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  • Madden 22: Derrick Henry Deserves To Become A Member Of 99 Club

    Madden 22: Derrick Henry Deserves To Become A Member Of 99 Club

    Oct 21, 2021

    Although the player ratings in Madden 22 vary, Derrick Henry is still one of the highest-rated players in the game, as expected.

    Derrick Henry may join 99 Club

    Derrick Henry came with 96 OVR, which is lower than another running back - Christian McCaffrey with 97 OVR. But Derrick is constantly using his strength to prove that he is the best.

    After a few weeks of exciting performances, it may be time for Derrick to join the 99 Club. They have already teased that he will get some rating upgrades in Madden 22's next roster update, and a 2 points increase will achieve this.

    Madden 22’s ratings will fluctuate throughout the year, as EA’s weekly roster updates will increase or decrease ratings. So this may cause some players' ratings to decline, but for Henry, this means continued success because his ratings have improved since the release.

    * Launch Rating - 96 OVR

    * Week 5 Rating - 97 OVR

    You can click here to view each of his stat.

    All Derrick Henry MUT 22 Cards

    There is no doubt that Derrick Henry is one of the best running backs in MUT 22. GAMEMS listed all his cards in Madden 22, you can choose the right one according to your actual situation.

    Most Feared Derrick Henry - 92 OVR

    This is not a cheap option, you may need to spend around 250k Madden 22 Coins, but it is worth it. With a 90+ rating in Trucking, Stiff Arm, Break Tackle, and Carrying, this is excellent, and it can bring great achievements to your team.

    Core Elite Derrick Henry - 88 OVR

    The current price of this card is about the same as Most Feared, which means it's better to wait and get stronger options.

    Superstar KO Derrick Henry - 87 OVR

    This is the most unlikely card to be found because it is an exclusive reward for the superstar KO and therefore cannot be auctioned.

    M22 Reward Derrick Henry - 83 OVR

    Although there is not a high OVR, with an 80+ rating in Trucking, Carrying, and Stiff Arm, he is still beneficial to you.

    TOTW Derrick Henry - 80 OVR

    With Team of the Week 2, Derrick Henry dropped 182 rushing yards, 55 receiving yards, and 3 quick touchdowns in the Seahawks. The price of this card is very low, only 7.5k MUT 22 Coins.

    Power Up Derrick Henry - 76 OVR

    This 76 OVR is deceptive because you can power it up. By using Training and items, you can make him a good running back choice for your Ultimate Team.

    If you need Coins at any time, please come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins immediately, because this can help you quickly solve the problems you are facing. No matter when you come to GAMEMS to buy, you can receive the Coins you purchased in a short time, because our staff is 24/7 online to provide services for you.

  • Madden 22: Christian McCaffrey Replaced Derrick Henry As The Best RB

    Madden 22: Christian McCaffrey Replaced Derrick Henry As The Best RB

    Jul 29, 2021

    EA announced the top 10 running backs of Madden 22, and Tennessee Titan superstar Derrick Henry is not a member of the 99 Club, or that he is not even the best running back in the game.

    The best running back is Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. His overall rating is 97 and Henry's OVR is 96, which is tied with Browns RB Nick Chubb. This caused dissatisfaction among fans, who thought the ratings were absurd.

    Derrick Henry

    According to EA rating adjusters, this is not a prejudice against Titans. There are only two special ratings that prevent Henry from earning the coveted spot in the 99 Club: Carrying and Trucking.

    Interestingly, both seem to be quite high at 94 Carrying Rating and 90 Trucking Rating. To be honest, Henry does not fumble the ball a lot. He only conceded 3 times last season, on 378 carries.

    In other ratings, Henry has 92 Speed, 89 Acceleration, 87 Strength, 86 Agility, and 98 Awareness. And his Stiff Arm Rating is 99, which is perfect, and he deserves this.

    Christian McCaffrey

    Maybe many people are also questioning Christian McCaffrey's 97 overall rating. McCaffrey was out due to injury for most of last year. But when he was healthy, he scored 225 rushing yards, 149 receiving yards, and 6 touchdowns in just three games. He is a dynamic playmaker, arguably the most all-around back in the league. So it's not shocking to see him atop the Madden 22 rankings.

    In terms of ratings, McCaffrey has 92 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 72 Strength, 97 Agility and 94 Awareness. His ratings are not that different, but his carrying is 96. In terms of Catching, McCaffrey has a rating of 81, while Henry is at 62. Perhaps, this is the difference?

