, so it is necessary to add some major changes and add new content in Madden 22.

    We don't know the specific news of Madden 22 yet, so we can only focus on Madden 21. If you are a fan of Madden, you can subscribe to GAMEMS. We will pay attention to future news and update related news and game guides frequently.

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  • Madden 21: Player Trades Will Get Fairer, And Easier To Understand

    Madden 21: Player Trades Will Get Fairer, And Easier To Understand

    Mar 05, 2021

    EA is about to release a new update of Madden 21, which will solve the long-standing problem in Franchise mode, so player trades are more realistic and easier to understand. Since the game was released last year, it has received a lot of mixed reviews including praise and criticism.

    This is not the first time EA has released the updated content to improve the Franchise mode of Madden 21. Because fans strongly demanded to fix Franchise, the developers made some major changes to the game. So far, EA has changed the QB draft logic, making the drafting quarterbacks more realistic, and allowing users to add X-Factor and Superstar traits to their teams. The final update of Franchise mode will be simplified. The player trade process is fairer to the users. The main change is the player trading logic in the game. Previously, the evaluation of stars was based on how far up the depth chart they were for their current team. But the change in the system will mean that their value will be based on the value they will be traded to the team. EA said that these changes can bring Madden 21 closer to reality.

    Those who want to try Madden 21 for the first time are very lucky this week, because Madden 21 will come to Xbox Game Pass through EA Play on March 3rd. In the next few weeks, SWTOR and several other EA models the game will join this sports simulation game.

    It is unusual for EA to update Madden 21 so frequently, especially in single-player games. So if you love football, this time is a suitable opportunity. And GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of this update, hoping that this update can bring surprises to gamers.

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  • Can We See These Things Appearing In Madden 22?

    Can We See These Things Appearing In Madden 22?

    Jan 22, 2021

    Even though Madden 21 always has various problems, this does not prevent it from becoming a popular game, but with EA's inaction, more and more fans want to get some new content in the game, so as to have a new sense of gaming experience. But for the time being, Madden 21 is impossible to satisfy the fans' ideas, so we hope some new content will appear in Madden 22.

    Keep updates from Madden 21

    This year EA has added a lot of content to Madden 21, most of which are popular, ranging from play call limits to player's historic stats. They have made various improvements, so apart from bugs, Madden 21 is worth playing.

    Fix Franchise Mode

    Franchise Mode almost drives some gamers crazy, so many gamers have launched #Fix Franchise Mode on social media.

    Because fans of Franchise Mode saw EA adding more and more depth to other career modes, they felt it was unfair, so in Madden 22, they wanted to see the new Franchise Mode:

                   * Add a coaching staff with implications on budget and quality of training

                   * Add depth to scouting system, have scouting staff with budgets

                   * Add comp picks to draft

                   * Add 50* more scenarios for the player and team development

                   * Add pre-season camps, rookie workouts, etc

                   * Make contract structures adjustable

                   * Add the ability to have restricted FA like the NFL

    More Animations Are Great

    Madden 21 next-gen has very good improvements. This year's new animations, especially around the goal line are great. It's a good realism to see your players duck down from the defender's side. The surge in the number of animations will greatly improve the player's gaming experience.

    Add pre-game planning and schemes to all game modes

    This can also improve any game mode! It would be great if you can set up some schemes to allow players to boost ratings in specific areas or specific plays. This may be a trade-off between injury and fatigue ratings.

    If EA can follow the players' suggestions and improve the Franchise Mode in Madden 22, perhaps Madden 22 will be much more popular than Madden 21.

    However, there is no news about Madden 22 currently. Gamers can only continue to play Madden 21. MUT 21 Coins are also necessary during the period. If you don't want to spend extra time grinding MUT 21 Coins in the game, you can only buy MUT 21 Coins from the website.

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  • Madden 21: EA Should Be Fair To Bills QB Josh Allen!

    Madden 21: EA Should Be Fair To Bills QB Josh Allen!

    Sep 27, 2020

    The NFL season is in full swing, and EA is doing a good job of adjusting ratings for Franchise Mode.

    We have already seen Russell Wilson get juiced up to 98 OVR. Emmanuel Sanders lowered to 85 OVR. But one player that EA didn't adjust appropriately is Bills QB Josh Allen!

    About Josh Allen

    As the No. 7 overall pick in 2018, Allen's enormous arm strength is his strength. As a rookie, he started 11 games and threw more interceptions (12) than touchdowns (10).

    His 2019 campaign was better though. The completion percentage jumped six points to 58.8%. He threw 20 TDs to just 9 INTs. This allowed him to obtain 77 OVR in Madden 21. This put him 20th among QBs. Since then, everything he has done is a mockery of that rating.

    Madden 21 rating adjustments

    So far, Russell Wilson has performed very well, his OVR has risen from 97 to 98. Aaron Rodgers has moved up two to 92 OVR, even Ryan Tannehill has grown by two. At the same time, Josh Allen has only 78 OVR and still ranks 20th in QBs, even though he has a good start to the 2020 season.

    Allen's 2020 performance

    In two games, Josh Allen has thrown for 727 yards and 6 touchdowns without any picks. He completed 70% of his passes and run for 76 yards and a score.

    Of course, the caveat is that he has only faced the Jets and Dolphins so far.

    Boost his accuracy!

    Surprisingly, most of Allen's stats improvement in Madden 21 has come on his running ability. He's got +6 trucking since launch, +2 break tackle, and +1 ball carrier vision.

    The only passing stats that have grown are deep accuracy (+1) and throw on the run (+1).

    Despite throwing some amazing deep bombs he is just 41st in deep accuracy, even with that +1 boost.

    Then there is his short accuracy (78) that is worse than players like Jarrett Stidham, CJ Beathard, and both his backups Matt Barkley and Jake Fromm.

    EA is doing a nice job with regular adjustments, but they have been doing Josh Allen dirty.

    In short, I hope EA can be fair to Allen, he deserves a higher OVR. If you have never used him, then I suggest you try it. Maybe you will get a surprise.


    If EA raises Allen's OVR later, GAMEMS will notify you in time, so if you are worried about missing the latest news, you can bookmark the news page on GAMEMS!

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