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  • Madden 22: Which Is The Best Cooper Kupp Card?

    Madden 22: Which Is The Best Cooper Kupp Card?

    Jan 18, 2022

    The Rams wideout has been uphill since the start of the season. But Cooper Kupp stands out, and his Madden 22 rating is on the rise as he continues to be outstanding this season.

    GAMEMS has listed some of Cooper Kupp’s rating changes and his best MUT 22 cards are available right now.

    Cooper Kupp Madden 22 Rating - 94 OVR (WR)

    Although he was one of the most important players for the Los Angeles Rams, Cooper didn't start with the highest Madden 22 rating. In the beginning, Cooper had an 86 OVR, which tied him for 24th among WRs.

    After 18 weeks, Cooper's Madden 22 rating is 94, which puts him firmly in the back end of the top 5 wide receivers. The only players ahead of him now are including:

    * Stefon Diggs 

    * Tyreek Hill 

    * Deandre Hopkins 

    * Davante Adams

    Cooper Kupp Rating Changes

    * Launch Rating: 86 OVR

    * Week 2 Rating: 87 OVR

    * Week 3 Rating: 88 OVR

    * Week 4 Rating: 89 OVR

    * Week 5 Rating: 90 OVR

    * Week 8 Rating: 91 OVR

    * Week 14 Rating: 92 OVR

    * Week 17 Rating: 93 OVR

    * Week 18 Rating (Current): 94 OVR

    If you have plenty of MUT 22 Coins, it must be good for your team to get his highest-rated player card.

    Best Cooper Kupp Cards

    Cooper currently has a total of 4 MUT 22 cards, though he may get a new card later in the playoff promotion. The playoffs are expected to have 3 full drops, and 2 of those are yet to come.

    If you want to add Cooper to your team, your best bet is his Week 7 TOTW card, which features a 93 rating.

    TOTW for Week 2 is also a good option, although only 84 OVR, this will help you save some Madden 22 Coins.

    You can also consider his Core Elite, which is an 80 OVR version. Or his 68 OVR Power Up to help bolster the others.

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