    Top 10 RBs

    1. Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers) - 97 OVR

    2. Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans) - 96 OVR

    3. Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns) - 96 OVR

    4. Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings) - 95 OVR

    5. Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints) - 94 OVR

    6. Aaron Jones (Green Bay Packers) - 91 OVR

    7. Saquon Barkley (New York Giants) - 90 OVR

    8. Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas Raiders) - 88 OVR

    9. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys) - 88 OVR

    10. Joe Mixon (Cincinnati Bengals) - 88 OVR

    With the exception of McCaffrey and Henry's ratings being questioned, the ratings of other backs seem reasonable. It is also in line with everyone's guess.

    GAMEMS will update more player ratings later, so you can pay more attention to pick the right players at the beginning of Madden 22.

    In addition, a good player card will of course cost you more MUT 22 Coins, but it must be worth it. Once you have 99 club members, you will feel like a king, so if you want to have a good game experience, buy MUT 22 Coins is helpful to you, allowing you to build a strong team.

  • Madden 22: Who Will Be The Cover Star? Aaron Rodgers Or Derrick Henry?

    Madden 22: Who Will Be The Cover Star? Aaron Rodgers Or Derrick Henry?

    Jun 12, 2021

    Because EA hasn't released any news about Madden 22 for now, fans can only keep guessing. As the NFL season is approaching, various speculations have intensified. There have been many speculations just about the cover player of Madden 22.

    Derrick Henry

    Although there is no news about who will appear on the cover of Madden 22, it is speculated that through the video on TikTok, Gamestop may have revealed that the running back of the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry, maybe the Madden 22 cover player. This will be a good game taste because the number on Henry's jersey is 22.

    Derrick Henry performed perfectly this year, rushing for 2000 yards in the regular season, helping the Titans enter the AFC wild card round, and finally lost to the Ravens by a score of 20-13.

    This is not the first time that the cover player of the Madden series has been leaked to the public. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson appeared on the cover just a few months before the game’s release.

    Although Derrick Henry has the greatest chance of appearing on the cover of Madden 22, there are still other speculations.

    Aaron Rodgers

    Another candidate for the cover of Madden 22 is Aaron Rodgers. Fans’ speculation seems to be reasonable. First of all, Madden games are usually released in August, but Madden 22 does not release relevant news as early as before, which is very weird for fans.

    It makes sense to speculate that Aaron Rodgers is the cover of Madden 22. He is the MVP of the 2020 NFL season, which is the third time in his career. Despite Rodgers' success with the Green Bay Packers, including the Super Bowl victory, there are reports that Rodgers is considering moving to another team. Because Rodgers is not satisfied with Green Bay's recently, the most fundamental problem is Green Bay's decision to use its first-round draft pick on another quarterback.

    So this may also explain why Madden 22 has not announced the cover star for so long.

    Therefore, from a different perspective, it seems that these two players are likely to be the cover players of Madden 22. Who will become the final choice of EA has to wait until the official announcement.

    GAMEMS is also very curious about this, so once there is news about the cover star of Madden 22, GAMEMS will be updated to let you know as soon as possible.

    And when Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 22 Coins, because at the beginning of the game, everyone wants to dominate the game, but to grind MUT 22 Coins in the game requires you to spend a lot of time, which is not what gamers want, so buying Madden 22 Coins is the most time-saving way.

  • Madden 22 Vote: The Players Most Likely To Be Cover Stars

    Madden 22 Vote: The Players Most Likely To Be Cover Stars

    Apr 28, 2021

    The cover vote for Madden 22 is only available to EA. But now there are many competitors, and the most likely players are ranked as follows. We don't know if the future cover star of Madden 22 will just appear in the list below.

    Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans(RB)

    In 2020, he completed 2027 rushing yards and 17 TDs, which makes him become a popular candidate for the cover of Madden 22. As early as March, a Gamestop store used Henry's photos to advertise this new game, so this may also imply something.

    Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packer (QB)

    In the regular season, Rodgers defeated Brady, which is impressive. He cast 48 TDs, only 5 picks, and finally won the MVP.

    Tom Brady - Tampa Bay Buccaneers( QB)

    In the 2020 season, Brady hit 4633 passing yards, 40 TDs, before winning his sixth Super Bowl ring, Brady defeated the Kansas Chiefs 31-9. And he committed to play for Bucs for two seasons, which is very admirable.

    Stefon Diggs - Buffalo Bills (WR)

    After his telepathic connection with quarterback Josh Allen, he completed 127 catches, 1535 yards, 8 TDs, and was an AFC East title last time out. Currently, his first year of leaving the Vikings seems to be pretty good.

    Dalvin Cook - Minnesota Vikings(RB)

    After completing 1557 yards and 16 TDs, this Florida state graduate is impressive.

    Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs( TE)

    Even at the age of 31, many people think he is the greatest TE in NFL history. In 2020, he once again proved himself with 105 catches, 1416 yards, and 11 TDs. There is no doubt that it is Mahomes' right-hand man, but if he can be the cover player of Madden 22, he is also worth it.

    Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams( DT)

    Entering his eighth season, few defensive players are as effective as Donald. If he can nab the Madden 22 box, then he will be the first D-Man since Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks did it on Madden 15.

    Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs (QB)

    With 4740 passing yards, 308 rushing yards and 40 TDs, Mahomes led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl twice. So can he become the cover star of 22?

    Trevor Lawrence - TBC(QB)

    Many people think he will be selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL Draft, and he will also be the first rookie to appear on the cover of Madden. In Knoxville's three-year college career, he ran for 10,000 yards and completed 90 TDs.

    Although EA has not released any news about Madden 22, fans are already speculating about who will become the cover star. But for now, Derrick Henry has a great chance.

    Draft Week has already started. Many fans are also very concerned about this. GAMEMS will collect the latest news as much as possible to inform you.

    For Madden 21 players, MUT 21 Coins are still necessary. If you are considering buy Madden 21 Coins, then buying from GAMEMS is highly recommended. If you are a loyal GAMEMS customer, needless to say, cheap MUT 21 Coins, fast delivery, and safe payment methods are all you have experienced. For new customers, you may still be skeptical of GAMEMS. You can try with a small amount of money first.

  • Will Madden 22 Be Revealed At The NFL Draft This Week?

    Will Madden 22 Be Revealed At The NFL Draft This Week?

    Apr 26, 2021

    The NFL Draft is about to begin. On April 29, the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft will begin, which also means that Madden 22 will be getting closer and closer to us.

    EA usually uses NFL Draft as a platform to announce the latest content of its annual football franchise. Although not always announced at actual events, the latest Madden is usually announced during or shortly after the event.

    Last year's 2020 Draft was held on April 23. A few days later, EA officially released Madden 21 on April 27. However, it took a few months to show the gameplay of Madden 21, but we already knew that Lamar Jackson is the cover athlete.

    Madden 20 was announced on the first day of Draft in April 2019. EA revealed that the Kansas Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the cover player and announced the release date, but did not announce the gameplay until the summer.

    EA is likely to officially announce Madden 22 at the NFL Draft on April 29. If they do, we will know who the cover player is, but we have to wait to learn more about the actual gameplay after a long time.

    If Madden 22 is not released this week, then we expect to see some content after this week or at least before the summer. It is worth noting that this may be the first Madden game developed based on next-gen technology. Although Madden 21 is available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, it is indeed first released for the previous-generation console.

    If EA needs more time to ensure that all content is optimized for the next generation of games, they may wait for a while before the release of Madden 22. There have been rumors a long time ago that the running back of the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry, will be the cover player of Madden 22.

    GAMEMS will pay close attention to the upcoming Draft related news and will update the article in time. If you are a big fan of Madden 21, I believe you will not want to miss it.

    GAMEMS will not only provide free game news and game guides, but also cheap MUT 21 Coins, so if you are choosing to buy Madden 21 Coins from which website, then GAMEMS will be the most suitable choice. As a legit Madden Coins provider, GAMEMS is completely trustworthy, and our membership policy is very attractive. Once you become a GAMEMS member, you will enjoy more discounts to buy MUT 21 Coins!

  • Madden 21: Details About Patch 1.28

    Madden 21: Details About Patch 1.28

    Apr 14, 2021

    Madden 21 1.28 update has arrived, and it brings some changes and fixes to the game. Although there are still 4-5 months before the release of Madden 22, Madden 21's update support is clearly in the final stages.

    Most of the current updates are just for small patches that pop up from time to time, as we have seen in the latest updates, this is also the case with the latest patches of the game. This patch is available on all platforms, the following is all the content of this update.

    EA Sports has already said that when comes to Franchise Mode, there will be no more major title updates, so this means that most updates about it will only be related to various fixes. The latest patch is just to fix the final condition issues related to Madden Ultimate Team Ultimate Challenges. However, MUT is a very popular mode, so solving this problem is a very good thing.

    In the next few months, Madden 21 may continue to carry out some minor updates similar to this update. Whenever there are some bugs, there will be no difference in general.

    The 2021 NFL Draft will last from April 29 to May 1, so EA may release Madden 22 during this time. Now, fans are still curious about Madden 22's cover athletes. Although related news has been leaked earlier, it is said that the cover star of Madden 22 will be the Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry.

    So over the next few months, GAMEMS will not only update Madden 21 related news but also pay close attention to any Madden 22 news, as well as the news it may reveal in the NFL Draft.

    Now GAMEMS has prepared Madden 22 Coins non-stop, so now you can not only buy MUT 21 Coins on GAMEMS, but also see the Madden 22 Coins page. Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy the Coins you need!

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